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  1. Always been a very classy conversation starting piece in my opinion
  2. Started with the 5606-5000 Lord Matic. Lord Matic by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Doorbell went a while back, so now sporting this which I believe I got for a steal. Date doesn't change so that will need looking at, but it is going well and keeping time at the moment. It has a little plate loss, the crystal will need a polish at the very least, (it has some deep burn marks) but most likely a replacement and its gold, which is mostly a no-no for me but this is a special exception. Olympos by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  3. Great news. Just a heads up, the 1.5v 'N' will not toast it if its 12v but if it is 1.5v the 'MN' its likely to make it go pop. Just be careful as I expect you won't be able to get spares or another one easily/cheaply
  4. One of these perhaps https://www.duracell.co.uk/products/specialty-batteries/? If you do a search, you can find pictures of the same clock using Duracell batteries. Measurements are your friend as once you know the size its fairly straightforward. Possibly an 'N' if it is 1.5v, other brands are available probably cheaper and in larger quantities Edit again: ignore the text in the description and look at the pictures its an 'N'. http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=321336348605&t=1393537828000&category=96765&seller=from-our-house-to-bauhaus&excSoj=1&excTrk=1&lsite=3&ittenable=false&domain=ebay.ie&descgauge=1&cspheader=1&oneClk=2&secureDesc=0&oversion=bcb9c641
  5. Copper apparently kills it pretty quickly.
  6. Not sure how long the offer has been going on but as usual with sale stuff, the stock has moved very quickly, only a handful of anything left in the sale!
  7. We can't help if you don't say what the watch is...
  8. So long as you lock the price, what is the hurry? Are you really going to get one locally any sooner?
  9. I read somewhere that wearing a Rolex gave you bargaining power in those undesirable places. You've got something that can be bartered. I would agree that 90% of the time when you wear a watch nobody notices.
  10. Its still a chunk of money...!
  11. Bought this for the bracelet a while back and haven't given it a second look whilst I've been busy. Adjusted the bracelet and set the time today. Comfortable enough to wear but not really my thing. Casio A164W by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  12. I'm with you both on the price front - there seems to be a similar move from Slava on some of their re-issues too, abhorrently high prices for relatively basic watches.
  13. They look really good - similar to what I made for my last garage, but I picked up a damaged kitchen worktop from Ikea for the top. Including the delivery its a great deal. They have some nice stuff on the website.
  14. The watch isn't subtle at all however the flag rather than plastering text all over the dial would get my vote. Orange and black is a great combination if you can pull that watch off. The below with the flag logo in either subtle grey or silver to match the markers instead of all the text. Controversially I'd put this at 6 o'clock. Or even just emboss it
  15. Proof they can do dials with subtle branding, but just choose not to!
  16. Very nice. Plenty of presence in the Defys
  17. Need to be careful pointing that at peoples' windows! Manual lenses are great if you can get them cheap
  18. Only other thing I could suggest is pressurising to remove. But its risky as you'd need to build a fair amount of pressure
  19. Great work for a small camera with a big zoom! Need to dig my camera back out. I remembered yesterday that the shutter release button came loose on my last trip which is why its not been out. The decision now is repair or replace (upgrade) to the next model up. Given I've got a chunk of money in lenses, I'm not keen to get shut of the system yet.
  20. Old pictures, but started the day with this (arrived back from service just over a week ago) Seiko Lord Matic by Alex Bennett, on Flickr and the postman delivered this back from service earlier Titoni Airmaster by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Done by two different entities, the Seiko by Watchkings and the Titoni by Mat (vintagetime24mc on ebay) both with good service, c.6 weeks turn around. The Titoni also came with a very nice letter explaining the job and the timegrapher results. Regulated to within +/- 4s, 238 degrees amplitude and 0.1ms bear error! Not bad for an old ETA 2878.
  21. Ouch. I'm fully aware of how good it is and will hang on to it as much as I can. I can't grumble too much about employment - they've done me well, and its been reciprocated.
  22. I'm one of those lucky ones who is on a final salary pension scheme, that said it could all change with the time I have till retirement. I kinda think of it this way, they pay me and I buy the stainless watches I want rather than gold that I wouldn't wear!
  23. 11 years with the employer. I've not expected much. I get paid, have a good pension and a good benefits package. It'd be nicer if they recognised hard graft rather than length of service. I'd likely have a collection of gold watches for the significant contributions I've made.
  24. Very nice! I'm a big fan
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