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  1. @Nick Parr 1977 But aren't you on about resale being important in another thread? The two don't add up to me. Achievement? Buy a keeper and hand it down (if that's your thing) or wear it every day to remind yourself of 'achieving'.

    For me your approach seems very scattered, better off doing some research and coming back once you've narrowed the search or buttoned up the requirements for recommendations/opinions. If you are climbing the post count to get in to the sales area, you're likely to be disappointed.


  2. Everyone seems out for getting their pennies back when (I would say with most people this will actually be an if) they sell it.

    I wouldn't be dropping £3500 on anything if I were selling it next year. Out of the box, money off, first scratch, money off...

    Buy/wear/scratch/enjoy. If it doesn't function and can't be used, its pointless. These are essentially tools, not object d'art



  3. One of these 


    I'm fine with building but I don't do plastering. This filler is perfect for what I do, doesn't crack without tape and is perfect to go on anything. Sands nicely too. This is tub number two...

    Sneak peak of a little work, broke out the old knackered board from a couple of previous terrible sink jobs, wiring added and filled smooth. I'm converting the downstairs WC to have our laundry appliances in there too. Old suite out, door off, inside wall off and a sliding door kit in. Insulation in the wall, new board up and just hitting it with some more sanding and filling. 

    Other than the kitchen (which is currently in boxes in the garage...) the house is done. 


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  4. 56 minutes ago, WRENCH said:

    Eh, left wrist. Been in hospital since Thursday, looks like it's going to be Friday at the earliest before I get out. :(

    Sorry, as in a watch could still be worn on those other two appendages! I do feel for you in a hospital.

    To lighten the mood, if you have a moon watch, the bandage kinda looks like a space suit?...

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  5. 1 hour ago, Mart said:

    Have you considered the original Navygraf Ii from the 70s? Difficult to find, but would be good.  Yema used to make a range of divers and chronos, there is a selection on French eBay 

    I hadn't mostly because the styling of the case isn't my thing. If I were affiliated with diving I might, but it's just the aesthetic I'm after, and something a bit different

  6. @Mart Yes, seen them both for a decent discount over new. Trying to get a bit more of a feel for them. On the face of it they look nice and are a good size. Its still the first link of the bracelet which concerns me regarding wearability and small wrists.

    The ghost date that drives some people mad doesn't bother me too much, though it hardly screams premium I understand if you are making in house movements the smaller the range the more cost effective. @it'salivejim that is the kind of feedback I'm after. As a tool it has to function as much as it looks good

  7. I have a Camy (supposedly) as a DIY watch. I got my fingers burnt with a nasty redial. The second hand fell off so I removed it from the case and then put it to work.

    The strap has been cut to reduce the tail, and I have no concern whatsoever for it. Scratches on the acrylic? Fine. Ding in the case? Also fine.  If the FHF stops working I won't be too upset either despite it keeping good time.

    Perfectly suitable for the job in hand.


  8. Anyone got one and have opinions on it? Thoughts on the in house movement too please as some reviews seem to slate it for accuracy.

    Casting the net a bit wider on the dive watch front from a small Captain Cook and the Oris 65.

    The small lug to lug and modest size attract me but the first link of the bracelet makes me wonder if it'll just wear larger than the 46mm they suggest.

  9. 1 hour ago, WRENCH said:

    More Big time disaster for me, totalled my mountain bike (and me) still in hospital, G Shock wrecked, probably buy another, helmet did its job but got "totalled" as well.

    Hope you are recovering and not too battered. Watches, bikes and helmets are essentially 'disposable' beaters compared to yourself. 

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