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  1. Etched dial, 150, on this beautiful Sunday morning. Steve.
  2. I have made a few Boar bristle brushes in the past. My own gets more use than any of my Badger. I have also had a go at turning some handles. Success varied. Steve.
  3. My dear wife volunteered my services to make some brushes for the village Pottery. The Potter makes shaving bowls, and a nice brush highlights what they are. I completed three this week, and the handles for another three. There are knots on the way from China. This handle is made from the bone from inside the horn of a Highland Cow. The knot is 30mm. Finest two band badger. Red Deer antler for the handle on this one, with a 25mm two band finest knot. African black wood for the base, pinned with some spalted beech. A simple third one. Red Deer antler, Boar bristle knot. The antler is cut, sealed, and polished, on the bottom. Steve.
  4. A wee bit of a damp start to the day. Steve.
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