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  1. The branding isn't too bad on that, I could probably live with it Some good vintage today too gents Old photo... Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) by Alex Bennett, on Flickrblockquote widget
  2. Everyone loves a pokey tool used for the wrong job! Like those narrow, flat bladed hacking/boggling/digging/paint can opening tools. Useless for screws!
  3. It is the one facet of social media that I feel I may be missing out on, particularly FB. But that isn't a sufficient pull to get me on there. And probably saves me some £££ too
  4. Not sure what the rating are on some of the Russians but there was also a Rakers anti-magnetic cal.2610 Raketa antimagnetic 2610 by a_t_b321, on Flickr
  5. The question is are you the fool for buying. Average Joe Bloggs has no clue. As always the uninformed lay person is the loser here
  6. @WRENCH it's a 10 from me. HMT is a curious one. Find yourself s dowry watch and just enjoy it. My HMT is just a beater, just an honest hand wound watch. It's in the box of stuff from when we moved that is 'valuable' enough to be stored in the house, but I haven6 touched it in 12 months. Shame as it just does what it should Frantic digging will commence when I'm home!
  7. Hmt woul be nice if you can find a nice honest one. Rado and titoni are popular but faked and hacked around.
  8. Quirky Seikos are a-plenty. An example of design and a hi-beat 36000vph are included Polished crystal by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Lord Marvel by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  9. And the link?... N/M found it elsewhere
  10. Wish they made this in a slightly more classic size for those with smaller wrists. It's a stunner but I couldn't pull it off. I am very envious though
  11. Moonglow looks great except for the CW logo and automatic/calibre text which spoils the whole bloody thing. It was a poor design choice on what is otherwise a very handsome watch. Ruins the subtlety of it
  12. The Rado in smaller size would be my choice. Ghost is interesting
  13. Thanks Simon, same to you. Will drop you a line the other side of the new year
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