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  1. Hi I have a Fossil Big Tic (the seconds are shown by animated digits on an LCD face). The movement has stopped working. Anyone tried repairing one of these? Fossil charge £44 (which doesn't seem bad for a manufacturer repair) including shipping back. I just wonder if I'll start to get into it and find I'm over my head (I successfully changed a movement in a conventional quartz the other day, don't want to get too cocky).
  2. Ah. I was hoping someone would say that's a Miyota 1234 equivalent, or something. I meant the assembled "watch" (actually a small decorative clock) was a no-name. Time (haha) to get creative and wade through the spares. Cheers!
  3. What do you use? Having gone to change a quartz movement and then discovering the cheap POS remover (the squeezy sprung kind) was broken... a video on YouTube showed a pair of tools used to prise off left and right side through a bag. What sort is best? Thanks!
  4. Hi Any ideas what this might be? It's about 18mm and a no-name. Thanks...
  5. Hi Simon First off I must thank you (very belatedly) for replacing the movement in the Citizen watch last September. My customers were delighted with it, especially as it has great sentimental value. Now I have one of these https://www.watchshop.com/mens-fossil-grant-automatic-watch-me3055-p99980869.html in my sweaty hands. It's stopped working altogether. Once again there's a sentimental value, but not greatly so. Anyway, I'd like to give the owner a ball-park figure for repair so they can decide if it's worth it. In addition to the ME3055 on the back, it also says 111609. It would be a shame to scrap it as it is virtually scratch-free. Regards Pete
  6. Thanks for the hint @scottswatches.
  7. Is it worth paying for them or can you make ones that are as good? I've been staring at my friend's Animal, and the replacement movement I bought and it's about time I took a deep breath and did my first... although I'll practise on a cheapo first. Cheers
  8. Many thanks @simon2 I will talk to the owner and get back to you soon.
  9. @simon2 Hi, sorry I missed your post and ended up sending it to Citizen. Well, that was a waste of time as they sent it back saying they don't have the spares as it's so old and to try a watchmaker because they can use non-Citizen parts! So, back where I started. This is the movement I would like to start replacing movements but not before I've had plenty of practice on rubbish watches first. Would you be able to do this one and at what approx cost? Many thanks.
  10. Is that all? I assumed an inflated price from Citizan... many thanks.
  11. Thanks guys. Can it be dated from this as well?
  12. Anyone know how much Citizen charge to replace a movement? A customer handed me an attractive gold wristwatch to change the battery but it appears the movement has failed, Because it has very significant sentimental value I'd like Citizen to carry out the repair but they won't provide an estimate until they receive the watch, and I want to tell the customer how much it's likely to cost first. Thanks!
  13. Hi My screw down style case closer is going a bit wrong, the metal thread has started eating the plastic doodahs and I don't like the way the doodah turns as it presses down... Any suggestions? Screw or press? I guess it's going to be worth paying a bit more. Many thanks.
  14. That is a lot less offensive than some expensive premium watches...
  15. Hi Any recommendations for someone to service a late 40s ladies' Piaget? It runs for a while then stops, but if you move it slightly it runs again for a while. Also I'd like to let the owner know what it's worth, what is the best way (or perhaps, let me know the worst ways) of getting it valued? Many thanks
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