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  1. Movado 'Tempomatic' Calibre 221 'bumper' automatic. 1950/51
  2. Movado chronometer calibre 150MN 1940s Bought as a bag of parts on eBay a few weeks ago, the movement in pieces and a broken crystal. I need to get the right size strap, takes a 15mm open ended type, not at all common anymore!
  3. Movado 'Calendolux' circa1959/60 118 calibre
  4. No where as bad as that butchered Omega, but I bought a Movado 345 a few years ago that initially just looked a bit shabby but it got worse the more I delved into it, the movement was rusty and it'd had a pretty rubbish dial 'restoration' which I then found wouldn't come away from the movement, further investigation revealed that both of the dial feet had been broken off and someone had then glued the dial to the movement, not just a little dab of glue in a couple of places but they'd literally painted the whole back off the dial with some sort of Evo-stik marlarky. Oddly enough the watch was
  5. Movado Tempo-Matic Calibre 138 (Zenith 2552PC) 1969-72
  6. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    The Urban Voodoo Machine - Rather You Shot Me Down
  7. Movado Futuramic Calibre 115 1950-59 My grandfather 16th Battalion Kings Royal Rifles (back left) My great uncle 21st Battalion Kings Royal Rifles (front) Died 20/09/17 (Tyne Cot Memorial)
  8. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    Left Lane Cruiser - Juice to Get Loose
  9. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Don't Grind It Down
  10. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    The Cure - The Perfect Girl
  11. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    The B-52's - Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland
  12. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    Legendary Shack Shakers - Born Under a Bad Sign
  13. Movado Calendolux Calibre 118 1950-59
  14. rubbatiti

    Song Titles Game

    The Dead South - Broken Cowboy
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