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  1. thanks for all your kind words. The size of the watch is: 42mm round case and the movement: Miyota 8215. I made my own watch movement holder to hold it inside the case. Here's an exploded image: The hardest part for me was the screws and tapping the holes, i broke my first tap doing so! Things I learned is that casting into silver is not precise enough and you have casting issues such as porosity which is small holes in the metal. Ideally i want to cnc machine the next watch out for super precision! also 8 screws in the back may of been overkill...... yeah silver is what i know! so i thought i would work with it. would love to see more precious metal watches
  2. Hello So after a long time I've finally finished my own watch. Thanks to the help and comments from you guys I was able to figure out what to do! I wanted a sleek minimalist sterling silver cased watch and I'm happy with the outcome, there are some issues that need to be addressed but for my first attempt and doing something like this im quite happy and ive worn it for about a month now and its keeping good time and is comfortable! Here are some pictures: This was really fun making this! Now to come up for ideas for the next one!
  3. Thanks! i shall keep this in mind! very close to the finish line now. ignore the stem and the black colour, imagine it as sterling silver! and the blue dial is to bright but you get the point!
  4. update for those who are following along! I've got it all together now in prototype form all the parts in the black resin : Next think is i need a supplier of screws to fit the backing onto the case. Does anyone know of a company that sells them that are not in multi packs of different sizes?
  5. small update if people are interested. Remodelled the inside and now have a fitted movement holder that should hold everything in place. This movement holder gets rid of the one that came with the Myota 8215. Not sure if this should be metal or not yet. Here's a drawing to show how it should look.
  6. yeah that looks like a good solution. Thanks for the info
  7. Quick update before I leave the office, I've got my movement holder in and it works fine but it was an absolute ball ache to get it to sit in there. I definitely need a better way to secure it. maybe i just alter it so that i can screw the dial in from behind (on that note does anyone know where i can get small screws from that are not in an assortment box?, like a bag of the same size micro screws?) Here is a close up photo, The black ring sits in between the the Original white mount and my case's internal wall. The dial is not going anywhere, its really held in there, but if it needs to come out again that could cause an issue.
  8. Thanks alot, if this does work out maybe i would give kick starter ago! I initially wanted to make bright coloured watches but the black and gold is starting to look pretty good to me.
  9. here's some renders of what I'm trying to achieve. having a few issues with the movement holder, some tweeking is gonna be needed.
  10. Its totally custom, the case currently is a wax print that is going to be cast in silver. Ive got a 3D render but its on my work PC so will post it tomorrow so you can see what I'm trying to achieve
  11. Thanks for that image, really helps, think there is gonna be a version two of the ring....
  12. Will do left the machine to build overnight, shall post images in the morning for people to see!.
  13. yeah I've been looking at some over images of movement holders, what i think I'm going to do is 3D print a small ring which i can fit in that gap and see if the tension holds it in place. my one worry is that if the watch is hit it could just fall out of place.
  14. yes the dial is fitted to the movement fine with the posts. What i'm struggling with is the dial staying in place in the watch case itself. Now reading the title of this post i can see it might confuse!
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