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  1. yes its a moon, done alot of home work on this 1931 (31o) i thought it wouldnt be worth much i guess ill just keep it. Thanks so much for all your advice and knowledge!
  2. Thanks very much for the info! interesting so i could be 115 years old? Im going to take it to a local vintage watch shop to either have it repaired or valued to sell.
  3. thanks for the reply much appreciated. It not really a valuation im after just an idea so i can either think about selling or keeping in the family. Is it rare also wonder? ill post some pics.
  4. Hi all, This im sure has been covered many times before so apologises in advance. I have a family vintage Harris Stone Leeds pocket watch, gold 10ct and it says 17 jewels inside - swiss made with a serial number. i believe it has a small 12 hour dial on the face. It doesn't wind up but the handles do move. Is this a very common pocket watch and what would its value be? I do have photos but cant find how to upload.. Thanks for any help. Ive looked all over internet but most are silver and varying types with no real clue to value etc? James
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