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  1. Hello, I have a Rolex 1603 which was fully serviced in 2017 and sparsely used. Couple of months ago when I tried to wind it, it wouldn’t start working. I tried winding it for a while a few times and also put it on a watch rotor for a week but it did not start to work. Any idea what could have caused this and is there anyone here who can help with the repair? Thanks
  2. Halios seaforth abyss blue - daily wearer really
  3. seems like an old thread but see if we can revive it :d Trying new strap with my abyss blue seaforth. Interesting combination and I think I quite like it.
  4. Laco Pilot watches are pretty nice! Proper pilot watches and with history and great value. https://www.jurawatches.co.uk/collections/laco-watches/products/laco-watch-pilot-basic-augsburg-42-861688-2
  5. very nice. Classic! Green strap looks great too.
  6. A white dual pilot chrono with blued hands
  7. I came across these quick release fossil vintage style leather strap and got them for my Tudor. Got them by mail and on first impression they looked good but bit hard. They have loosened a bit already after a days wear. The tag on it said, It will look better with age, which I am looking forward to (I like distressed straps). Here are the pics, I think they are very good value for money and quick release as well!
  8. nice collection. The omega seamaster seems stunning and I have never seen one before.
  9. Liking it more since I put the black leather strap, makes the blue pop.
  10. My daily wearer got an update today with new black leather strap (from bracelet). love the new look!
  11. Shots while traveling in train :D
  12. that white dial datejust. too good
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