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  1. Welcome in. Firstly, knowing a lot of NHS employees and the things that go along with it, thanks for being one of those everyday heroes. Hope you enjoy the forum
  2. Thanks Noj. I've plenty left in me for bits and pieces. Watches, and like you computers... I'll pretty much give anything a go. There is likely to be some decent larger DIY projects a little later in the year, not to mention what lurks in the garage.
  3. I like this A LOT. Bulova 23 for me, wearing its scratches before this evening's clean up PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Check out the after here... https://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/topic/122322-a-little-quiet-recently/
  4. Indeed, it's pretty amazing. Well it picked up some scratches, and after a delivery, I've sorted all that out. Micromesh sanding pads and a touch of Polywatch later and we're all sorted. PA191137 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Before Scratches by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And after. Very happy. The case and infill will need some attention in future though! Micromesh and polish by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And here we are with the Bulova. I believe its a 'Bulova 23' which appears to have the stem replaced, which I think will need to be rectified at some point. And I'm looking around for better straps, this is just something I had laying about. [for those interested I'm using an Olympus EM10 and a 12-50EZ using the 43mm macro for these shots. Kinda forgot I had this lens and only really kept it for macro and smooth video!] Before PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr 1800 PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr 2400 PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And you get the picture... After Polywatch. To be honest there is very little difference between 12000 and that, but it does give it a nice shine. The dots are on the dial, I'm not sure what to do with them, I don't really want to mess too much with it and ruin the dial. PA191140 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And I'll just leave this here - Its a bit of a funny one with a one jewel (Baumgartner? Marked 'Constructa') movement and a dial that maybe nobody loves! Its marked 'Prefect super de luxe' and has twin internal bezels. Not waterproof, but dustproof if the rear casing is to be believed... Its just something different. Looking for short 22mm straps. PA191150 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  5. Been away on holiday then busy at work with a little break from anything other than daily grind, I've had a couple of watches arrive today! I took my Seiko oddball... Interestingly, but perhaps a little more surprisingly, the watch just worked. It keeps reasonable time and just didn't miss a beat which I was really happy with. Old watch for every day wear, go grab an old Seiko for peanuts! Recent incoming is a Bulova 23 (M6 date code) which needs a quick crystal polish and has a more deserving strap en route. There is something very satisfying about simple watches that just work and keep time. Number 2 is something a little more interesting. The movement is what I presume a Baumgartner 1 jewel, but caught my eye! Pics to follow! A_k
  6. Style and desirability? Neither appears to be sold directly by Amazon so that could also mean that you aren't comparing one seller's prices
  7. Often what is cheap get people interested in things. Tools, cars, watches, whatever There is plenty of effort and engineering that went into cheaper watches too, that's what I like about them. Today I've been contemplating buying a 1 jewel watch! Something different.
  8. I'm an Olympus user. I have an EM10 mk1 and have a lot of love for the 'kit' 40-150. I believe I got it in 2014 and its been great, plenty of fantastic pictures with it. I don't have the Pro lens - having just come back from a couple of weeks holiday lugging gear around in the heat; body, 14-40 pro and 40-150 kit, I'm glad for the weight saving, and still appreciate the quality of the lens. The 14-42EZ is also a cracking little lens which disappears down to nothing and you can get an automatic lens cap for. Welcome to the dark side. Most, if not al of these were taken with the 40-150. Don't believe anyone who tells you it isn't a good lens. https://www.flickr.com/photos/atb321/sets/72157655984528252
  9. Anyone come across a Rotary cal. 955? A59 is also present on the back. Marked with the wing logo twice and two stars on the ratchet wheel. Its an elongated hexagon shape Rotary 955 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr c.1959 (case hall mark) to 61 (strap hall mark) Rotary ladies by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Rotary by Alex Bennett, on Flickr The other I have is similar age and FHF 34 which is running fast. Worth a trip through the demagnetiser? 17J Incabloc by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Both late very early 60s, both 9ct gold, one with a 9ct gold strap and the other with an Excalibur 1/10 rolled gold.
  10. I looked at this and the black one, I'm very tempted by the black one. Chronographs just look so busy to me!
  11. If they are the desk diver type similar to Winner and the like, I'd steer clear. That said if you can find something that isn't complicated, just hands, a dial and no movable bezel, I'd give it a go. The bezel and finish let the one I had down (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B071CNSY58/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
  12. Very good. Perhaps change the lume out in the hands to match the numerals and second hand colour? It's a really nice piece now
  13. Really nice finish on the case. It's nice to see people do still take some care of reasonably priced watches
  14. New acquisition. Cyma Conquistador. Dial is a little worse for wear but the Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) is keeping time flawlessly. Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  15. Rolex demand going up is fine by me. It means there are plenty more bargains to be had from what I would consider more interesting watches. I'd love a Rolex, but there are plenty of other things I'd rather drop £4-6k on before that. Starting with a Chronostop Driver! There is an interesting chap on YouTube who goes under the name 'Buck and Jack' who talks at length about Rolex. He has some good things to say about investment watches but also about enjoying the experience and second hand watches
  16. @alxbly Love the blue and leather.what is the case size on that one / case number?
  17. I'd love to get into machining but space is a premium as always. Besides which it would probably mean more hobbies get put on the back burner. Certainly a lathe and a mill/CNC would be very helpful for my bigger 'project'
  18. @Always"watching" you might also be interested to know they do a p5000 Trizact too. For me the foam backed pad makes things very straight forward in terms of getting even sanding.
  19. @Always"watching" Afternoon. Thanks for the king words. The crystal is acrylic and this was al done just with hand sanding in about 20 minutes. Scratching that bad in glass would most certainly be tough, but I'm sure with a machine polisher it would be possible. An alternative might be to fill scratches in the glass using the sort of compound they fix chips in windscreens with. Trizact is just a very fine proprietary sanding pad by 3M. They're used for last stage sanding before polishing (https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/trizact-us/). I've seen them used to remove the 'orange peel' that you get on brand new cars with waterbased paint followed by polish ! There are some mad videos on youtube of pre/post and polish. People much braver than me!
  20. Looks really smart. Less shiny is better in my view. The waves dial is really really nice
  21. Bought a Winner just to have a look. Bezel was poor, case finish poor but the mechanism was spot on. I might be tempted by a different style but their diver wasn't for me But that said cheap downs need to mean useless. Hope you rest good use from them because you can't beat cheap of everything else is palatable
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