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  1. There has been mixed reviews, some people have had issues with them, I haven't and it keeps time well. @Raymond Spanks thanks, will have a look. The Yema one I have is nice, just way too long for me! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Navygraf. The first lug makes the strap stick out a bit over a small wrist, but as I've said, that is a bonus to me as it means it just fits. And its versatile - see below... @sabailand the Yema has been the most expensive purchase behind my Astrographic. It's cheap in the scheme of what people pay I know. If I had to do a one watch trip, this would b
  2. Unfortunately your photo hasn't worked. Hopefully this will help
  3. It is. And it's a cracking watch, great like, good size. On a MN and the metal strap it's fantastic. The strap fit is a little odd on small wrists but has charm and room for my worst to expand without feeling too loose or tight in any cool or heat. Regrettably the tropic strap is way too big for me. Would be nice to find some short ones, but not a deal breaker. Rubber and silicone make me sweat, so despite being hypoallergenic it flares up eczema.
  4. Agreed, with both the Raketa and the facebook bits! I like the appearnce of the Neptune dial from the small shot, but find the handset difficult to follow with the two large circles
  5. If I didn't have a Navygraf I'd be all over it. My only niggle with the Navygraf is that there isn't lume on the second hand anywhere. Not that I ever need it, but its just nice to have.
  6. Yes just a other diver, but the dimensions and appearance are right up my street It seems that fans/collaboration design in watches is the future. Means a group of people get exactly what they want and makes it a bit easier for the manufacturer https://eu.yema.com/products/yema-pearldiver-ycl1-mr
  7. Quite like it, maybe the numerals in the green too would help with legibility. Don't care much for the caseback
  8. Agree. Perception of value is individual and can come in many forms. I don't go to the Tate modern because I think it mostly looks like children did it, but others will pay millions for that art. There are plenty of watches I wouldn't stump up for because I don't see the value in them. And no doubt people will think I'm daft for the stuff I pay money for. Us all being different keeps things interesting
  9. @Balaton1109 At least they don't rust. Quite often the fuel gauge isn't up to much cop any more though...
  10. Regarding the boxes - what is so special? Take the Windsor 5 https://www.wolf1834.com/windsor-5-piece-watch-box#93=18 Its a piece of glass, a cheap lock, vegan leather (PU - calling it anything but that, or vinyl pleather etc. is a sham), some felt and probably MDF. €155? No thanks. With 70% off, at around £40 its reasonable. Whether their other products justify the price I don't know, but that particular one doesn't look anything like good value to me at full price.
  11. Was trying to put my finger on what this is earlier as I'd not heard it called the Bombardier (reading tells me was built under licence). I know it as the Iltis! A more modern version of the Type 181/2 (aptly called the Typ 183). Water cooled 4-pot but still very much in touch with its roots in the interior
  12. Kubelwagen/Thing/Type 181? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_181
  13. These are beautiful, granted very of their time, but incredible to behold. 50s future vision. There is a lot to be said about the atomic era of design
  14. With a blue dial I think I'd forgo most of the other watches I own for one
  15. I would still love one, but think my time of extravagant (for me) watch purchases is being curtailed. I think I'm into down sizing a bit - so never say never if I can turn a few around!
  16. An Air King is probably the only Rolex I'd wear. Really smart
  17. Advertising is something some people will get and others not. Apparently the markers between 30 and 35s on the chronograph watches is something to do with timing the perfect espresso. As usual, the marketeering isn't important to me if I like it.
  18. Green is always my first choice and its not different here.
  19. I've liked some of their previous designs, and I like this too. In all the colours, but I dislike the back - good job its not on show all the time https://www.brew-watches.com/watches/retromatic-brew-green
  20. None of them are 'all round'. I'll get my coat
  21. Completely at odds with some of our European counterparts. In Germany for example, schools often start at 0800 and are done by 1400. Made way more sense to me on exchange when they finished early and could enjoy the afternoons and we weren't out until almost 1600. Having been in the US quite a bit, the early sunset is nice, but its because in the states I've been the temperature is still warm even at that time. Also interesting to see a fitbit on his right arm, but no good shots of the left - wonder what he wears?
  22. I'd thought about this in the past, You'd think the repair would have to be very good to give clarity.
  23. Opinions are like ars3holes, everyone has one. Don't let it put you off as there have been plenty of successful kickstarter watch projects. Find a niche and go with it. Usually watch collectors and aficionados will like autos or hand winders. With Kickstarter, you fall into the trap of just producing those watches and not much more, not that its a bad model, but it doesn't have the massive exposure that a wholesale brand will have. @WRENCH puts forward the most important part of a KS campaign in my experience for watches
  24. Aesthetically its ok. But if you've ever dispatched a train from a station, at least in modern times, I don't think practically it would work. Let's say you have a baton or lamp to signal ready to depart, and a whistle. I can't see how the angle of the face helps when doing using both a bat and a whistle AND monitoring the the platform-train interface at the same time. With the 12 being offset I can just foresee issues with timing. Personally for a railway watch and me the importance is in the second hand so I want that big and legible, everything else is secondary
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