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  1. Plenty of settings. I need to find a bit more time to sit down and get some quality listening. @rhaythorne noted. All the speakers are matched Onkyos too.
  2. I have a full paper manual. Didn't know whether there are any golden rules before I head down the rabbit hole. Looks like I've got some time to invest...
  3. First foray into 5.1 at the weekend with a second hand Onkyo system. I snapped up a good deal on a reasonably modern receiver that does all I want and need for general listening but doesn't have Audyssey. Sat down and watched The Hurt Locker on Saturday, impressive to have the surround but everything seems a bit flat. Measurements to the listening position have been taken and levels set at 75dB with an SPL app on my phone. Any pearls of wisdom short of me putting many hours into trial and improvement?
  4. Any of those would go happily on my shelf. My badger is having a rest and the boar has taken over for the moment. Should get someone making soaps to go as a set
  5. I agree with both sentiments. Both are probably better because if you scratch or damage them you don't need to have a cold shower and a stiff drink whilst you wait for the bill
  6. Looks smart. A top quality Seiko
  7. I may give that a go!
  8. Thanks both. It's a 5605 so as far as I'm aware they don't suffer the same as the day/date. I won't be testing the theory though!
  9. Been a few weeks wait for shipping, then a little dab of VAT and the Royal Mail skim... I've been wearing it a few days, and it just disappears on the wrist. It has a fantastic level of detail (check out the full resolution) on the dial and hands which is really impressive. Seiko Lord Matic by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  10. I wouldn't take a discount, when they have come all the way, they pay what the price it sold for was. Quite happy to send people packing - even helped a chap load a wardrobe that I disassembled in advance at his convenience and he asked for a discount then. He was shocked when I opened the boot of he car back up and started pulling bits back out. He sheepishly apologised and handed over all the cash.
  11. 8be currently an Ultra in working order and a Unitra which needs a new valve, seems to cost what I paid for the radio. And a new lamp for the backlight. I have non destructive plans for it though because the speaker is still good. Maybe worth a thread when I'm getting there
  12. Oyster for me. I'm with @JonnyOldBoy, too busy with the jubilee and that bezel
  13. @JonesinamillionI guess some seals and testing cost you a chunk of money
  14. I'm on board with that. Looks ready for anything
  15. Personal taste and that. Wristwatches need a strap/bracelet to be functional
  16. Isn't it mostly so millennials (and I fall into that category) to frame / have a fake sense nostalgia over? Like something I read today regarding Stranger Things and the dark room scene that 'young people' didn't understand From the man who has just bought a Bakelite 50s tube radio...
  17. The Seiko Sea Horse I bought for the wife from here is on the endangered species list. At 30mm its small but has perfect proportions and a lug to lug that is similar to a few of my 34mms
  18. Follow up, leather was comfortable if not a bit less sweaty. But it may have absorbed rather than just dispersed...
  19. Stainless for me. First day of this proper hot weather I'm wearing a leather strap today. We'll see how I get on
  20. Gummipflege. Applied every now and then should keep it nice and supple.
  21. I've found that all of mine keep time reasonably. I've a handful of Raketa and a couple of Vostoks. This may be of interest https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekonda
  22. Same with old VWs. One of the. The gurus sadly died a few years ago. All his diagrams were on PB, sadly all lost
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