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  1. Given the price of crystals and the postage costs from Cousins, you may be best to buy a couple to save disappointment if it doesn't fit correctly
  2. Finally arrived yesterday! After 5 weeks 'priority' postage from America. My grail watch. Much cleaner now after about 20 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner last night which removed lots of human slime and what appeared to be rouge/polishing compound. Still needs a little more work on the bracelet to get it up to scratch. The fibreglass mid links need a bit more cleaning as someone has had a poor go in the past. And the crystal needs re-seating at some point (note its 90 degrees out! and the gasket isn't quite right) and a service is likely overdue so both will be done at the same time.
  3. 10 white modesty blocks 1x 8 pin CPU power connector with pins and 1x 6 pin PCIE connector with pins. And 5m black and 5m yellow 18AWG cable A Fractal Node 202, which will be housing my new build (its a very smart case, about two thirds the height of my Onkyo AV reciever adn near enough the same width meaning it looks very much inkeeping. Having all this means I'm not without a living room PC and I'll be ready to sell once the other is working. A cheap (but adequate) power supply just rocked up, and it needs some modifications. At £17 if it all goes horribly wrong I've not ventured too much. Once all that arrives, its build time!
  4. Amazing! Had the priviledge of meeting Gerry Anderson about 10 years ago. Really nice bloke and made some cracking series
  5. Thanks, and I have. Back in the box this evening though. If you are after a comfy elastic strap and are handy with a needle (or in my case super glue... I need some beefier needles as I'd run out of leather glue) I'd thoroughly recommend the CNS ones. Really nice quality, although strange with the fixings set up.
  6. Cloakroom 'finished' on Sunday so treated myself to some Navygraf time, same again today. Just a couple of days then back into the box. Start on the kitchen this weekend! On a cheapestnatostraps Marine Nationale modified to have the clasps all work as they do on some others and about 25mm removed from the length Yema Navygraf by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  7. Other than the look of the crown I really like these. Having not seen one in the flesh it might not be as protrusive as I think it is.
  8. Try swapping the bracelet side to side, so that the clasp part comes from the other end. It sounds mad, but sometimes gives a bit more adjustment that is needed!
  9. Nice strap! Suits the watch nicely
  10. If anyone is on e-group.uk.net there is a chat with Mark from Olympus UK on Saturday 4 July, he may have some answers, though I'd doubt it. Might be good to hear his opinions
  11. Does it need a battery or is it an orifinal mechanical/automatic avenger?
  12. And a GTX 1060 6GB, which just arrived. Still awaiting the motherboard which should be here today...
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