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  1. @WRENCHI have. Its just finding one in good condition. There have been a few refurbished ones kicking about but they haven't really been up to scratch. I specifically want a 24 + 24 inner bezel rather than cities or shift time. That second one with the grey dial is pretty smart though
  2. Smart, the worn look really suits these divers in my opinion.
  3. Second for me. Though the silver dial is something I'm keen on. Still on the hunt for a inner rotating bezel 24hr.
  4. @JoT yes, it's like brand new in the case which was very nice given the condition. If the crystal. @topheronetwoo Thanks, have no idea what that is but I'll do some reading. It's certainly not a right now job. @pauluspaolo it's a 7019 21J 7019A by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  5. Took a punt on some rather terrible photos on eBay, but pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The crystal is scratched (polish job shortly, else new crystal isn't too expensive) and a damn good clean, the strap has also come up quite nicely, but could do with a bit of a polish too. 7019-5510, dated March 1977. All in, very happy with it. After cleaning, crystal is in a bad state (phone shot, sorry.) 2018-08-14_10-41-37 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And the filth, presumably 40 years worth? Cleaning by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And the dial in perfect condition Seiko 5 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Meant to ask, any ideas what the black infill is? Its got a couple of gouges in it which I'm keen to reduce or fill if I can
  6. Looks good to me. If I were being picky, aligning the minute hand to the other straight lines in the photo, the pen and the note book (five past the hour) would make everything flow nicer
  7. For the price of a new Amphibian, its hardly something that most people in the watch game have to think about when buying a 'new watch'. Recently bought one for a friend who was leaving the country. I put a few mods to taste on it and you wouldn't believe the comments it gets. Not bad for a budget automatic.
  8. Very smart with the radially brushed case. And that dial is very easy to read @WRENCH
  9. I like the Russian ones for their simplicity. I've also a couple of Amphibians but no photos of them just at the moment, both autos, one 'Soviet Union' and one 'Russian'. All of these pictured are manual wind. Anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with them? I'd post up the other watches in my collection, but they'd be spread throughout the forums. An HMT, Favre Leuba, Allwyn, Limit and a Caravelle... 2x Pobeda 2602s. I've since fitted a dark brown leather strap onto the gold/silver one and want something black for the grey/black watch Pair of Pobeda by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Pakema (Raketa) 2609HA with a brushed silver dial Pakema by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Raketa 24hr 2623 'polar bear' in orange. From reading its not a 'real' Raketa assembled in the factory, but I still like it. Its the only 'brand new' watch that I have. I like the confusion that it brings on peoples' faces! Raketa 24h by Alex Bennett, on Flickr And a couple from the healing bench. On the left is the anti-magnetic case, it needs a new crystal and some hands. The silver dial 2609 was originally bought as a parts watch for this, but I like it too much! The anti-magnetic uses a 2610 movement, but its been swapped into the one on the right to test it as it has hands. It'll get back together eventually. Fully cased and with the shields in place its a weighty piece. Healing bench by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  10. Thanks all. I maanged to get hold of a Tudor movement on eBay which was not working. Part of the keyless works was missing, but it did have a stem and crown. I believe it probably wants a larger crown than I have managed to source, but as they are a lot of money second hand I'm not too fussed. I believe I picked this one up for about £17 and a pack of three stems for £5. Total fix cost is well below £30 even with some spares which are now just in case. Its just the way things go when you are ordering and still looking for parts. Rolex by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  11. Think so, it just didn't seem very intuitive to what I'm used to!
  12. I feel I'm a good example... I originally was looking at an Omega Chronostop, specifically a Driver for the aesthetic. I settled on lots of cheap watches to mix and match every occasion. Wear at the office? Yes Wear in the yard? Yes Wear at the weekend when IDGAF? Yes Watch = Vostok! But others are present. Can I wear more than I earn. Not for me. Cheap watch looks good? Yes. Good price for a watch? Varies. Just like when I buy anything else
  13. Simple. I like. Anyome else have issue swith the standard android reply box? Images and @ seem to cause issues... @Jonesinamillion @mcb2007
  14. New acquisition, Allwyn (Seiko 6319a) automatic Allwyn by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  15. al_kaholik


    Thanks all Getting back into photography a little. And snagged a crown for this for a song, so it'll be getting fitted soon.
