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  1. I wouldn't be pushing that money out on a beater. Orient Mako perhaps?
  2. You should be looking at an Air King then, older one, or an Air King date, but it'll still have the cyclops For me its the DJ - don't like the Mercedes hands on a watch, the cyclops I think I'd live with from a functionality POV
  3. Smitten with mine. Very easy to wear.
  4. Really impressive. Love that
  5. Not quite flavour of the week with some, but in the summer sale they are offering 15% off the Heritage range (including Navygraf) and a free LED watch as a gift. Not to be sniffed at if you are after one
  6. I'm not sure you get any apology from any big brands? Or for that matter in most industries, house buying, car buying, even buying vinyl from an independent record shop (support local they say, stick it to the big boys) but all you end up with is a wall of non communication and very poor excuses. Its a shame you are done with the brand on the back of this, but I do understand if it is a gift and cannot be fulfilled in time. I'm pretty sure that shipping dates for new watches and the like are estimates and not fixed, but an update would most likely have been welcome
  7. Frankly the only Rolex I have any interest in owning
  8. Air king. An old one, small and not very showy.
  9. Buy the cheapest one you can find, send it for a service off the hop and wear it. My guess is that they are basically all the same if you are buying new, and some companies are just making a bit of mark up
  10. I'll leave this here. The blue looks nice, the GMT is subtle as is the date window. There is a fair bit of lustre to the brushing, its not a dull finish once the light catches it.
  11. I'm in. Have seen the input increase by about 70% since the beginning of the year. It would likely be very much more if I actively managed it, but I'm happy with the progress. I'm spread on some stable coin and some of the more volatile ones; profits get banked back into more stable coins
  12. I believe they can be transplanted with the 28800VPH movements too if that is your sort of thing.
  13. Hope she is happy, my Navygraf probably gets most wear of all my watches.
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