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  1. Smart tech, appearance isn't for me.
  2. I like this, a lot. Very eye catching but without screaming.
  3. Vinegar and bicarb would be my first go. Spritz, don't soak, with a weak water/vinegar (white) solution then put it in a resealable bag with some bicarb. I've had some luck with this but it takes a while. Then condition which will mask/remove the smell a bit. Strong UV lights are meant to work, but you need to be careful you don't burn/boil yourself in the process.
  4. That supergraph is vey nice. I'll have it off you for £70? You've made a profit then!
  5. XL. Good price but way too big for me
  6. The branding isn't too bad on that, I could probably live with it Some good vintage today too gents Old photo... Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) by Alex Bennett, on Flickrblockquote widget
  7. Everyone loves a pokey tool used for the wrong job! Like those narrow, flat bladed hacking/boggling/digging/paint can opening tools. Useless for screws!
  8. It is the one facet of social media that I feel I may be missing out on, particularly FB. But that isn't a sufficient pull to get me on there. And probably saves me some £££ too
  9. Not sure what the rating are on some of the Russians but there was also a Rakers anti-magnetic cal.2610 Raketa antimagnetic 2610 by a_t_b321, on Flickr
  10. The question is are you the fool for buying. Average Joe Bloggs has no clue. As always the uninformed lay person is the loser here
  11. @WRENCH it's a 10 from me. HMT is a curious one. Find yourself s dowry watch and just enjoy it. My HMT is just a beater, just an honest hand wound watch. It's in the box of stuff from when we moved that is 'valuable' enough to be stored in the house, but I haven6 touched it in 12 months. Shame as it just does what it should Frantic digging will commence when I'm home!
  12. Hmt woul be nice if you can find a nice honest one. Rado and titoni are popular but faked and hacked around.
  13. Quirky Seikos are a-plenty. An example of design and a hi-beat 36000vph are included Polished crystal by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Lord Marvel by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  14. And the link?... N/M found it elsewhere
  15. Wish they made this in a slightly more classic size for those with smaller wrists. It's a stunner but I couldn't pull it off. I am very envious though
  16. Moonglow looks great except for the CW logo and automatic/calibre text which spoils the whole bloody thing. It was a poor design choice on what is otherwise a very handsome watch. Ruins the subtlety of it
  17. The Rado in smaller size would be my choice. Ghost is interesting
  18. Thanks Simon, same to you. Will drop you a line the other side of the new year
  19. I have a few watches now that are starting to run erratically or generally just need a freshen up. Anyone who can undertake this for me in the new year? @simon2, any others? Would be useful to get some ballpark figures too if possible Al
  20. £7 with a few scratches on the acrylic and needed a battery. Now my dad wears it every day without a care in the world Accurist by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  21. Mido Commander by Alex Bennett, on Flickr This gets the most wear. Close with my Lord Matic for favourite, but this is just great
  22. I've had success with watches from Japan. Sources my Lord Matic and my brother's Lord Marvel from there and for exactly as I expected. Paid a charge and handling fee on both but it was hard to be disappointed given both watches were relatively cheap and in good condition
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