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  1. French made 1960s Gruen 'Precision' today. Calibre 515SS (Jeambrun 26D) Really needs the dial restoring and a new crystal!
  2. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    J.D Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers - Wild Moon
  3. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    Born, Bred Corn Fed - The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
  4. Another Omega day. Seamaster. Another Omega day. Seamaster. Another Omega day. Seamaster.
  5. Two of my Movado triple dates. The Calendomatic on the left is from 1950/52 and has a 223A calibre movement, the Calendograph is a similar age and has a calibre 470 movement.
  6. Movado Calendoplan from the early 1950s Calibre 128 movement Currently test driving my latest bargain purchase. Picked this up very cheap recently as a caked in dirt and filth non runner. It's been in the wars a bit, the crystal is a mess, the minute hand doesn't match the dauphine style hour hand and there's a few gouges on one of the lower lugs, luckily not too deep however. I was having a look at the movement to see if there was anything obviously wrong, it had been fully wound, the balance appeared undamaged and free and apart from a couple of missing screws from a bridge it all looked good, just no go! Putting some slight pressure against the centre wheel there was a slight 'click' and away it went, running! So far it seems to be keeping time. Oddly enough the dial appear original but has no signs of any 'Movado' branding. Sorry about the ghastly too narrow strap, didn't have a good one the right size!
  7. Another Baume and Mercier today.
  8. Movado Sub-Sea automatic from 1960 Calibre 431A
  9. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    Somethin' in the Water - Th' Legendary Shack Shakers
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