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  1. Movado Calendograph Calibre 475(SC) Early 1950s
  2. Very much this, a good examination of any pictures can reveal a multitude of horrors that the seller has neglected or 'forgotten' to mention! Although to be fair to some, they don't know a great deal about what they're trying to sell. Often with vintage watches it will be bent or worn lugs, missing bezels or lug cappings. Never buy anything without seeing the movement either..unless it's very cheap!
  3. Movado Calibre 75 Early 1950s
  4. Movado 'Calendoplan' Calibre 128 Early 1950s.
  5. Movado 'Kingmatic' Calibre 531 1960-67
  6. The minute hand is slightly curved towards the end yes, they could really do with being replaced or at least painted as they're a bit speckly with corrosion. Interestingly there was the virtual twin of this watch on eBay a few days ago but instead of Movado's usual dauphine hands it had sword type. It was a presentation watch from the same source as mine too with the same inscription for 25 years service on the back.
  7. rubbatiti

    The Song Thread

    25 O'Clock - The Dukes of Stratosphear (an alias of the superb XTC)
  8. Will be this today. Movado 'Aquasport' Calibre 298 (ETA 2408) approx. 1970
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