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  1. I'm sure she can. But she cut her teeth in defense on airframes and is time served on the tools. Needless to say any ironing board quips were met with a witty and often cutting retort that made you feel only a metre tall! She gave as good as she got!
  2. I saw one of these a good few years back, a colleague bought one as she liked the design, then did some reading and was very impressed (she's an engineer!) with the inception of the deisgn and mechanics of it. Function and form blended well
  3. I don't disagree, but therein lies the question around investments. If you are going to wear the watch and sell it in 2 years for a profit, great. If its going to sit in a safe, perhaps the money is better invested elsewhere and the gain will be larger over the same time period.
  4. I've been meddling with crypto currency recently. If you can wait to do a bit of learning and seeing what is going on in the market, the profit margin you report over two years is what I've made as a percentage in about two weeks. I don't have a Rolex value portfolio though, but in percentage terms, the return has been quicker. And of course market volatility would be a concern If you want to wear the watch a few times, then clearly my strategy is irrelevant. But there are plenty of ways to invest and profit if you tie up the money.
  5. Hopefully it's lighter than the titan else you'll be doing your back in soon! Looks very capable. Have you plans for an outfeed or don't you need one?
  6. <humour>Biding my time now that we are an independent nation. Once we can only get 3/4" straps I'll be the one laughing. </humour>(political note: I do not support leaving the EU one bit)
  7. Usually 18mm. But I am partial to the overall feel of 19mm in my Yema. Having small wrists and hands it means you don't look so much like a child wearing dad's watch!
  8. Best wishes to all. This has become just about the only forum I frequent these days, which is mostly due to time, but also that many other places have shifted towards facebook. I'm always entertained/amazed/treated with respect here which is a testament to the people and mods. Merry Christmas (or have a nice break if you don't celebrate), keep well and roll on 2021
  9. Those people who make apple watch straps. Lots of those are magnetic
  10. Thanks Nigel - I'm on the hunt and enjoying the chase at the moment.
  11. Had an email from watchgecko yesterday about these, clearly I'm a bit late to the party. Nice looking, but a little bit rich for an ETA 2824, sapphire and stainless steel. https://www.watchgecko.com/favre-leuba-sky-chief-date-00.10203.08.11.41 Even with 15% off its still very much north of £1200 At retail of £1600 that is over double the price of a Tissot Gentleman powermatic 80 on a bracelet with similar specs. Is there enough affinity with FL given that they don't have the in-house movement any more? And given you can pick up a Sea-Chief for peanuts?
  12. The case and crown look a bit clumsy for a KS. Better off spending the money on an older one IMO.
  13. @Sir Alan lovely! Been looking at similar but with white snowflake dials but that is a looker
  14. Titanium will generally not set off a scanner, but I guess it depends on how secure the area is. I've been places with work that everything gets put in the basket and scanned regardless, watches, cuff links, pens... Worth chatting to the guys/girls who run the security?
  15. Agree with the last sentiment. I love my Mk1 California, its the only quartz that I regularly wear, but for the price I'm very happy with it - a good bit of fun. Some of the others released recently are also stylistically very nice. And if I'm honest, don't tell the haters, I'd rather have a quartz than the unfortunately cheap automatics which are in their newer models too.
  16. Strange when you realise you don't have a wrist shot of one of your favourite watches - I need to take one, hence old photo...
  17. @Nigelp Talk to me about Lord Quartz... My reading tells me they essentially use the same movement as the KQ. But I understand that the lord is a range down. Any thoughts on the practical differences?
  18. It does, I agree. Wonder if they do some processing to boost the branding in press shots. Looks really smart
  19. @Roxyben exact model my friend has, a very nice timepiece for the money
  20. I get the vintage lume and fauxtina, but why have the bright white text? It looks cracking but the CW logo stands out like a bit of a lighthouse on all their watches
  21. For the price of any of those even at the cheaper end, I've amassed quite a collection of oddballs, freaks and weirdos. And some very nice watches too. Welcome along and some great choices
  22. A friend pre-ordered an SRPE in blue on a bracelet. It's a very fine watch. From what I understand it gets worn more than his Seamaster. He only has a couple of watches and this is a big departure for him as the Seamaster is very much a GADA watch. High praise. I like it in the green on that nato - it becomes an easy to wear casual watch
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