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  1. I really like these, just wish they made them in a smaller size
  2. This is kinda what I was getting at with my like comment. How well something charges maybe isn't just a factor of chucking light at it.
  3. Because someone has rugby fever...
  4. I've found the lume on my watches doesn't charge well under the LEDs that we have throughout the house, a few seconds outside, even on an overcast day makes a big difference. Interested to see your results with the torch
  5. Peak capacity and the ability for the assets not to be stressed continuously is the key. As you say, substations and a number of the assets inside will cause problems. The condition of assets and the cost and timescales to refurbish and replace is not short and we need to be moving quickly to alleviate this.
  6. Smart. 2205 is a really nice movement, mostly reserved for the ladies watches. Being a lady and into watches, particularly those which are smaller and not as in vogue as larger watches of today has its benefits. Peanuts need to be spent in when comparing to similar mens' watches of the time.
  7. Sorry Roy. Thank you for the clarification. Hands up, I've made an error. It won't happen again. Al
  8. @WRENCH and other mods: presumably we got moderated here? Apologies.
  9. I'd be keen,the styling isn't my hung but it's thought provoking and different
  10. Drop seem to be chucking a load of watches out the door at the moment, I've had a few emails for notifications. None of which has taken my fancy
  11. 28000 is pedestrian. I raise you a lord marvel at 36000vph. White or silver faces, gold or stainless cases, Arabic or batons. Very much under budget, including a service. Or a Lordmatic if you prefer to be square Why get cut up about an upper limit, $1000 is plenty to buy a small collection of watches that fit your high level requirement at this point Side note: I have a Traska with the 9039 and there are no issues whatsoever
  12. Must admit I've not paid it too much attention, its not really something I would buy. Aesthetically its nice, but too big for me
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