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  1. I think that square watch that size is going to wear like like an old 32" CRT TV! Looks more than a bit like a Panerai
  2. For anyone wanting one (because I've been doing a little research - still feeling its a touch too big) there is a 15% off code till 27 May 'PROTEUS'. £212 posted is pretty remarkable
  3. If you are able to use a solvent to dissolve the gum that is in there, you could apply a small amount of silicone grease back in there @Biker beat me to it!
  4. The 12-40 pro is a great lens, super pleased for you. Mine is pretty much bolted to the front of the body. Having the FN button on there to use (digital teleconverter is how I have mine set) is great. You get a bit more reach with very useable results at your finger tip. If you haven't had one before, when the focus ring moves it locks off AF, which means you can have a little twitchy moment thinking its broken and wont focus. Just check the ring back and forwards its been a common 'oh sh...' moment for many I think! I'm a big fan of the kit 40-150mm too, I get very useable results for such a light and small lens. Enjoy!
  5. RTFM... Reminds me of when my seconday school biology teacher would write ATQ (answer the question) in the margin of essays as a means to focus you back to the topic. In year 11 upwards he'd get ore frustrated and write ATFQ, underline it and follow up with an exclamation mark
  6. TLAs (three letter abbreviations) and FLAs (four/five letter abbreviations) plague my workplace. Its amusing to ask people what they are for them to flounder because people don't know what they are just the parlance!
  7. I did wonder how long an em5 would take glad it's being out to good use though! I'm very tempted but put off looking and will persevere with nursing it until before my next holiday!
  8. They are good prices! Very tempted to get one with the 14-42EZ as its the one lens I regret selling. Its a cracking little thing (especially when had with the auto lens cap. I thought it'd be redundant by the 12-40 pro, but sometimes you just want something to pocket and get on!
  9. My EM10 mk1's shutter button has come off, and when reattached has gone very loose so have been looking to upgrade. I've looked at the EM10 mk2 and 3, and an em5 mk2 as a possible replacement. The EM5 mk3 looks great but I can't justify the price right now, though it seems the best of all worlds. I have a Titan table saw and you are right about it taking up space. Very useful for the times it gets used though. Today a toilet, sink waste and a tiny radiator arrived. I could do with popping out to pick up some 9mm plasterboard and more slab insulation too.
  10. Leave it out in today's sun for an hour, that'll be a gentle heat up all over which should free stuff up if its gummy
  11. Maybe, though it does seem like a mechanical issue. Its on the bench along with a pile of other bits and pieces (watches and assorted others) that need some attention when I have a bit of time.
  12. Hope you have more luck than I did with mine. It ran when it arrived briefly, then started stuttering. The seller wasn't much help. Think it just needs a mechanical service...
  13. Where is @Nigelp? He likes a good Seiko and does a nice job of bringing them back from tired to WOW
  14. I saw this and thought the dial layout was reasonable with the white text at 9. Then I saw the flag at 12, which is hardly visible (actual eyeball test may be different) and thought "just make that white!" And lose the text at 9. With the aggressive pushed CW do in London, I'd argue the could just use a logo. Other than that I quite like the design and concept
  15. Some of the odd ball Seikos are great. Cheap to service, often cheap to pick up and lots of variations. King Seiko represent very good value, as do some of the Grand Seiko range. Or a Vanac, or a SARB, or a SARX... Loads of great Seikos out there. A n unusual '5' Lord Matic And the revered Lord Marvel 36000, a true high beat bargain.
  16. Are the watchbeds coming with adornments? Say those that are brown, bottle like structures filled with bubbly nectar?
  17. Nice! I've got a way to go before anyone would purchase one I'd made!
  18. I'd want the engine running all the time, as a kin of 'second hand'. Clearly 8k RPM is asking a little too much, so maybe just a tick over.
  19. Jon Mack (of Traska) has said that he will send out a new 6 o'clock side of the bracelet, so top marks to him. Here is another shot of the strap, its been lashed together from what I had lying around so isn't pretty at the back end. It was very much a learn as you go job, so the tongue end is MK2 and a little more refined. I've only black leather now (thickness more suited to single piece straps, so will need to get some more brown. It was double thickness of c.1.5mm to get where it is. I just sanded the edges and then attempted to burnish a little. I used Bostik leather glue (I've previously had it for my shoes and repairing leather straps. The buckle is 16mm robbed from elsewhere (hence aggressive last minute cut at the end. As I said super rough, but it fitted the bill with what I had. Strap by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  20. Well its nothing fantastic, but out of necessity, I've put together a strap. I bought some very basic leather working tools a while back, of which only really the needles, punches, cutting mat and awl are useful. I also bought some strips/offcuts of leather and after a few boo-boos was able to come up with this. DIY strap by Alex Bennett, on Flickr I say it was necessity, I managed to shear a link screw clean off whilst sizing the bracelet - just waiting for the manufacturer to get back to me as its a brand new watch and all of the others have come out with ease and the same force. Just unlucky I guess but it's in the last non-removable link rendering it useless at this point in time. Other than this, the Traska experience of unboxing and feel was very good. It wears just fine on my strap but I'm itching to try it on the bracelet. Below its pictured
  21. I was going to suggest, but its not a quartz which I thought was a requirement. I'd say they surpass the requirement of anything I'll ever throw at them
  22. Mamotaro (from a tiny bit of research) is a denim brand, hence the strap
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