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  1. Second hand / vintage Omega is well within reach of that budget. Similarly Tudor or even some vintage Rolex aren't too far off that. But if you like it, as others have said, but it. BUT! I would suggest if at all possible trying one on before committing that kind of money
  2. Yes. Auto-correct...
  3. Secondhand? Lots to be had for little money Or, and don't shoot me, look at Starling. 28800vph, sapphire, stainless in a modern size. Well under $100
  4. Think its an optical illusion. All in still very happy with it. Perfect size and scratches the itch for the moment
  5. There doesn't look to be a chapter ring with any markings though there is a clear band of metal visible beneath the crystal. I had my suspicion over the bracelet and clasp (though the clasp is signed) however its very comfortable. I may investigate further... Have also thought about a strap...
  6. Generally above, my wrists change significantly with temperature so some watches slip down when it's cold, particularly those with bracelets
  7. Well here it is. I've done some homework on it and been looking for one for a while. Unmolested and a bit rough around the edges is fine with me. My presumption is rthe lacquer has yellowed and aged which I rather like Titoni Airmaster by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  8. I've just bought an Airmaster 309 which seems legit and completely as described on ebay! Who dares wins every now and then. On topic, it has a ETA 2878 which puts it between 1969 and 1982 by my research as it was discontinued. It also aligns to the model dates that I've found from Titoni too. But there are many advertised with 2836-2 movements, and the red flower on the dial. This one doesn't have the red painted flower. So any boffins know about dating in the model run? Pics later... All in very happy. It wants a clean and a little fettle on the bracelet end links is all
  9. Can't beat the satisfaction or removing years of human slime and having a perfectly clean bracelet afterwards
  10. Generally, not just with watches, I think you have to go wanting to buy something at duty free. Usually a deal can be brokered or in the case of retail goods, online offers similar if not better savings. Certainly in the States I have found airports tend to stock lots of watches in boutiques but the price has never been substantially different for me to part money with anything at the time (plus you are under pressure in such an environment!)
  11. Just buy 1mm longer bars and crush between two tea spoons. Works fine for me
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