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  1. Turn left... Long day yesterday!
  2. H Stains is small but tends to have an interesting selection of 'higher end' watches at what I would consider to be quite good prices. Tend to be undesirable smaller models. They are on the corner of Victoria St. and Buckingham Palace Road (That's just out of the District/Circle line ticket hall at Victoria station and turn right)
  3. Sea Cheif Favre Leuba by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  4. I want to learn a little more about movements, and having more than a few pieces on the 'healing bench' that I need to get around to doing something with, I'm looking to take the plunge. I only want to perform a basic service on the watches, generally they are 70s/80s era Russian and of very little value. I just want to satisfy myself that I can do this and in turn learn a little more. After a fair bit of research, I've come down to 9010 as a general purpose on everything and KT22 for heavier applications, is there any reason that I should be getting anything else, understanding that I'm not into working miracles here but merely a learning exercise. Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been covered a million times. There seems to be lots of people recommending dropping large bundles of cash on oils etc when really for my purpose simple is best
  5. Yahoo sold it to Smugmug as far as I know.
  6. Best asking what they want the watch for. Office wear? Starking AM0184, and pocket the change for your next watch, a strap, have a few drinks or a flutter on the Gee-gees. Nice dress piece that you can have with a bracelet and tone up with a leather strap
  7. Morning, photos of the movement are your best bet, most likely someone can identify it from them.
  8. Takes a bit of cognitive load the first couple of times to work out how to close and open it but otherwise its fine. The seiko logo being upside down doesn't bother me...
  9. @Seikotherapy Agree, its unfortunate that its an expensive watch trading on the 'Timex' name
  10. Code doesn't work for me. Quite like the 40mm Marlin. But at that price and in that style, its hard not to look at a Starking 28800 for a quarter of the price or stretch a little to a Visiodate
  11. Some frustration, knackered the crown trying to straighten it, so a new one is on the way along with a back gasket for this and a couple of others I've been holding off on. Also Flickr no longer plays with Photos. Not sure if that is a new thing with Smugmug or just a Mojave issue. Either way, the ability to 'share to' Flickr is a convenience that is gone. Annoying. But here we go, stripped and then re-assembled. Working fine. I've reversed the clasp as I've done in the past to make it sit better on my wrist (apologies for poor photos...) Seiko 6309-5350 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Seiko 6309-5450 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Once the crown arrives it'll get some wrist time. It doesn't have the presence of the 5150 but its a nice piece all the same. Plenty of nice Seiko's out there to find!
  12. I expect this is a product of them being bought by smugmug. Disappointing.
  13. Plenty on ebay. Not sure it's the same Ricoh. Seems to be lots of reports of poor quality fakes about, so just be aware when buying
  14. Congratulations on the treatment and the watches
  15. Is it one of the specials? Else just a bezel, hands, dial and strap away from any standard amphibian. You could even buy a donor and get a case for it too if you fancied I guess!
  16. It's another 5... It's another slightly odd one... It's green... (sorry for poor photo, this is from the listing as I don't have time to get the camera out tonight) It's a 6309-5450 from February 1982, a younger sibling to my 6309-5110. There are a number of design touches that are common but the dial on this one is very nice. Brushed in quarters, the light picks it up. Interestingly printed on the dial is 'Hong Kong cased'. I feel a little research coming on. The crown appears either to have been installed on wonkey onto the stem or the stem itself is slightly bent. And there is the usual gunk throughout from a watch of this age. Progress over the weekend - clean and inspection
  17. @Davey P It's why I got into classic watches. They are a more sensible size for me. But small straps are a pain to find reasonably
  18. Respect sir. Specially with hose hairy arms! Too big for these child like hands and wrists. But nice all the same
  19. Needs to be hardy tonight. Amphibian Vostok by a_t_b321, on Flickr
  20. First outing Prefect by a_t_b321, on Flickr
  21. I wouldn't know!.. But I'm a big fan of simple watches. Often I look at my wrist for a date and look daft as it's not there. But I enjoy the simplicity. Better late than never. Bulova 23 by a_t_b321, on Flickr
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