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  1. Brilliant thanks mach 0.0013137 for the detailed information. Such a shame that the Westside Apartments no longer has any reference to the former company still on the building... they could at least have kept the 'S' symbol. Will take a look next time I am down that way
  2. Thanks for your replies. Very interesting as I'm from Leicester and never knew of this company until now My clocks are very similar to the picture found above on Google, but they in better condition and with an earlier logo style (30s-50s style). Will post a picture once I've worked out how to do it...
  3. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a alarm clock maker called Services? My wife bought a job lot of old alarm clocks recently in which were two Services 'Siren' clocks, but I can't seem to find anything about this maker (although the name itself does not make an online search too easy). One of the clocks after a little cleaning now runs beautifully and keeps excellent time, although a 2nd clock (exactly the same) does run fast, no matter how the hairspring is adjusted. Just interested to know more about them. Any comments much appreciated. Thanks
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