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  1. I must say that newer versions are far better than they used to be. As I said, it isn't Photoshop, but then it isn't priced accordingly.
  2. I have a an LX15 - nice Panasonic compact camera, having previously used an Olympus EM10. I really like the Panasonic feel and the quality of the photos are great for the price Both are supported well in JPEG and RAW - RAW if you are really serious about photo editing is great, but the files are big. Most cameras can be set to shoot JPEG and RAW together so you have the option later down the line. On topic... I've used GIMP for years, in linux, MacOs and Windows, and it works very well and is quite featured out of the box. Add ons and filters are available and there is a vast tutorial base on line. Not as user friendly as Photoshop, but you don'ts have to have a creative cloud contract either. Forgot to say, touch ups and basic adjustments are very quick once you know where to find the settings (like anything). Youtube will be your friend
  3. The world of work changes things somewhat. I bought my first proper watch (a Skagen) when I started work. Because looking at your phone to tell the time makes you very unpopular. Most of the younger people that I work with have Apple watches or similar and are swiping away at them. Unfortunately its become socially acceptable to do that. You can't beat a single function item, and I'm sure that consumerism will make people keep wanting them. We don't need watches, much like we don't need most things. Pyramids weren't needed to bury the dead, but they built them anyway.
  4. Indeed, even at full price its not a bank breaker. But no doubt 25% reduction is very achievable. Good to hear the positive review. Question is this, is the bracelet any worse than the original? Or has expectation just increased @WRENCH?
  5. Quite tasty for £160, good classic dimensions https://www.timex.co.uk/q-timex-reissue-falcon-eye-38mm-stainless-steel-bracelet-watch/TW2U954007U.html?contact_eid=33680ba6-6ec6-4285-a6cc-613f33d43dd4&utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Q-TIMEX+FALCON+EYE+|+INSPIRED+BY+A+1978+ORIGINAL+|+Our+of+the+blue,+Falcon+Eye+turns+green.+We+kept+the+soul+and+style+of+the+70s+you+love+including+the+woven+stainless+steel+bracelet,+functional+battery+hatch,+retro+case+shape,+updated+with+a+striking+green+dial.+|+SHOP+NOW&utm_content=Image+-+Q-TIMEX+FALCON+EYE+|+INSPIRED+BY+A+1978+ORIGINAL+|+Our+of+the+blue,+Falcon+Eye+turns+green.+We+kept+the+soul+and+style+of+the+70s+you+love+including+the+woven+stainless+steel+bracelet,+functional+battery+hatch,+retro+case+shape,+updated+with+a+striking+green+dial.+|+SHOP+NOW&utm_campaign=21.10.05_FalconEye_UK-Eng&_bta_tid=27687637675476405394236351546451748021873659041406042564956505577495778617695489619696140253003127296776&_bta_c=5x4ec65ylyizlhjf5g5h0gn37or1d
  6. Ebay - great for buying, not so good as a seller is exacylu my thoguhts too @Bricey
  7. No quips about being a Dumas if you didn't enter?... I'm disappointed TWF.
  8. Absolutely. I know how that all works. The prospect of a £2k watch for me is alien to be honest.
  9. Like that a lot, nice grain wrapping too. Veneer connoisseur here
  10. If I was spending £2k on a watch, I'd want to be trying it on first.
  11. @Bricey it makes me very happy that you take pleasure in your decision and how each watch makes you feel, despite what some may say is popular opinion. Being happy with things and recognising the value to yourself despite the sticker price or popular opinion is a great trait
  12. Believe they are manufactured in China, but the owner of Traska seemed to do a good amount of research into facilities he wanted to use to achieve the quality he desired.
  13. Old photo, but getting another wear this week
  14. Interesting to see, the crystal is different to mine, it has dome, whilst mine is flat! Great purchase Bricey And the crown is different, further refinements that I hadn't noticed. I did know that the lume is apparently better
  15. I did think of you when @Bricey said about its stature!
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