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  1. snap 1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  2. Its just arrived, I'm impressed. The green nato strap is basic, but feels good hard wearing. The leather, again nice and supple but I'm not too sure how long it'll hold up. On the plus side, it has quick release pins. To be honest a little long for me, so likely relegated to a 'to sell later' box. Included is a cleaning cloth, spring bar tool and a couple of warranty cards and instruction card. Presented in a reasonably cheap cardboard box which is lined with foam. Clearly what it's all about is that movement, which seems really good. The second hand is a tiny bit stuttery aro
  3. Promo code 'blue15' doesn't work on for me a pressage as its already on sale. £225 is pretty reasonable though
  4. It is indeed sad. I hope that there is some future in the u4/3 format. There really isn't anything that beats using a camera rather than a phone. Time taken, composition, waiting and the result of actually wanting to print some out or use as a massive shot on your computer wallpaper. My EM10 has been on numerous holidays and stood up quite well. I don't really baby things; they are there to be used. Not that I don't care, just that if it picks up a scratch cosmetically, that is ok. Olympus still has the imaging division which concentrates on making high quality optics, I guess camera
  5. i5 4670K, Asus H97i-plus, 2x wifi internal antenna. An upgrade comes this way for my current mini-itx setup.
  6. It has branding so is more valuable. Go figure, I'd rather it DIDN'T have the logo...
  7. Looks worth the wait and hassle
  8. I don't need another project just yet... apparently the guy up the road from me runs a specialist, I'm yet to meet him as we've only moved in recently, but once lockdown is done, my neighbour will be taking me up to the workshop. Excited
  9. Any reason that they are trying to emulate the Fender logo though? The font is uncanny, but the mesh is fantastic!
  10. I replaced my parents' ageing fridge/freezer a couple of years ago - they'd bought it before my brother was born, and was over 30 years old when it gave up the ghost. They reckon that the saving is between 10p and 20p a day with their new one!
  11. Very nice on the blue strap, tasteful and under the radar watch
  12. Vanac! And some of the eye-burning fives. Although the cosmotron is 36000, does it actually sweep at that speed? I looked at them in the past and it seemed that there was a slower second hand sweep, though that could just be poor videography
  13. Never seen those before but they look really good - ventilated for comfort in the hot weather is always a win
  14. Unsure what the marxist comment is about but my ears pricked up at interceptor. I'm a fan
  15. Tissot. Great presentation watches as there is loads in the box. **EDIT** see here for everythign that comes with them. There is also the book stuffed at the bottom with some history and the like. Jody from JOMW always says they make an impression as a gift because of the unboxing experience The 'gentleman' quartz watch is classically styled. Else a PRS100 and a leather strap and springbar tool https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-gb/shop/catalogsearch/result/?q=gentleman Or a Pressage?
  16. Traska today. Been wearing plenty of bracelet watches for the hot weather, today is no exception
  17. You have to register, then its just like anything else. Pretty much one click buy - I upgraded delivery as the seller was offering to pick up half the cost. All a bit much of a muchness, but I'm excited for it to get here.
  18. This one is a 38mm, Its hidden in the detail somewhere. Aliexpress is good - I've bought a watch, some guitar machine heads (tuners) and an air conditioning/heater unit for a car from there. Every time it's been fine. Usually the postage takes a while, but you can pay for expedited if you want. The usual duty/VAT applies. Individual traders or companies use the webite, so the usual caveats apply. There is a feedback system on there, which usually has photos.
  19. They sell them on QVC / Ideal World every now and then if you are prepared to wait
  20. A pump sprayer and some Bilt Hamber auto foam. My car is hardly being used by me but the local birds seem to be using it as a toilet. And some new DCs. Most of my trainers, pumps and casual shoes are a bit worse for wear. Formal shoes are having a nice time off!
  21. Too big on the lug to lug for me, but the ranger style hand set is nice. Even at list price, they seem like a bargain chronometer. I'm ot such a fan of the power reserve meter but I get why its there. Enjoy it!
  22. Exactly, its a fine price, particularly for sapphire that its too good to turn down. Any duty won't be a bank breaker for it
  23. Just ordered myself one as I've looked over and over but never thought much of the price. They are on sale at the moment meaning a sapphire model for ~£130! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000799790387.html?spm=a2g0o.placeorder.0.0.43bd321e8pV3c4&mp=1 Time to forget all about it until the postie knocks in a month or two.
  24. Is that two radium burns on the dial? Nice looking, but be careful.
  25. Welcome along. Omanido is how I'd describe most of my watches!
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