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  1. I'm not on there, plus it's low on my priority list. I just think it's a refreshingly fun design
  2. Best of luck, great to get stuck in and the weather looks fair too which always helps!
  3. Their offering on Certina make them very reasonably priced - DS1 for under £300
  4. 40mm without a bezel often ends up looking like a plate on my wrist. Its very handsome, the blue is fantastic. I'm really taken with the rainbow model
  5. Really like that and a fair number of the watches they make. I just wish they made them in smaller sizes
  6. Herein lies the danger of just buying bits, trusting the seller and hoping it all goes together unfortunately!
  7. What is the issue? You have the bits, they should fit together if they are all for the same movement, go in the case and be away.
  8. Is this a similar reason why Trevor became TVR? @WRENCH speed racing with hand love? Best get something cooling on that. Upside, if it's an auto, at least it'll get plenty of winding...
  9. Couldn't agree more, very good saddles, I've had a couple on bikes in the past. I've currently a Giant TCX SLR2. Great do everything bike, a little aggressive on the handling for what I generally do but its light, compact and can hold its own on fairly rough trails whilst being a breeze to press on on tarmac.
  10. I understand the toughness and requirement, even the aesthetic of some, but they just aren't for me.
  11. I guess with some types of older automatic this may be the case, a bumper maybe which isn't as efficient as winding. Thinking about how easily the rotor swings, just look at the exhibition case back on a Seiko 5 for example, making a cup of tea, walking to the toilet, even changing the channel with a remote. Even more so with the proliferation of smartphone use will wind if the worn wrist is moved. Perhaps not enough to fully tension the mainspring but certainly enough to get it going. With a lot of modern autos having 40-50+ hours reserve and efficient mechanisms, small movements
  12. I can't see how this happens. even on the most sedentary day there is still movement to shake a rotor. A service is perhaps required rather than an issue with the watch
  13. My latest discovery is Soudall Crystalfix. Incredible. The blokes fixing the flashing on my garage roof used it and I had previously used. It for my kitchen backsplash and fixing vanity panels to the ends of the cabinets
  14. Bit aggressive? Maybe give people some time to help out
  15. The ply backed ones are usually sold as 'aquapanel' (brand name) Buy good adhesive and the best silicone sealant that you can and it should be good to go. Factoring labour to fit at a reasonable rate, we didn't find much difference cost wise between tiling and panels. Panels were certainly quicker to install though. And you can get all sorts, including textured if that is your thing.
  16. New watch day, arrived yesterday. SRPD59K1
  17. Not for me at that price, the tools will be throw-away items and to be honest the watch just the same. Buying parts and tools yourself would likely come in cheaper and some research would likely make it simple. Because if we are honest, its a Lego kit (dial, hands, case, movement) rather than a 'from scratch' build. And to do that, its a few screwdrivers, a couple of pairs of tweezers and hand presses.
  18. How much is the kit? You can buy most of this stuff dirt cheap on eBay, so if its not very cheap you are just paying a middle-person for the privilege of putting it together in a box
  19. To wet your appetite on what I said earlier. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seiko-Grand-Quartz-4843-8050-Vintage-Day-Date-SS-quartz-Mens-Watch-Auth-Works-/324488198493?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=CjwKCAjwu5CDBhB9EiwA0w6sLeqarVl_U-Sx5kOrTwi9xcIRqQBqBegST_ViIzTx88NiHLT4n7YOURoCFIQQAvD_BwE 10 seconds a month accuracy makes this better than chronometer spec, and a handsome dress piece for £374. Plus a 5 sports or the like? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seiko-Analogue-Automatic-Stainless-SRPD59K1/dp/B07WHQGMH7/r
  20. I do like these vintage inspired divers. I do feel that the thick end of £1000 for one is a bit rich though. Perhaps its just me not seeing the value, but there are a ton of 40mm dive watches out there and these don't stand out significantly from the crowd. I think that if it was a Kickstarter we'd probably all be saying that, but from an established brand its all good...
  21. I'd throw a few hundred quid at an old Grand Quartz or King Quartz and pocket the rest for something fun/cheap. 2 Seikos for the price of one
  22. Some other good deals to be had on Seikos there too
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