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  1. Nice strap! Suits the watch nicely
  2. If anyone is on e-group.uk.net there is a chat with Mark from Olympus UK on Saturday 4 July, he may have some answers, though I'd doubt it. Might be good to hear his opinions
  3. Does it need a battery or is it an orifinal mechanical/automatic avenger?
  4. And a GTX 1060 6GB, which just arrived. Still awaiting the motherboard which should be here today...
  5. Does this mean progress has happened? Or is it speculative?!
  6. Agree with the rarity bit, but to be honest, if I bought a Submariner, I'd have to justify it by wearing it everywhere. We are all different, some want it as an invstment, I want watches I wear
  7. Think I still prefer the blue/gilt finish. Maybe would be better with a black bezel insert to suit the vintage styling of bakelite. With the stainless bezel it looks a little clinical/industrial to me. Perhaps a bit unfinished. As with the bracelet polishing and case brushing, I just don't feel the flow.
  8. Just been doing some more looking on this, it's really smart. I do love a square case. And they are reasonably priced too!
  9. @Nick67+1 not sure if they are still are on special still on Ali, there is a thread in the Chinese watch board.
  10. @Littlelegs I've just echoed you in the WAYW! Looks smart. Milanese is nice, but I just don't think it suits. I've a dark brown leather on something else that I may swap over
  11. Like this a lot, as others have said, its a classy, easy wear piece. I'd happily strap it on my wrist
  12. Very nice. Always variable with couriers unfortunately This arrived 1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr
  13. Its just arrived, I'm impressed. The green nato strap is basic, but feels good hard wearing. The leather, again nice and supple but I'm not too sure how long it'll hold up. On the plus side, it has quick release pins. To be honest a little long for me, so likely relegated to a 'to sell later' box. Included is a cleaning cloth, spring bar tool and a couple of warranty cards and instruction card. Presented in a reasonably cheap cardboard box which is lined with foam. Clearly what it's all about is that movement, which seems really good. The second hand is a tiny bit stuttery around 12 on the chrono, but it all works as it should. Very happy for the price. 1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr 1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr edit: realise there is a sticker on the dial!.... Now removed
  14. Promo code 'blue15' doesn't work on for me a pressage as its already on sale. £225 is pretty reasonable though
  15. It is indeed sad. I hope that there is some future in the u4/3 format. There really isn't anything that beats using a camera rather than a phone. Time taken, composition, waiting and the result of actually wanting to print some out or use as a massive shot on your computer wallpaper. My EM10 has been on numerous holidays and stood up quite well. I don't really baby things; they are there to be used. Not that I don't care, just that if it picks up a scratch cosmetically, that is ok. Olympus still has the imaging division which concentrates on making high quality optics, I guess cameras is a bit of a side business too far for consumers rather than big institutions. If someone can turn the camera division around, I'd be happy. I feel there is still a market for high grade prosumer cameras. @bowie I have a 12-50mm that isn't being put to much use. If it's of interest to you drop me a PM. I upgraded to a 12-40 pro and sold my 14-42 pancake. The nice thing about the 12-50 is electronic zoom making for buttery video. It also has a nice macro mode which is useful and produces good shots.
  16. i5 4670K, Asus H97i-plus, 2x wifi internal antenna. An upgrade comes this way for my current mini-itx setup.
  17. It has branding so is more valuable. Go figure, I'd rather it DIDN'T have the logo...
  18. Looks worth the wait and hassle
  19. I don't need another project just yet... apparently the guy up the road from me runs a specialist, I'm yet to meet him as we've only moved in recently, but once lockdown is done, my neighbour will be taking me up to the workshop. Excited
  20. Any reason that they are trying to emulate the Fender logo though? The font is uncanny, but the mesh is fantastic!
  21. I replaced my parents' ageing fridge/freezer a couple of years ago - they'd bought it before my brother was born, and was over 30 years old when it gave up the ghost. They reckon that the saving is between 10p and 20p a day with their new one!
  22. Very nice on the blue strap, tasteful and under the radar watch
  23. Vanac! And some of the eye-burning fives. Although the cosmotron is 36000, does it actually sweep at that speed? I looked at them in the past and it seemed that there was a slower second hand sweep, though that could just be poor videography
  24. Never seen those before but they look really good - ventilated for comfort in the hot weather is always a win
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