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  1. 16 hours ago, Nigelp said:

    Then again seiko did some weird stuff to. 

    Vanac! And some of the eye-burning fives.

    Although the cosmotron is 36000, does it actually sweep at that speed? I looked at them in the past and it seemed that there was a slower second hand sweep, though that could just be poor videography

  2. 10 hours ago, Nigelp said:

    cars, women and tears. In that order, can't live with them...can't shoot them. Im still waiting for the Jensen SP 'ceptor to be finished after that garage turned marxist in the current 'crisis' too. I might detest work myself. But not in others. 


     Unsure what the marxist comment is about but my ears pricked up at interceptor. I'm a fan

  3. Tissot.

    Great presentation watches as there is loads in the box. **EDIT** see here for everythign that comes with them. There is also the book stuffed at the bottom with some history and the like. Jody from JOMW always says they make an impression as a gift because of the unboxing experience


    The 'gentleman' quartz watch is classically styled. Else a PRS100 and a leather strap and springbar tool 


    Or a Pressage?

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  4. This one is a 38mm, Its hidden in the detail somewhere.

    Aliexpress is good - I've bought a watch, some guitar machine heads (tuners) and an air conditioning/heater unit for a car from there. Every time it's been fine. Usually the postage takes a while, but you can pay for expedited if you want. The usual duty/VAT applies.

    Individual traders or companies use the webite, so the usual caveats apply. There is a feedback system on there, which usually has photos.

  5. A pump sprayer and some Bilt Hamber auto foam. My car is hardly being used by me but the local birds seem to be using it as a toilet. 

    And some new DCs. Most of my trainers, pumps and casual shoes are a bit worse for wear. Formal shoes are having a nice time off!

  6. When you say investment, do you mean something that will appreciate/hold its value despite being worn, or just what is the opinion on which to buy at that price? 

    You mention only Omega, any reason why?

    And are you only thinking brand new or second hand too?

    The reason I ask is, through just a couple of seconds looking, this is the only Omega at that price on Goldsmith's website https://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/Omega-De-Ville-Prestige-Co+Axial-36.8mm-Mens-Watch-O42410372001001/p/17330969/ everything else is very much over budget.

  7. A discount would help. Perhaps look online at big sellers and their finance some have interest free and the ability use a code too. Jura for example in the past have had 15% discount code and interest free for 5 years. Which may be almost as good, or to be honest, hassle free discount to get under the magic number

    Example, Jura £3500 price, £507 upfront and £49.88 a month for 60 months. Less 10% on sign up discount brings that down well below the £50 a month

  8. 1 hour ago, JonnyOldBoy said:

    If you spend with a grand deposit ... and then £2500 over 4 years is £52 a month.

    I am not suggesting you do that, just showing you an illustration so the next paragraph has more relevance.


    I know dozens of watch "enthusiasts" to buy less expensive watches over years , buying and selling because they are just not ticking the boxes and all that buying and flipping ends up costing probably on average around £20 a month over the months and years at least.....

    Eventually they buy "the" watch they really wanted, only a few years later and obviously at a greater cost.

    So my advice is consider giving yourself less pain .... if you think that could be you.

    I agree with this. Finance isn't always the worst thing in the world if you can continue to upkeep the payments, and it does mean that you get what you want immediately. I looked at this for a Captain Cook. It wouldn't be a flip watch and because the value isn't sky high it's a sensible way to move reasonably sized purchases along. I see watches more like a dishwasher, washing machine or tumble dryer rather than a car. You buy it once and keep it until it dies

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  9. On 05/06/2020 at 17:48, al_kaholik said:

    Remember this?

    Its now a bit more like this now 




    44mm architrave, 1l mixed satin [did I mention I HATE painting woodwork??? At least new is better so it can be all painted on the bench], door threshold strip, 40mm pipe clips and a Freud Pro straight cutting 10mmx25mmOh, and a new bracelet pin tool, the one I bought on ebay is genuinely terrible

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