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  1. I've actually found the Accurist, it's an ESA9183 movement and there are pictures on tinternet where people have dismantled it so I'm going to give it a go. Now if only I can work out how to remove the stem...
  2. Ooh that's very kind @simon2 The Citizen is 8630A 7J as shown here The other is an Accurist (not a Pulsar) and looks like a 70s radio inside. It says 9183 (highlighted with blue corrosion) near the end of the battery retainer, Y2 and 7 jewels on that plate next to the retainer. Many thanks!
  3. I've got a Citizen and a Pulsar that need new quartz movements, I want to fit modern replacement movements but can't find any technical data as they're so old, how can I measure the shafts so I know the original hands will fit a new movement?
  4. I acquired this watch in a mixed bag and it's one of the more interesting ones, however it doesn't work. I can't find any information on the movement (8630A) so it seems a replacement isn't going to be easy to find, so I thought how about having a go at repairing it? It's actually in good nick so worth a try, and nothing to lose. A faint pulse registers on one of those tester boxes and the coil looks ok (wrapped in plastic helps I guess) but what now? I have an analogue multimeter, steady hands and a feeling I might be a bit mad to even attempt this, especially as I've never done it before... Cheers!
  5. Well johnbaz you did better than me, it looks like I bought a bag of lemons. One of the £5-when-new ones works, none of the rest do (actually haven't tried the talking watch yet as I'm not sure what battery but I'm not hopeful...). Some have missing battery retaining clips and screws. It's interesting though looking into these older models where there's little info on the web about quartz movements and they don't resemble the current ones. I suppose it's theoretically possible to replace with a modern movement but you'd have to carefully measure to ensure the calendar lines up and would the hands fit? The Accurist is probably the most intriguing for me, it has no serial numbers at all, just 9183 on the movement (that looks like it was knocked up in a shed) and even the dial looks dated. Late 70s early 80s maybe? It seems to be seized up. The only one that looks really salvagable is the Pulsar as a replacement movement is about £4 and I can probably polish out the scratches on the "glass". The Rotary, a movement is about £10, a glass will be whatever but will they supply a new back? Haven't heard from them yet... I suppose I might be able to break even on the rest if I eBay them as spares/repairs and get very lucky ;-) or the Mrs will have the bits for art projects... Oh, and I can't get the back off the wind-up Sekonda... not that I'd be able to do anything with it, just curious.
  6. Thought you'd like to see what I picked up as a last-minute bid from looking at a not-great picture on a Facebook auction... Here are the interesting ones. The back is missing from this Rotary, I've emailed them to identify it and how much a new back and glass are Pulsar, Accurist, Citizen Sekonda. The wind-up one, er, doesn't There's a talking watch in there http://www.braceletstobucklesjewellery.co.uk/gifts-for-men/vintage-speaking-watch An interesting haul? It's the first time I've done this. And I haven't tried batteries in any yet...
  7. Ah - now I've read a bit more carefully I can see that now!
  8. Very interesting! So, to sum up... it started life as a kosher watch, then at some point(s) was subject to a poor repair to the movement, and the dial replaced by a cheap reproduction of a different watch? Or was assembled from bits that someone had to hand? I'll see what the owner says about the history of it. He says he has a 60s Speedmaster Moonwatch, and said something about wanting to get it valued (I assume it's in better condition than his other watches). Any tips for the best/worst ways to go about this? I'd love to get a look at it... maybe he'll be prepared to bring it round when he collects his others. Thanks again.
  9. Hopefully Admin will permit this... A customer brought me half a dozen watches for straps and batteries, an eclectic mix including Tag Heuer, Seiko, "Mont Blanc" (he said up front it's a fake and it obviously is once you open it). All are very "well used", to say the least. I usually deal with the budget end of the market so this is the first Omega I've opened up, but it doesn't look quite right to my layman's eye. Apart from being in a bit of a state (as you can see) there are a couple of things. First, it says Speedmaster on the front and Seamaster on the back. Second, according to something I read on a website, the Omega branding on the dial should be a distinct separate piece, not painted/printed on. Third, the inside just doesn't look "premium" to me, but I have no frame of reference. There's a hand engraved number inside the back, any idea what that it? A repair reference? Thanks for your thoughts.
  10. I was given a selection of Casio and Nike (meant for running) watches with resin straps, they had almost all gone crumbly.They were getting on a bit though and I've no idea how they were stored.
  11. Well you live and learn... that's very helpful, thanks. Any suggestions where I can get one? Cousins have them but there are a variety of reviews that are making me hesitate, and their T&Cs seem a bit... one-sided. Thanks!
  12. I've been handed a somewhat unattractive Dolce & Gabbana watch here that needs a new movement. Ok, no problems, so I ordered a Y121E movement from AG Thomas. Looks identical, except the original has a shaft for the hands that's at least twice as long as the standard to make its way through the three layered face. Would it have been made specially for D&G, or is this sort of thing more common than that? Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. Hi I have a Fossil Big Tic (the seconds are shown by animated digits on an LCD face). The movement has stopped working. Anyone tried repairing one of these? Fossil charge £44 (which doesn't seem bad for a manufacturer repair) including shipping back. I just wonder if I'll start to get into it and find I'm over my head (I successfully changed a movement in a conventional quartz the other day, don't want to get too cocky).
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