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  1. First, my apologies if I am posting this question in the wrong area of the forum.  I have just purchased a 1968 Timex Viscount 4147-3268 Self-Wind.  Would anyone have a picture of the original watch band that came on the watch?  I believe the lugs measure 17+ mm width or so.  I'd like to put a new band on that has the same vintage look and thickness and color and finish.  I've searched for pictures and don't believe that I have found the original band and I haven't found any catalog or advertising that helps out.  I think it may have been black, maybe with a simulated lizard or croc finish.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.  I have searched the ebays listing with hopes of finding a picture of the original band.  I think the outside of the band was textured with a light cream colored inside lining.  That is similar to the band on the 1960 Lady Sportster that was my first watch.  Thanks!

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