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  1. Happy Friday - old picture today. Astrographic
  2. It lived in a rucksack, and went to many a pub with me! At the moment £45 is plenty for a round too!
  3. At the moment just generally phone and mask, sometimes earbuds. Smart lock on the front door and Google Pay £45 limit allow for anything within walking distance to be done without other items to hassle me. I miss commuting sometimes which made my EDC somewhat greater but it has been refined and paired down over a few years. Watch Phone and work phone Train ticket / Oyster card (Neither will go on the phone for various reasons) / wallet / car keys Contigo stainless travel mug. Excellent because they really take a beating and I've never had one leak. Think I'm o
  4. Worlds apart indeed. I've a clutch of 10.8v/12v Bosch Professional tools. My favourite is the cordless circular saw. It has no trouble breaking down boards in a carpark if you need to and with carefully measured cuts, I did sink and hob cutouts from both sides on laminate worktops before finishing with the cordless trim router. If you go to any hire shop, there is a reason a lot of the tools they hire out are Bosch Pro or Hilti. I do see that, but to me the delta I perceive in value wouldn't be worth while. If you have lots of straps that have screw links or intend to get dee
  5. Very smart, looks great on the brown strap too.
  6. That is the rub for me - Don't get me wrong I love good tools (I've plenty of Bosch blue and a lot of quality hand tools, levels, socket sets and the like) but for me I can't justify £90 on some very specialist tools. I assume Scott that you use them for work as well as pleasure? If I were in that boat, I'd be right up there with you, but being a tinkerer at best with watches a cheaper set has been just fine. I've got this for if I'm a bit limited https://www.amazon.co.uk/visenta-Interchangeable-Precision-Screwdriver-Eyeglass/dp/B07GYRRMKW used it for taking a MacBook apart, and numerous
  7. I've a set of these and am more than happy with them https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/value-stainless-steel-7-pieces spend your change on a strap pin tool from Bergeon if you don't have one and a few other bits and pieces.
  8. Probably the worst photo to show this off, but I picked this up on Saturday - a four hour round trip and a very early start. It was actually really nice to be up super early as I've not really done it since lockdown. And the drive was very nice too. It's a Decca Sound SRG899 stereogram. BSR deck (not really turning at the moment, but should be a simple fix), AM/MW/FM radio tuners with twin built in amps. In remarkably good condition, particularly on the control panel. Having a twin-flip lid is really nice, so just the controls can be accessed without the whole top having to be lifted.
  9. My only thoughts are do I like it enough to buy it, and as such is the price what I'm willing to pay? I have pretty random tastes with most of the trash I buy (not just watches) so I don't care for resale whatsoever
  10. The best booze cabinets!
  11. I do love GIMP, though its not as good on the Mac as it was in Linux. Frustrating that I don't take as many photos to use it these days
  12. The second version seems like a vast improvement, particularly with the gold second hand and shorter indicies
  13. @chocko It's been a long time since I've seen that sign and the memorial! Used to live in Trefechan, amongst other locations but had friends that lived near the campus in Llanbadarn. Between the Gog and the Lion we were pretty set there! I used to frequent Anthony Motors quite a bit for parts for my clapped out Polo too. Almost made it back in a few weeks but the start haven't aligned This week I've been mostly French - worked out the discomfort I was experiencing is nothing to do with the strap and just a flare up of my ganglion and wrist strain so its back on steel (this is a
  14. I've enough trains to play with through work so I don't need any more... But there is always something. A Beetle on the drive, an old turntable that needs some attention (to be sold) and likely another on the way, a few bits around the house as ever and the constant churn of me getting down the rabbit hole on something else!
  15. Being a fan of the earlier Streetfighter games (II Turbo being my favourite!) I see what the've done. The Zangief looks looks more like Ken for me. The Blanka is pretty cool, but not one I would wear. I appreciate the detail and its a nice collectors piece
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