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  1. @Leema Let's just say I hope you didn't ask for a bracelet sizing. If so when it arrives, go over it like a hawk with a bright light. Watch head, bracelet and spare links! Still awaiting a response at the moment
  2. Disappointingly mine (in the same spec as you suggest) which arrived on Friday will be on its way back as soon as CW get back to me. Disappointed is an understatement. But that is for another day once they respond...
  3. That's fine, I'll retract it from the classifieds.
  4. Apologies for leading you astray @Domw6666. Every day is a school day
  5. There is one up in the classifieds at the moment
  6. Its a lovely watch, alas too big for me I feel.
  7. Nice watch, however 18k means plated rather than solid gold. I wouldn't think you'd need to put this as a separate item on your insurance value wise. If you are in to gold coloured watches, get it on the wrist and worn as a tribute. p.s. welcome to the forum Al
  8. Some really nice pieces there, but the big question is will you get bored of the incomings? There are a couple I would keep, and a few I would get rid of, but that is just personal preference
  9. you should have a look at their website now - I think its being addressed with the newer watches
  10. If anyone is really interested, I could probably have my arm twisted to part company with mine - I think I put it on, then back in the box. There was an itch, it was scratched, but never really made it into my life. Sapphire version too which is always a winner
  11. This is the best statement for the 1963s.
  12. Something that has adjustment for temperature would be a must for me, whether its micro adjust and a tool or some kind of built in adjuster. Quick change straps are nice and a spare. Some watches lend themselves very nicely to a strap change for semi formal dinner for example
  13. Nice watch - perhaps try contacting M&W directly to identify?
  14. Without starting an international incident, the Cartier you are looking at could be described in the same way. We are all entitled to opinions that is what keeps things fun
  15. Thanks @AVO - I did see you pop up on the CW forum when I did some looking. Having a very low level hover over the 'buy' button at the moment...
  16. In the 12 o clock position I think is better. I used to be 100% with you at the 9 o clock. And I do like the straps, but generally I struggle with small wrists and making the holes line up, most are a no go for me, hence the bracelet questions.
  17. Looking at a C63 Sealander at the moment. Clearly will be waiting for a discount code to come up, but does anyone have a C63? I know that people sing the praises of CW for quality generally so there is no concern there, I'm more concerned with how it wears. The dimensions seem similar to my Navygraf, a few mm shorter lug to lug. How is the bracelet? Presumably similar to the 40mm Mk3 version of the trident bracelet? Do half links come in the box? Does it taper as I can't find clear info online? Any further thoughts from anyone? Al
  18. Presumably you mean the maxi dial one? Bit too Seiko for me My Navygraf is probably the most worn watch I have. Can't recommend it enough
  19. Interesting hat the Navygraf price has held (with the discount) since I bought mine
  20. I don't know why Ebay obscure the bidders once an auction is finished. Its just fanning the flames for the deceitful.
  21. Nice Roger, all for less than the price of the day rate I expect
  22. Not strictly true though is it? SHIB was defying this lore a couple of days ago. Not all the altcoins follow the trend. Ethereum is also bucking that trend somewhat. Making an investment on crypto solely based on the gain in Bitcoin popularity or price is foolish. I suggest you increase the breadth of your information sources
  23. Milgauss is something I really like in that colourway, but I need it in a smaller size to be viable Same goes for that 39mm OP. AND for an Air King
  24. @Bricey is that the personal accounts for microbrands this year in the background?!
  25. I must say that newer versions are far better than they used to be. As I said, it isn't Photoshop, but then it isn't priced accordingly.
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