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  1. 42mm puts me straight off. Otherwise it's a nice watch
  2. Aren't 'the boffs' rating this as the current must have investment watch? Not my bag, worse still it's good coloured (or gen-u-whine gold). Where is that eyeball removing spoon...
  3. Very true. The more I look at it, the more I like the echoed detail between the dial and the bezel. An Air King is probably the only Rolex I actually want, it was certainly a good find
  4. I can't get over the bezel , I love everything else about an air king
  5. Rado Captain Cook, Zodiac astrographic but a shame there is no SST
  6. Probably cost half the space race budget too. Their ratcheting drivers are really nice though. A tech left one on my desk when they were servicing something. I kept it in my drawer for a month in case they came back using it as a stress/fidget toy before adding it to my toolbox at home.
  7. That chevron design is amazing. I can see why they are so collectable. Right up my street! Thanks @Always"watching"
  8. Surprised not to see a Vostok on here yet. Just as a marvel of low budget and problem solving
  9. Acrylic I've done before, and made a good job of. I'm guessing this is some kind of mineral. I've just tried the Polywatch glass stuff, I don't see it having made any difference whatsoever unfortunately. Either that or the Mido crystal is just very, very hard.
  10. Thanks all. I'm wondering whether it is in fact mineral. It sounds very plastic. I wasn't aware of polywatch for glass so have ordered some. Sanding will be my next port of call if that doesn't work
  11. No matter the value, that is a cracking looking watch
  12. What I really like about the 5 is that there are so many variations. Seiko 6309-5450 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Polished crystal by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  13. After an evening of Polywatch, Cape Cod on a cotton bud, Cape Cod using its own cloth and more Polywatch, I'm slightly worse off (but not by much whatsoever) than when I started. Without breaking out the Micromesh is there anything else worth trying? The crystal IS acrylic but tough as old boots. Al
  14. Wish seems like a scam through and through. Just shows how much a big marketing budget can get you away with anything
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