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  1. Agree with the last sentiment. I love my Mk1 California, its the only quartz that I regularly wear, but for the price I'm very happy with it - a good bit of fun. Some of the others released recently are also stylistically very nice. And if I'm honest, don't tell the haters, I'd rather have a quartz than the unfortunately cheap automatics which are in their newer models too.
  2. Strange when you realise you don't have a wrist shot of one of your favourite watches - I need to take one, hence old photo...
  3. @Nigelp Talk to me about Lord Quartz... My reading tells me they essentially use the same movement as the KQ. But I understand that the lord is a range down. Any thoughts on the practical differences?
  4. It does, I agree. Wonder if they do some processing to boost the branding in press shots. Looks really smart
  5. @Roxyben exact model my friend has, a very nice timepiece for the money
  6. I get the vintage lume and fauxtina, but why have the bright white text? It looks cracking but the CW logo stands out like a bit of a lighthouse on all their watches
  7. For the price of any of those even at the cheaper end, I've amassed quite a collection of oddballs, freaks and weirdos. And some very nice watches too. Welcome along and some great choices
  8. A friend pre-ordered an SRPE in blue on a bracelet. It's a very fine watch. From what I understand it gets worn more than his Seamaster. He only has a couple of watches and this is a big departure for him as the Seamaster is very much a GADA watch. High praise. I like it in the green on that nato - it becomes an easy to wear casual watch
  9. And now often significantly cheaper. As I'm an oddball I do have a strange pull to Vanac, but to pull the trigger, I need it to be right.
  10. I keep looking at KQ because they are much better value than an equivalent KS/GS, but never get there!
  11. There has been mixed reviews, some people have had issues with them, I haven't and it keeps time well. @Raymond Spanks thanks, will have a look. The Yema one I have is nice, just way too long for me! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Navygraf. The first lug makes the strap stick out a bit over a small wrist, but as I've said, that is a bonus to me as it means it just fits. And its versatile - see below... @sabailand the Yema has been the most expensive purchase behind my Astrographic. It's cheap in the scheme of what people pay I know. If I had to do a one watch trip, this would b
  12. Unfortunately your photo hasn't worked. Hopefully this will help
  13. It is. And it's a cracking watch, great like, good size. On a MN and the metal strap it's fantastic. The strap fit is a little odd on small wrists but has charm and room for my worst to expand without feeling too loose or tight in any cool or heat. Regrettably the tropic strap is way too big for me. Would be nice to find some short ones, but not a deal breaker. Rubber and silicone make me sweat, so despite being hypoallergenic it flares up eczema.
  14. Agreed, with both the Raketa and the facebook bits! I like the appearnce of the Neptune dial from the small shot, but find the handset difficult to follow with the two large circles
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