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  1. You'll find quite a bit of love for Starking, granted they may not last as well as a Swiss, but seemingly if they are stripped, cleaned and reassembled they work well.

    Maybe QC is the issue.

    Its perhaps like 'made in Taiwan' used to be for VW parts 'Taiwan Sh*t just don't fit' was the saying. Times change and now some fantastic parts are coming from there which are far superior to some of the Western/USA made parts.

  2. 15 minutes ago, owain1 said:

    Just wondering if anyone else has a last day of wearing a watch before putting it up for sale and popping it in the box ready for the next owner or do you carry on until a buyer comes along?

    Presumably the Chronostop? If it were a 'driver' it'd be sold right now!


    I don't have too much luck in selling, though I don't try too hard either.

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  3. 14 hours ago, MSC said:

    The moon watch is not that interesting anyway.

    They probably took a Snap-on screw driver too but that does not make the "moon" screw driver interesting lol.

    Probably cost half the space race budget too. Their ratcheting drivers are really nice though. A tech left one on my desk when they were servicing something. I kept it in my drawer for a month in case they came back using it as a stress/fidget toy before adding it to my toolbox at home. 

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  4. Acrylic I've done before, and made a good job of. 

    I'm guessing this is some kind of mineral.

    On 09/09/2019 at 23:12, Roger the Dodger said:

    Polywatch is for acrylic crystals...however, they have produced a product to polish mineral crystals...


    I haven't tried this, maybe some other members will confirm or deny if it's any good.

    I've just tried the Polywatch glass stuff, I don't see it having made any difference whatsoever unfortunately. Either that or the Mido crystal is just very, very hard.

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