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  1. Worst part of any job doing woodwork. Bloody hate it. Happily roller the whole house again before painting the skirting and architrave for my downstairs loo. Or the door for that matter, I'm too tight to buy pre finished. I'll rephrase, the quality is always so shocking that I don't want to pay a premium for it
  2. @Raymond Spanks Thanks for the link. The lug with is 19mm so these wouldn't fit great. I did some looking to find a 19mm at what I thought was a reasonable price...
  3. I hope so. Have bought a new bracelet link tool as mine has mashed a number of the pusher pins. This one's plastic so hopefully won't mar any bracelets. The tropic looks very much like those sold by Uncle Seiko, so I imagine they are churned out of the same factory with only the buckle and text right by the spring bar being different. In anticipation of it being far too long (99.99999999999% of straps are for me) I've also bought an MN from cheapestnatostraps. If I get on with it, and I have a sudden moment of madness, I'll probably buy an Erika's Originals MN which are meant to be the dogs wotsists.
  4. And they double up great for answering the door for deliveries - cracks me up to see their faces every time (mostly wearing the resp for sanding/demolition
  5. They are a great price at the moment, I think that's what @Nick67+1 had an issue with (his may have been a mecahnical, I'm not sure), the second hand came away. Simple fix, but frustrating. It's sat next to me, the time was set/hacked when it arrived and its, as far as I can tell comparing it to the clock on my computer accurate to the second. This is by no means scientific but would seem to be hitting a good tolerance
  6. @KAS118 there seems to be lots of mixed reviews on Yema, I know @Nick67+1 has had an issue. Time will tell how things will go with it movement wise (it seems to be based on an ETA 2824 so that may always be a nuclear option), but the aesthetic and finish on the Navygraf is very appealing.
  7. Old photo - not had an outing in a while as the winding mechanism I think needs a service, automatic is fine but the crown also moves the rotor. Did the Seiko shuffle and we are all good! Mido Commander by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  8. Erm, this isn't meant to be here. It was listed as 'pre-order' for delivery in July but pitched up today. It would be rude not to have a look. It's going back in the case until its expected delivery date. It was meant to be an achievement gift to myself to mark finishing the house renovation... We'll see how that goes Navygraf by Alex Bennett, on Flickr First impressions? Weighty. Positive clasp, divers extension, bezel and crown action. Perfect size for what I wear. The dive strap (free extra) also feels nice quality and supple. The male first link doesn't protrude too far to make it uncomfortable on my small wrists which was my biggest concern. I'm pretty smitten. Roll on finishing works! I'm a kitchen and some finishing away...
  9. https://www.chrono24.co.uk/seiko/grand-seiko-four-seasons-spring-springdrive-sbga413--id12967376.htm?
  10. Detail on the crown looks nice, and the case looks well finished
  11. Not for me, selling your image and some cheap review for an even cheaper watch! Their branding could do with a kick in the rear to move forward. Wide berth on this I think is sensible.
  12. Yes, sorry, I know the feeling waiting for my Traska for months only to shear a screw in the bracelet. Last adjustable link so no wear for a while until the new one arrived! I'm rooting for Yema and you...
  13. Unfortunately it's just statistics. I'm sure they will have it fixed for you, but the compound of issues feels painful. Gutted for you, but I'd push for a fix and for the current 15% deal, or if you've had that, a free strap as per the current summer sale.
  14. It's from the EU, you've paid tax included in the price. We are still functioning within legislation at the moment so all should be good...
  15. I'm a fan of orange. Orange on black is good. The rose gold even fits for me. I draw the line at a rubber strap (I have eczema so sweaty=itchy+sore)
  16. Good Horween leather strap, good quality packaging, sapphire and 300m WR is where the money goes. Simple and smart
  17. With soldering, cleanliness is important. I use OO steel wool for all my big and small soldering jobs.
  18. That would be my preference in this case, looks nicer without the date
  19. I see Undone have added a few new hand options to the Basecamp range, though oddly seem to have removed the option for a black date wheel - massive retrograde step in my opinion
  20. Mecaquartz is a clever way to go with something like this to keep the price down and still offer a sweep. Added bonus of always being ready is nice.
  21. Stratton watches look great on there - that large square case is pretty striking. Mr Jones I don't get really, quirky but I haven't ever seen one I'd wear
  22. That's fine! We are all different, its what keeps it interesting
  23. @Nick Parr 1977 But aren't you on about resale being important in another thread? The two don't add up to me. Achievement? Buy a keeper and hand it down (if that's your thing) or wear it every day to remind yourself of 'achieving'. For me your approach seems very scattered, better off doing some research and coming back once you've narrowed the search or buttoned up the requirements for recommendations/opinions. If you are climbing the post count to get in to the sales area, you're likely to be disappointed.
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