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  1. Thanks for that Wrench, very informative and an useful further insight into the growing world of chinese horology. I've just begun a negotiation with a mass producer for a "sample" of a max bill chonoscope anthracite and I am trying to find out if I can have my watch made to my specific requirements - nothing to lose exept for the wobble in my knees when the price is known, but I thought I would test the water!
  2. Anyone out there seen a good chinese Max Bill lookalike with preferably a 9015 myiota movement? I've seen a gimto chronograph (quartz) but would like to consider other options.
  3. That's a novel approach which I had wondered existed - the crystal is curved but does not prevent one from trying! Thanks Wrench.
  4. Hi, Many thanks for your replies, and as guided I will see what the crystal looks like and bare in mind what's been said. Despite the aesthetic qualities of some mineral crystals (ie refraction and or varying hardness) I suppose I've shoehorned myself into thinking of the hardest material to resist my own clumbsiness. Does getting a jeweller to polish out scratches actually work out cheaper than simply replacing a crystal via watchmaker, or also is there a third way?
  5. Hi Gimli, Well the odd thing is that during the two occassions I have taken the crystal off/damaged it with a shearing action from my other hand (do not know exactly how!!) and then the watchface has been wrecked all in one go. Not knowing anything much about the mechanics I ventured more into taking the watchface off to do a bit of tinkering and could not refit the crown (as the clutch had stuck). Lost all hope by that stage, but further compounded with the fact that my Oris was found to be fake (bought off ebay 2 years ago). What a mess! Live and learn I guess.
  6. Hi to all, just thought I'd sign up to allow me to access the wealth of knowladge and opinions of others related to their timepieces. "timepieces " seems highly relevent to me because I've recently written off a vintage Avia and an Oris pointer - both ended up literally in pieces! Presently I am awaiting a Bulova from usa and have placed a thread in the repair area of the forum regarding upgrading to a sapphire crystal. I like researching about different watch types from any part of the watch spectrum. I look forwards to enjoying the catalogue of informative inputs and the passion of others about their watches!
  7. Hi, Please could someone advise whether it is practical to source and have a custom sapphire crystal installed for a low budget price. I'm currently waiting for a Bulova Precisionist Men's 98B180 Champlain Quartz Two-Tone Bracelet 48mm Watch from the USA but in all the last minute exitement between models to choose missed the detail that it had a mineral lens. I am prone to last minute diy and regular workouts !! Any guidance towards a prudent way forwards would be great.
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