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  1. Oyster for me. I'm with @JonnyOldBoy, too busy with the jubilee and that bezel
  2. @JonesinamillionI guess some seals and testing cost you a chunk of money
  3. I'm on board with that. Looks ready for anything
  4. Personal taste and that. Wristwatches need a strap/bracelet to be functional
  5. Isn't it mostly so millennials (and I fall into that category) to frame / have a fake sense nostalgia over? Like something I read today regarding Stranger Things and the dark room scene that 'young people' didn't understand From the man who has just bought a Bakelite 50s tube radio...
  6. The Seiko Sea Horse I bought for the wife from here is on the endangered species list. At 30mm its small but has perfect proportions and a lug to lug that is similar to a few of my 34mms
  7. Follow up, leather was comfortable if not a bit less sweaty. But it may have absorbed rather than just dispersed...
  8. Stainless for me. First day of this proper hot weather I'm wearing a leather strap today. We'll see how I get on
  9. Gummipflege. Applied every now and then should keep it nice and supple.
  10. I've found that all of mine keep time reasonably. I've a handful of Raketa and a couple of Vostoks. This may be of interest https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekonda
  11. Same with old VWs. One of the. The gurus sadly died a few years ago. All his diagrams were on PB, sadly all lost
  12. Not my bag, but I like the contrast of colour.
  13. Because Photof*ckit. They keep sending threatening emails to me saying I'm going to get charged because I've exceeded the free limit. They have a lot to answer for on the Internet, lost content and history of many many forums.
  14. Lick of polywatch on the crystal and a clean and I'd have that any day of the week!
  15. I wonder what a cotton bud covered in acetone would do to the smoked area...
  16. AmphibiA. But yes, a Vostok with mineral crystal I wasn't aware of
  17. No mineral crystal either, so not an Amphibian
  18. If it didn't have the text or was much more subtle I'd buy one. I like the concept.
  19. I can't help but think that the text is overbearing on the dial. I could maybe cope with the branding, though I do think it dominates most of their watches, but the text at 6 o'clock seems superfluous and draws my eye too much
  20. Blue and white are quite interesting. Not huge and not expensive either. Not that I have any use for a chronograph
  21. For your what now??? Mx5/Eunos? It costs £48 if I buy the genuine oil to do oil, air, pollen and fuel filers on my 1.9ASZ TDI VW Bora and do my own work. Disappointingly it probably goes mostly as well with its remap I'll never likely own a Porsche but I get the heritage, progression and progress. Those seven letters add significantly to the cost of your Audi or a type IV motor.
  22. I'm soft in my Russian watches too. The Mido is very nice. The high polish on the stainless usually isn't my thing but this is stunning
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