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  1. Granada Scorpio - they were nice inside, bur a bit marmite outside. My old man had a diesel, sounded like a tractor outside but fairly refined once the doors were closed.
  2. I like it too, but its a touch on the large side. Did some reading on the older ones and they seem to hit the Omega Chronostop mark too - 60 second timer! Oris are making some good looking watches at the moment, the 65 is appealing in 36mm
  3. Nope - it shows that you are just wearing it So long as it doesn't throw a spring bar I'd say all good
  4. I'm meeting with the HV Power people at work today, so something suitable for the environment. Raketa antimagnetic 2610 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  5. I have no idea. Its just something my brother says, and always has and its stuck!
  6. Yup. Too big for me but they are something special
  7. Amphibian is always going to be a winner. Built like a tank and a no nonsense movement. Don't overlook the spelling when you are trawling ebay. Wostock and Boctoc will find you things. Maybe don't overlook Raketa/Pakema (same thing, different spelling) as nice Russian watches too
  8. Kickstarter is only a platform for investing. And you are doing just that, often investing in people with nothing more than an idea and a concept. I feel you are in a slightly better position with it as at least the minimum funding has to be met, which means there are X other people who think the same. And at the end of it you have a tangible piece. I do feel sorry for those who have had difficulty, but ultimately this is an investment and can go both ways. In not sure the level of guarantee Kickstarter give after its funded. The watch looks good BTW.
  9. I'm not too much of a changer - I did contemplate putting it down, but just don't really do it!
  10. Welding shields at the ready... Timex Mk1 California by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  11. It's just pitched up. And it looks just as good as I thought it would. BUT I do know exactly why I don't really like to buy quartz. Second hand just doesn't line up whatsoever. However I'm still very happy. Its pretty Marmite mind. Timex Mk1 California by a_t_b321, on Flickr Mk1 California. It came in delivery packaging and a padded envelope inside. A white cardboard slip and then a grey Timex branded box which is understated and neat. Inside there is a warranty card, the watch (on a pillow) with a plastic dial protector and a hang tag. Positives For a 40mm wears very nicely on a small wrist Aluminium case Good looking nato Indiglo Hacks 30m water resistance is fine for the beach and around the pool. I would say perfect for the summer £63 is a bargain LOUD tick Niggles All the pictures show the crown as flush with the case but it stands off slightly to allow for a push which illuminates the dial. If I'm being super picky, the coating protrudes into the lug space at the 12 o'clock position. Most wouldn't notice, but I do on close inspection Returns sheet looks like its been through a photocopier a million times. How difficult is it to print one off on a laser printer? Not sure how well the finish on the case is going to hold up, but I think it's a better to have the neutral coloured case than one of the very deeply coloured anodising when it ages. I do like the black/light blue colourway though. 20% sale is still on. https://www.timex.co.uk/mk1-california-40mm-fabric-strap-watch/MK1-California-40mm-Fabric-Strap-Watch.html?dwvar_MK1-California-40mm-Fabric-Strap-Watch_color=Tan-Pink&cgid=MK1#start=1
  12. Or heat up a piece of metal and press it to the end. An old soldering iron will do
  13. Keep telling myself I'll buy a new Amphibia but haven't got around to it. Difficult as I don't find they fit with shirts in the week and my casual weekend. I do have one and a couple of other Vostok and Raketa though. Its quite amazing nothing has changed with them - if it ain't broke... I do love that sunrise dial though, are the bracelets any better?...
  14. Thats really smart. Doesn't matter what is on the inside, its a cracker. What is inside makes it even more interesting
  15. Had shipping notification yesterday. Its coming Monday! Trying to kerb my enthusiasm a bit and I'm not sure whether it's going to wear too big for my liking...
  16. I may have taken a plunge... They do free returns though
  17. @Davey P Seems smug mug are making sweeping changes and making a hash of it. To be honest I'm very close to cancelling my Pro subscription
  18. I had a winner. Movement was exfellent. Unfortunately the bezel was wobby as sin so sent it back to amazon. Think this one will be just fine
  19. Photo now a couple of days out due to e to flickr maintenance. Still wearing the watch though. Ebay special. Next ded a new battery but too cheap to pass up Accurist by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  20. And no upload from me at the moment as Flickr is doing maintenance.
  21. And a hell of a step forward from the mkIV. The 2.slow it was no more in the mkV. I've one of the very late mkIV Bora's. Pity the Jetta just didn't get any of the fun. No VR6, no V5, no fast diesel and no fast four cylinder either.
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