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  1. Jon Mack (of Traska) has said that he will send out a new 6 o'clock side of the bracelet, so top marks to him.

    Here is another shot of the strap, its been lashed together from what I had lying around so isn't pretty at the back end. It was very much a learn as you go job, so the tongue end is MK2 and a little more refined. I've only black leather now (thickness more suited to single piece straps, so will need to get some more brown. It was double thickness of c.1.5mm to get where it is. I just sanded the edges and then attempted to burnish a little.

    I used Bostik leather glue (I've previously had it for my shoes and repairing leather straps. The buckle is 16mm robbed from elsewhere (hence aggressive last minute cut at the end. As I said super rough, but it fitted the bill with what I had.

    49837363872_1730d1ac97_c.jpgStrap by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

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  2. Well its nothing fantastic, but out of necessity, I've put together a strap. I bought some very basic leather working tools a while back, of which only really the needles, punches, cutting mat and awl are useful.

    I also bought some strips/offcuts of leather and after a few boo-boos was able to come up with this.

    49835562287_3dcf4caec8_c.jpgDIY strap by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

    I say it was necessity, I managed to shear a link screw clean off  whilst sizing the bracelet - just waiting for the manufacturer to get back to me as its a brand new watch and all of the others have come out with ease and the same force. Just unlucky I guess but it's in the last non-removable link rendering it useless at this point in time. :(

    Other than this, the Traska experience of unboxing and feel was very good. It wears just fine on my strap but I'm itching to try it on the bracelet. Below its pictured

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  3. 13 hours ago, jsud2002 said:

    Looking forward to seeing photos of the mustang set when you are finished . As for you VW Beetle I would possibly suggest you tube for any tutorials on how to fix it and agree some sort of heat is going to be needed. Good luck. 

    It'll be a few days, when she goes back onto nights I'll start it. I expect the beetle may be a longer term project (just like the one on the drive...)

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  4. 12 hours ago, WRENCH said:

    Other way for me, I've got a 114270 Explorer and if the correct 5500 Air King came my way, I'd let it go.

    If either a blue Air King or Oyster Prince in 34mm came along that was right I'd probably sell a kidney to secure it if need be

  5. On 16/04/2020 at 19:42, jsud2002 said:

    Progress to date 




    I am enjoying building this 


    Just been sorting the garage out a bit more today and found an old Tamiya beetle. I started it way way back, but unfortunately it looks like the body has been crushed in the box. I'm thinking some heat, patience and lots of careful work may have it back together. 

    Its low down the pecking order at the moment as I know I'll want to put some better technique into it if its rescued

  6. DLC (Diamond like coating) seems to be the new in thing. I don't have an idea of what it does to stand up to abuse though compared to PVD.

    I had a Skagen PVD, and whilst it did resist quite a lot of life, it looked awful once it got some deep nicks in it. It was maybe three years, but I'm not sure how long you are really talking about...

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  7. 20 minutes ago, scottswatches said:

    I understand @al_kaholik - The electrician was due on the first day of lockdown here but until he can come we can't decorate. I have taken to making some spare parts for an old car I am restoring as I can't buy them, but have time and a lathe.  But I need another part I can't make too.  Hopefully we have a period when shops are open but we all have to stay at home for 23 hours a day just to finish all the half done jobs!

    What's the car? Maybe for another thread... 

    I feel your pain with decoration. I'm trying to get as much done as possible but running up against finishing jobs that are on a list for later.

    I'm also waiting for a new gas meter to be fitted, and have been since January. Presently they can't tell me how much gas I'm using and have 'estimated'. A long argument is likely once resolved

    11 minutes ago, DJJazzyJeff said:

    Have you got them ordered and just waiting for a delivery? My old man is a plumber, I’m sure he’d have some knocking around in the back of his van (or more likely, on the dashboard/in the footwell!) that I could get him to send you.

    @DJJazzyJeff thank you very much! Very generous offer but I have them ordered, they are just taking some time. Its' only been a couple of days but cabin fever is getting the better of me. Staring at a screen all day and then wanting to get something done in the evening. Given that all the hardware shops are less than a five minute drive away its annoying, but I'm sticking to the 'necessary journeys' advice and giving them a wide berth.

  8. 51 minutes ago, scottswatches said:

    Corona lasts up to three days on stainless steel.  

    That's why its kept in glass. Even then three days is a struggle in our house!

    I've bought bits and pieces and one watch since this started. I'm fortunate enough to be working from home and saving the money that I'd usually be spending on lunch and the like. So a purchase of something that I have been watching out for I have rationalised. 

    What is much more frustrating for me is waiting for two 10mm push fit copper connectors so I can fit a radiator I've had around for a while! I've the rest of the joints soldered, the radiator hung and need to make two cuts and joins where soldering isn't viable. I've never wanted to head to Toolstation and Screwfix so much in my life!

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  9. Started with the 5606-5000 Lord Matic.

    49749775052_efdba1c06d_c.jpgLord Matic by Alex Bennett, on Flickr


    Doorbell went a while back, so now sporting this which I believe I got for a steal. Date doesn't change so that will need looking at, but it is going well and keeping time at the moment. It has a little plate loss, the crystal will need a polish at the very least, (it has some deep burn marks) but most likely a replacement and its gold, which is mostly a no-no for me but this is a special exception.

    49749447961_4819da643e_c.jpgOlympos by Alex Bennett, on Flickr

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