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  1. I've been off watches for a bit although have recently started looking again. The 'Sales' subsection on watch fora can be one of the oddest things on the Internet; the entire thing is supposedly covered in an a veil of 'gentlemanly conduct' but the reality is plenty of people are so obviously trading it makes a mockery of the whole thing. There is nothing wrong is trading - it makes the world go round. I find it distasteful however to see people trading while pretending to be doing anything other than. Last time I was on regularly a chap here would buy a (rough, every time) Breitling from godknowswhere and have it for sale to "pay a large bill this month"... and a few days later would be showing off the next purchase in the General forum! Watch yourself (see what I did there ;-) ), look at the product and the price. "I only want what I paid for it" - most people would like to sell their now-one-owner-more-with-more-wear-and-tear for 'what they paid for it' - that one always makes me smile. If it isn't a piece which is known to be actively appreciating I'm not sure why it should intrinsically be worth the same now and moreover why it's being portrayed as some kind of seller favour that he wants me to fund his depreciation-free hobby. Get to know who is posting and why. I've been browsing the Sales forum again (wallet is getting nervous) and there are tons of members on here who I would buy from immediately and some who I would need to quietly 'get to know' before parting with folding despite everything looking good. Be careful out there!
  2. I think the amount of people quite obviously trading (not 'flipping', trading) under the guise of what you described killed off pricing goodwill in general. The price is now the price take it or leave it. Probably for the better now IMHO as at least everyone knows where they stand.
  3. eBay aren't remotely bothered about shill bidding as they rake more 'final value' fees from the sale. I recently went 'straight to the 'Bay' with a watch as opposed to the forums and let me say that selling can be a major hassle! The eventual 'winner' had a location of USA, the automated email I received had a location in the UK and he wanted it shipping to Korea. May as well just send it without payment as opposed to go through the hassle of taking payment and then have a chargeback a week later :rolleyes: it didn't get sent. Sold privately.
  4. Have you seen the size of the caravans over there ????? A Tonka Toyota just won't cut it Mine can tow close on 10 tons :o :lol: :lol: I acquired my license in 2000 - I don't think I could drive one of these trucks due to size and weight without taking a test to get an emoticon printed onto my license?! BTTF Hi-Lux all the way:
  5. There was one of those running around here a while back, awesome motor in the metal but no match for a good Chevy :lol: You do surprise me Bond as they are powered by a great lump of "good ole' USofA pig iron" :D 351 Cleveland in the early cars. *Ding
  6. What's the age and value of the car?! This might be a good price.
  7. I wouldn't consider brake fluid or handbrake adjustments to be service items but if this is a vehicle which you purchased from them one would hope they would have the grace to twiddle the handbrake adjuster(s) gratis while servicing.
  8. Going to stick my neck out here and say that the design suits the female sizing better than the full-size... not that I would decline a full-size, mind!
  9. Best Ferrari F360 - driving day Worst Hyundai Accent - this particular generation. I understand the new stuff is up there but this was terrible.
  10. I was/am looking at Poljot Jetfighters and this seller is listed as having sold counterfeits by a Poljot re-seller. Apologies I cannot remember exactly where, this was a few weeks ago. I will say I did doubt the Poljot-reseller claim as the eBay seller in question was putting them out a fair slice cheaper than that outfit and I cannot see a market for counterfeit £200 Poljots that only enthusiasts are going to buy as opposed to the ubiquitous 'Rolex' counterfeit bought by all and sundry.
  11. Because you're inside, in this case, the software is using the 'mobile phone network' (GSM) not GPS to 'locate' your position hence the vagueness.
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