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  1. Acrylic I've done before, and made a good job of. I'm guessing this is some kind of mineral. I've just tried the Polywatch glass stuff, I don't see it having made any difference whatsoever unfortunately. Either that or the Mido crystal is just very, very hard.
  2. Thanks all. I'm wondering whether it is in fact mineral. It sounds very plastic. I wasn't aware of polywatch for glass so have ordered some. Sanding will be my next port of call if that doesn't work
  3. No matter the value, that is a cracking looking watch
  4. What I really like about the 5 is that there are so many variations. Seiko 6309-5450 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Polished crystal by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  5. After an evening of Polywatch, Cape Cod on a cotton bud, Cape Cod using its own cloth and more Polywatch, I'm slightly worse off (but not by much whatsoever) than when I started. Without breaking out the Micromesh is there anything else worth trying? The crystal IS acrylic but tough as old boots. Al
  6. Wish seems like a scam through and through. Just shows how much a big marketing budget can get you away with anything
  7. Font on the dial looks suspicious to me.
  8. Hirsch XS are short. I've always found limited by choice though
  9. There are lots of sellers in Japan who will post to the UK. Expect some duty to be paid but generally they are tracked, and in very good condition. You will pay for this though, but can get hold of some Japan only models too
  10. Lizard isn't my thing but black strap, silver Seiko is a winning combination for these older pieces
  11. al_kaholik


    Done a few, digging the archive though Brakes by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Tepid by Alex Bennett, on Flickr 21 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr When I had time and the car was new to me/good condition/washed/clayed and hand finished... Reflections by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  12. I'm a big fan of how the dial looks. Pity about the scratches, but still very nice
  13. Not quite the Russian Woodpecker, but watch off when working inside electronics. Russian and English by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Only went in to change the power lead to something fabric covered and a little safer. Turns out what I believe to be a wax filled capacitor has chucked its guts all over the bottom of the case. Manual-parts-soldering iron to come.
  14. Either that or Maguire's scratchX. But poly watch is cheap and easy
  15. Different. Simple but effective. Nice in the blue
  16. Plenty of settings. I need to find a bit more time to sit down and get some quality listening. @rhaythorne noted. All the speakers are matched Onkyos too.
  17. I have a full paper manual. Didn't know whether there are any golden rules before I head down the rabbit hole. Looks like I've got some time to invest...
  18. First foray into 5.1 at the weekend with a second hand Onkyo system. I snapped up a good deal on a reasonably modern receiver that does all I want and need for general listening but doesn't have Audyssey. Sat down and watched The Hurt Locker on Saturday, impressive to have the surround but everything seems a bit flat. Measurements to the listening position have been taken and levels set at 75dB with an SPL app on my phone. Any pearls of wisdom short of me putting many hours into trial and improvement?
  19. Any of those would go happily on my shelf. My badger is having a rest and the boar has taken over for the moment. Should get someone making soaps to go as a set
  20. I agree with both sentiments. Both are probably better because if you scratch or damage them you don't need to have a cold shower and a stiff drink whilst you wait for the bill
  21. Looks smart. A top quality Seiko
  22. I may give that a go!
  23. Thanks both. It's a 5605 so as far as I'm aware they don't suffer the same as the day/date. I won't be testing the theory though!
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