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  1. 5 hours ago, Nick67+1 said:


    Probably going to have to get it on another strap or a mesh bracelet. No half links in the Seiko bracelet means it fits a little tight or too loose. 


    Try swapping the bracelet side to side, so that the clasp part comes from the other end. It sounds mad, but sometimes gives a bit more adjustment that is needed!

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  2. On 29/06/2020 at 20:31, al_kaholik said:

    i5 4670K, Asus H97i-plus, 2x wifi internal antenna.

    An upgrade comes this way for my current mini-itx setup. 

    And a GTX 1060 6GB, which just arrived. Still awaiting the motherboard which should be here today...

  3. 8 hours ago, RTM Boy said:

    It's all a bit Tulip Mania for me.

    Reminds me of all those Leica cameras 'acquired' by allied servicemen in WW2 that had the Nazi Reichsadler eagle painted on them that were almost universally scratched off, for obvious reasons.  Any found today with it still on fetch much, much more money.

    Agree with the rarity bit, but to be honest, if I bought a Submariner, I'd have to justify it by wearing it everywhere. We are all different, some want it as an invstment, I want watches I wear :)

  4. 48 minutes ago, Nick67+1 said:


    Amazon:- You package has been delivered

    Me:- Me goes to reception to collect parcel, nothing in sight. Waits for Amazon driver sitting outside to deliver parcels. No still nothing for me :(,  go back to desk and check tracking.  Oh FFS delivered to a town 30 miles away. A drawn out experience with Amazon auto chat and real life customer services, after long and painful explanation and several misunderstandings I get a refund.

    1 hour later..........

    Colleague:- Hey guess what we found outside near one of the warehouse dispatch bays....go on guess! 

    Hermes strike again! I feel bad about the refund but not enough to put me through the Amazon customer services experience for a second time. 

    Very nice. Always variable with couriers unfortunately

    This arrived 

    50065279138_b69dcbf98b_c.jpg1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

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  5. Its just arrived, I'm impressed. 

    The green nato strap is basic, but feels good hard wearing. The leather, again nice and supple but I'm not too sure how long it'll hold up. On the plus side, it has quick release pins. To be honest a little long for me, so likely relegated to a 'to sell later' box. 

    Included is a cleaning cloth, spring bar tool and a couple of warranty cards and instruction card. Presented in a reasonably cheap cardboard box which is lined with foam.

    Clearly what it's all about is that movement, which seems really good. The second hand is a tiny bit stuttery around 12 on the chrono, but it all works as it should.

    Very happy for the price.

    50065279138_b69dcbf98b_c.jpg1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

    50066092807_144eca2ca5_c.jpg1963 by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

    edit: realise there is a sticker on the dial!.... Now removed

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  6. It is indeed sad. I hope that there is some future in the u4/3 format. There really isn't anything that beats using a camera rather than a phone. Time taken, composition, waiting and the result of actually wanting to print some out or use as a massive shot on your computer wallpaper.

    My EM10 has been on numerous holidays and stood up quite well. I don't really baby things; they are there to be used. Not that I don't care, just that if it picks up a scratch cosmetically, that is ok.

    Olympus still has the imaging division which concentrates on making high quality optics, I guess cameras is a bit of a side business too far for consumers rather than big institutions. If someone can turn the camera division around, I'd be happy. I feel there is still a market for high grade prosumer cameras.


    @bowie I have a 12-50mm that isn't being put to much use. If it's of interest to you drop me a PM. I upgraded to a 12-40 pro and sold my 14-42 pancake. The nice thing about the 12-50 is electronic zoom making for buttery video. It also has a nice macro mode which is useful and produces good shots.

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  7. 12 minutes ago, BondandBigM said:

    This looks fairly original, running and driving, not sure where it will end up price wise though. 




    I don't need another project just yet... apparently the guy up the road from me runs a specialist, I'm yet to meet him as we've only moved in recently, but once lockdown is done, my neighbour will be taking me up to the workshop. Excited

  8. 1 minute ago, Roger the Dodger said:

    After 26 years, our Neff integrated 'fridge has finally given up the ghost...it runs constantly and doesn't really keep things cold anymore...and the door seal has gone in one corner so the back constantly ices up. Gone for a Bosch model this time...being delivered by AO.com on Monday + free disposal of old one. A+ rated so should be more efficient to run than the old Neff. Only tricky bit will be fitting the decor panel to the front...over the years I fitted many of these in our rented properties at work, and they're always a nightmare to fit the plates to and get adjusted just right.

    I replaced my parents' ageing fridge/freezer a couple of years ago - they'd bought it before my brother was born, and was over 30 years old when it gave up the ghost. They reckon that the saving is between 10p and 20p a day with their new one!


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