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  1. That second bronze diver looks incredible! AAAAAANND then I see 'Christopher Ward' all over the dial Another CW that I won't be buying because of the way they brand their watches. The flags logo is sufficient and subtle. I'll even live with 'chronometer' and the depth rating. I also take offence to the moon phase for the same reasons. Beautiful dials, in this case hand finished, then with printed text splashed all over it. Don't let this bias your decision, I hear nothing but good about the watches, but hopefully they will look back a couple of years at branding and think 'we went in the wrong direction'
  2. Comically priced at £69! Reminds me of the big muff
  3. Interesting as ever. Thank you. Its interesting to hear about the blocks that built modern brands. And those that had to be knocked down on the way
  4. Genuinely I believe this is the best parade I've seen. Well done all! Conquistador for me (old photo, sorry the date is wrong) Synchron 58 (ETA 2783) by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  5. Synthetic oil.... Pah! But yes. 1000% cool factor. Probably 0% use now with synthetic I keep eyeing the small version when I travel through the same airport. Travelling again shortly!...
  6. Depending on age, factor a full service at Omega and you'll pretty much end up with a a brand new watch once you pull the trigger. That would steer me away from 'full set' premium unless you intend to sell the watch in the future
  7. I thought it was an indication of needing a service - if the anchor stops spinning it means the oil has dried up and a nice visual reminder of servicing need
  8. Either that or you've succumbed to radium poisoning
  9. The killer of forum knowledge of the internet for corporate gain. Despite the tremendous number of adverts. Sad really.
  10. Wish I had the wrists for these, they look amazing Nice variant looks smart on the bracelet.
  11. Chinese mechanicals? Starking?
  12. Quick shout out to @WRENCH who sent me this beauty. Awaiting a strap before it can be worn but a fantastic looker! Great power reserve and more than accurate enough for me too. Anybody with thoughts on strap choices? Nato style perhaps. I'm going to throw it on a perlon as a stop gap Slava 2428 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  13. Just taken delivery of one of the wonders. Electro-mechanical! I pondered hard on the guilloche design and the horizontal split dials but settled on something that was proven working and had a video as such. Seeing this dial in the flesh I'm smitten with my purchase and opening the case back is very interesting too. Need to learn the Cyrillic days of the week and get some very short straps - I don't have anything in stock for the last purchase either at the moment which is very frustrating. I welcome suggestions for short straps at reasonable prices. Luch 3055 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Luch 3055 movement by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  14. Many modern jump hours can be had which are quartz (which may not interest you) and so essentially service free. Something like a Rotolog or many on ebay fall into this category. A modern jump hour which appeals to me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Christopher-Ward-C1-Grand-Malvern-Jumping-Hour-tan-cordovan-strap-40-5mm-BNIB/164100301690?hash=item263523e37a:g:~JUAAOSwSydeT8pP [no association, just an example] and I know I've shunned the CW logo before, is well executed in a more contemporary style and size.
  15. Remember those tutorials to put a headphone jack in the new iphone when it came out? There must have been some very upset people with drilled phones and issues. You can't assume all sense is common...
  16. Give me the watch, I'll drill the lugs and only charge you twice the value. You'll pocket 8x in increase and everyone is a winner!
  17. Whatever the lug width it's still the length of straps that gets me. And the pretty premium people want for providing a strap using less leather/fabric/stitching and labour is frustrating
  18. I love all the old adverts, generally find them much more interesting, regardless of the subject, than modern print which is just chucked together.
  19. Timex Marlin manual wind. I could, but I don't think it's worth the price to me. Other than that, anything truly 'jump hour' is usually very much more than I'd want to pay
  20. Speaking of Slava, this pitched up today no balance wheel and a snapped stem right by the case. Sekonda Slava by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Some donor parts from a Slava 2484 and we have movement, though it beats for a few minutes then stops. More of a comprehensive service required. I'm tempted to change it our for the 2484 at the moment, as with the balance back in its keeping remarkable time! But that needs a second hand wheel as its broken from probably ham-fisted hand changing in the past. Sekonda, Slava 2482 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr Remnants of the stem and I eventually got the shim in with a little fiddling Slava and case back by Alex Bennett, on Flickr I have a second hand (blued) but haven't the courage to put it on yet - 0.13mm is a touch on the small side. A clean and polish and it'll be very nice indeed.
  21. With a badly sized screwdriver too. Surprised it didn't cam out and skate across the dial
  22. I once forwent a new starter motor on my beetle to buy shiny guitar bits instead. It was easy enough to push start in a couple of steps as they are light as a feather, low compression and had a carb. It backfired a couple of weeks later when my dad ended up spitting feathers when they couldn't move the car and I was out, meaning mum was late for work. Despite the initial rollocking, a box turned up the next day containing a new starter. Then came the bill for parts, next day delivery and being locked out of the house by dad until it was replaced. No coffee, biscuits or shelter from the rain. Grounded other than work and school too. Go straight to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200. Lucky it wasn't a long job! Still, it was a couple of weeks work after school and weekend, including tips...
  23. Interesting, either she knows watches, or just thought it something very nice and possibly didn't consider that some people have a number of watches
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