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  1. Generally above, my wrists change significantly with temperature so some watches slip down when it's cold, particularly those with bracelets
  2. Well here it is. I've done some homework on it and been looking for one for a while. Unmolested and a bit rough around the edges is fine with me. My presumption is rthe lacquer has yellowed and aged which I rather like Titoni Airmaster by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  3. I've just bought an Airmaster 309 which seems legit and completely as described on ebay! Who dares wins every now and then. On topic, it has a ETA 2878 which puts it between 1969 and 1982 by my research as it was discontinued. It also aligns to the model dates that I've found from Titoni too. But there are many advertised with 2836-2 movements, and the red flower on the dial. This one doesn't have the red painted flower. So any boffins know about dating in the model run? Pics later... All in very happy. It wants a clean and a little fettle on the bracelet end links is all
  4. Can't beat the satisfaction or removing years of human slime and having a perfectly clean bracelet afterwards
  5. Generally, not just with watches, I think you have to go wanting to buy something at duty free. Usually a deal can be brokered or in the case of retail goods, online offers similar if not better savings. Certainly in the States I have found airports tend to stock lots of watches in boutiques but the price has never been substantially different for me to part money with anything at the time (plus you are under pressure in such an environment!)
  6. Just buy 1mm longer bars and crush between two tea spoons. Works fine for me
  7. these aren't heirlooms. They all disappeared, but like you, I won't say too much.
  8. Didn't get any at the weekend but will get my dad to take some! Criminal that things were chucked in the bin and I wonder what will be worth money when I'm older that I've binned over the years.
  9. My dad is working his way though the estate from his parents at the moment and it keeps uncovering watches. I've shown here preciously a Tufor presentation watch and a couple of ladies' Rotary watches. Back home for the weekend and my dad pulls out a two hander Accurist. It works a treat, is gold plated and having popped the back has a Felsa 320 inside which also appears to be plated. Keeps good time and is super thin, which my dad likes. Polished the crystal today with micromesh and poly watch and its a sight. Perhaps pics tomorrow. Gold isn't for me but its a stunning dress watch I'm very appreciative of what my grandparents wore every day.
  10. Trying to work out where this is... Going through a couple of places I thought and discounting them...
  11. Doesn't have to be expensive to make you happy
  12. If I had the money in my pocket this second and knew where it was you wouldn't have the opportunity. 34mm blue face air king screams (quietly) everything that a watch should be. Understated and perfect for any occasion
  13. Totally agree. If it was a 36mm I'd be happier! But I guess they'd sell fewer watches
  14. Thanks! I keep thinking about buying parts, but not brave enough to commit yet!
  15. Any details? Quite a fan but have a feeling its a 40mm+ case
  16. Is 'hipster' still fashionable? If so all my watches are now ironic. I'm with @Always"watching". Q1. Do I like it? Q2. Do I care what anyone else thinks?
  17. Raketa antimagnetic 2610 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr This has been sat whilst I've moved it ran way way too fast but after a couple of days of winding and checking it's within acceptable limits for me. Bought ad working a while back but with the crystal and minute hand missing, hence the condition of the dial! Fitted some hands from a dead donor watch after stripping the gold coloured plate with some brasso and then enamel paonting the reverse with some Humbrol black.
  18. Accuracy to the second isn't important to me at work. A date is nice but not necessary. It fitting under a cuff isn't usually too much of a problem either as sleeves usually end up rolled despite being in an office. My topic area is fairly niche and complex, even within the industry so I can get away with something quirky, interesting or just down right puzzling pieces and people seem to be interested or curious
  19. If you are in certain states/outlets they will do tax back if you spend $xxx. We've profited from that in journeys in the past. Its not huge but may tip the scales to making something worth while nas end enjoyable for the rest of your holiday
  20. They just aren't for me - can't put my finger on it. The trident is a nice touch though for interest, but again I'm not its biggest fan.
  21. Think I've seen online that there are fakes being sold on Wish. I'd steer clear of anything that advertises in the way they do, just plain annoying!
  22. Old pic, but Seiko love from me too today
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