  16. Me neither, presumably they are 'private' on whichever host you are using
  17. Its a Tudor, has a 1960 hallmark and is 9ct gold. It appears to be a cal.290 FEF movement. The case back is a Rolex one rather than DS&S. I have a stem and generic crown coming so that I can at least get it working. From what my dad told me, it had a new stem and crown but this broke soon after. It was serviced at the same time, around 1986 and has sat dormant since. Presumably this is worth having serviced again despite it not really having run much? And can anyone help with the exact type of crown it would have had - all the research I have done seems to point towards a Rolex signed crown. Can anyone help further ID it? Thanks in advance Al Tudor by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  18. al_kaholik


    Was given this to fix by my dad at the weekend, so thought I'd combine photos of it with something watch related. All taken on an Olympus EM10 with 12-40 f2.8. Mostly using the digital 2x teleconverter. Watch has a broken stem but once de-cased, a quick turn of the ratchet wheel it fired into life. Tudor by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Rolex by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Tudor by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  19. I've at least three complete sets and a hand full of spare blades of the Rolls. Even though most of the blades are from the 50s and 60s, they still hold an edge remarkably. Finding one with a stone that isn't broken is often a challenge. I should dig one out and give it a whirl round again. I think that my straight must be in the same box (post house move x2 in the last few years) a_k
  20. Thanks for the warm welcome. Its been a busy week, so I'm a little behind with some bits and pieces. Perhaps tomorrow evening I'll get the camera out and get some pictures up - collection is growing...
  21. I took a punt on a couple of watches cheap on eBay, knowing one worked and the other didn't. I wasn't thinking much more than a little learning exercise however I've ended up with a 2610 (Antimagnetic) and a 2609.HA. The HA isn't working, I've released the main spring but there feels to be some resistance when moving the hands, its also a little dirty so I suspect its a strip down and rebuild. Any tips on oil/grease I should be perhaps trying to use? I've yet to do some research on which points need what, but its some reading to do. The 2610 works nicely. This however had lost its crystal and all but the hour hand. Temporarily I've swapped the movement into the other case (see pics) just to see what its time keeping is like, but I had to remove the antimagnetic front disc and movement holder to fit it in. I've found the hand sizes I need from Ranfft but am a) struggling to find many 0.18mm hands (Cousins has some listed) and b) I can't find anything in that size with a long stem, nor a 0.18mm drill for money I'm happy to pay such that I can use an 0.17 which seem much more common. Any help on the stem length would be appreciated (its longer than the 2609 see here: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f10/raketa-2610-movement-593506-4.html) Unfortunately both dials are past it - the one with the red hour numerals is really nice, but scratched beyond repair (this is the original 2610) and the other has been attached by someone with something, presumably to remove the Сделано в CCCP. *sigh* Apologies for poor phone pictures, I can't be bothered getting the camera out just now. Raketas by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  22. Morning all, New to the forum - not really been much of watch enthusiast until very recently. I've had a couple of Skagen in the past which served well, but of late my second (which is now five years or so old) has become an eater of batteries. A post on the work noticeboards peaked my interest, an Omega Chronostop. A little back and forth, some internet research and the deal didn't happen. I considered it to be far, far too expensive for the condition and lack of service having been done in the owner's possession. I continued looking at for a Chronostop and as they do a watch popped up on my eBay related items. Reality struck a little, and I evaluated exactly what I wanted, something to wear every day that I wouldn't be afraid to wear out and about which would keep good time. So for the money of a nice Chronostop, I've a small number of watches which is growing. I suppose photos will have to follow, however here is a run down. A re-dialled Camy with FHF ST96 movement. Looks smart and gets compliments. The fact that the markers don't quite line up doesn't bother me. Its my 'smart enough' watch and the only leather band I currently have. HMT Janata luminous. After being stung by a seller in India, and still working on getting my money and return postage back through eBay, I purchased another from a UK seller. Currently sporting a Citizen bracelet, which seems fitting with the history of HMT. Servicing dates inside the case are interesting if it is from that watch, its certainly had some use. Vostok 2403 with 2 o'clock crown. Actually my favourite at the moment. Its green face and matching perlon stand out. It feels tough and is satisfying to wind. There isn't really any backlash on the crown so its a pleasing experience. 1970 Caravelle day/date. This is a new purchase, and its a tiny watch even by what I would expect, the case is just 33mm. Needs a new crystal, but seems to be keeping time well. Also could do with a serious clean up. A little job for this evening to start. I can see the date mechanism annoying me when it comes to changing it, but something about it caught my eye. A couple more are in transit, and I'm excited for their arrivals too. Outside of watches, I like to dabble with cars, bikes and generally get involved with anything I can. I'm a practical learner, so getting my hands dirty in whatever is going on is where I like to be. Photos later! A_k
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