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  1. Looks better in the flesh than in photos. Thanks again for the guidance, it’s much appreciated.
  2. Sorry, not quartz or electronic but new to me so very excited. Thanks to everyone who advised and informed me in the thread I started in the Vintage Watch section - Need help finding good quality Services watch. She's a beauty!!
  3. I know what you mean, but I have to say that performed excellently despite the fact that I couldn’t read it most of the way round because of the mud on it.
  4. If so then it was made for Services by UMF Ruhla circa mid-1950s/late 1970s. I`m not familiar with Ruhla but as far as I am aware they were simple but dependable watches.Nice looking watch btw Quick update. This should be winging its way to me tomorrow and, so far, I am very happy.
  5. I did think about a nylon strap as I have put a nato on my SKX009 and I really like it, although I know that’s not always a popular choice. The case is 14mm thick, so I thought I might be better with something that at least gives the appearance of pulling the case down to the wrist rather than pushing it higher. Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate finding out about new suppliers and ideas along the way.
  6. Happy to oblige, apologies for the iPhone pic. Any suggestions? I’m now thinking either a black leather with red stitching or maybe a brown rally.
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread but I am looking for some ideas for a new strap on my SSC261 if anyone can help with some ideas? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t sure how a nato would look, although I have one on my SKX009 and I love it. I think I’d really like to see the original bracelet if possible before I look at any other.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, I was struggling to get it straight in my head but it makes sense now. I think I am going to try and get one that I like rather than chasing a Made In England or Gt Britain, if the two align then great but if not I’d rather have one that I will actually wear. Thanks again.
  10. Hi i recently attained an SSC261P2. I love it so far but the strap isn’t quite right for my wrist. I was thinking about getting the bracelet for it but could not find any one who supplies the original one. I was also thinking about getting a different leather strap (maybe a tan ostrich one). I wondered if anyone knew where I could get an original bracelet or any other thoughts on strap ideas? Thanks
  11. I thought that it could pass as a dress watch but with a bit more character. I was originally referring the the Competitor, but appreciate the opinion on the Antimagnetic too.
  12. Having seen this example Mach, would you say it’s worth a punt? I like the aging on it but I am also quite drawn to the later Antimagnetic for £50. Thanks
  13. These are the two I have so far. My SNK009 I bought as I had always loved the Pepsi dial and This started my appreciation of Seiko. I bought the Bullhead some years later, it was from the Philippines and I have since found out that the combination of hands, dial etc is not right...but I love it anyway.
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