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  1. Too big in a 40mm for me too. Pity as I like the styling
  2. Good on the nato. I'd stick the bracelet straight in the bin else you are going to have a bald patch! A good value proposition that you know will be tough as old boots
  3. I'm glad people are latching on to Starking.
  4. I've had a few good purchases from there. All hare been excellent quality. The Starking, some guitar machine heads and an air conditioning and combined heater matrix for the project car. You have to put the effort into finding things though
  5. Looks good. I've thought about it a few times but being waist deep in doing the bathroom, then the ensuite and the kitchen has slowed progress on any fun whatsoever!
  6. Nice idea. Just a quick re-dial, new minute and hour hands and a new bezel and it'll match my Amphibian
  7. Something obnoxious today. The tick is LOUD. Probably annoying colleagues by Now... Prefect by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  8. Its a trade company. I would say that doesn't stop a lot of people buying personally. But because of this, there is little consumer protection. Be sure you know what you are buying as you won't be getting a refund or able to return.
  9. I get that now... It was early. I like both mind you.
  10. Not sure what it is, but I like it a lot - the colour coded links are a nice touch
  11. Bulova again today. Plenty in the current circulation which tends to change daily PA191140 by a_t_b321, on Flickr
  12. I had a Skagen and bought another one when it got battered because I wore it in all situations. Great watches with really smart design. A girl at worked asked about a watch for her boyfriend's special birthday, she ended up not buying an auto, but putting emphasis on what he wanted. Put it on and get out the house. Apparently he got a 'flash watch' [automatic] from his sister for the same birthday which he doesn't wear much cause it doesn't suit life not fit his image in most situations. Buy something she will like, you know her best and can't go too wrong with most brands
  13. Not seen Vostoks like that before, very smart
  14. If it flies under the radar that is good for me. I'm not fishing for compliments and generally don't care too much what others think!
  15. I'm very much enjoying it too ;) People don't understand it at first glance which is brilliant.
  16. I won't bring out the Starking again, but I'm very positive about the one that I have. On a side note @Stan I've bought a very specific car air-conditioning/heating unit from Aliexpress and been nothing but impressed with it too. Generally, pick carefully and you will be fine
  17. Pay through PayPal, everyone is protected that way. If you feel so inclined offer to pay a bit towards the fees to help it along. BT on something like that on ebay wouldn't be something I'd want to do unless collecting and inspecting first. Re-read and see you are selling. PayPal is part of the cost of selling so factor it in.
  18. I'd be interested to see what it actually wears like. 36mm is on the cusp of being too big with the lug to lug. If this packs a punch a little bigger than the dimensions suggest it might be a nice addition I'd be interested to see what it actually wears like. 36mm is on the cusp of being too big with the lug to lug. If this packs a punch a little bigger than the dimensions suggest it might be a nice addition
  19. For me, I'd move on the Omega. It's not for me, the visodate in my opinion is a a very handsome watch
  20. Surely the in house movement of a Rolex gives it some higher value than a Tudor of the same era? The case, crown etc were identical on older ones. Tudor had ETA, which granted were fettled in house, compared to the complete design in house of the Rolex. Wasn't the point of Tudor to provide the benefits of a reliability and quality to the everyman/woman? That is certainly what research has told me. Likely it's a brand tax though. VW and Porsche both made engines which were identical, the type IV, but because its got six letters stamped on the outside, the (percieved) value is much higher than the VW equivalent. For me the Tudor brand makes more sense; things must function in life. If it stays in a safe or drawer it's not functioning and may as well just be a pile of cash (unless it's an investment, which is a different kettle of fish)
  21. The only display back I have has a pad stuck on it as I can't make the bracelet any smaller. This makes it wearable for hot days and when I'm inside. Cold days, it just flaps around
  22. @Cyclops930 like this a lot. Is it 34mm or 36mm? Curious as to how a 34mm wears
  23. Looks like a nice watch, like the simplicity of it. I fear that even at 36mm the lug to lug is a bit big for me. Not many budget friendly 34mm oyster/explorer style watches available unfortunately
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