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  1. Anybody out there can help me or is it just a cheap everyday pocket watch? Looks like I'm not retiring just yet
  2. Cheers Guys for all your input. Have decided to go for the new coaxial 'Bond' The watches you've posted are all fantastic and maybe I will get a bit more overtime in and pick up a few more. One on it's own would be a bit lonely don't you think Anyway hoping to pick it up on Tuesday so when I do I will try and post some piccies. Although I'm sure you know what one looks like. Cheers again
  3. Looking at the strap of the previous picture , it is the same as the Bond watch. I have one of the Omega catalogues and that model shows a different strap to the one in the post. I think that strap goes better than the one in the catalogue. Is it possible to mix and match straps?
  4. Agent Orange . I like that one. Not as 'in your face' as the Bond but still has the same spec. mmmmmmmmmmm. Like it. Yep
  5. Cheers Tik Tok. I really do like it. As an everyday (or everyday off work at least, as I work in an engineering machine shop) watch. I think it is the practical choice for me. It is waterproof and very robust. Just incase I fall into a river or off a cliff. I will take a look at a few more just to be certain
  6. Agent orange. That is what I am concerned about . (the Bond name cheapening the Seamaster). I could always look at one of the seamasters without the blue bezel. Nice pics . I particularly like the red/orange one
  7. I think I've come to a decision. As you have said , get a watch that I like now and not what I might like in the future. I can always do a bit more overtime and when I fancy a change buy another one. And as for the kids they'll be getting the house when I 'pop my clogs' in many many years to come, they can buy their own watches then.
  8. Not really after a watch with chronographs. Are there any without?
  9. I do like the watch but am a bit unsure as I don't want to be seen as getting one 'cos of that reason, if you know what I mean. Are they not a bit common now? I don't know anybody who has one ( I've just answered my own question haven't I) :tongue1: I want a watch that I can wear daily and perhaps even pass it on to my children in the many years to come.
  10. Right I've done lots of overtime and managed to save up a lot of pennies for my special 40th birthday watch. I have tried a few on . I am leaning towards an Omega. I love the look of the Seamaster the new coaxial 2220.80 I want to get a watch that will stand the test of time and be practical enough to wear most days. Would like others opinions on this particular model if possible. Is this watch just 'in' at the moment because of Bond or will it be a timeless piece. (excuse the pun) cheers
  11. Not my original intention, but hey looks like I might get close to it.
  12. I didn't think such a simple post would take up 2 pages.
  13. Oh I give up. Why is this one smaller than the others when i resized them all at the same time.
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