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  1. wow that was lucky indeed.
  2. I'm on the lookout for something like this or similar. Where did you acquire them?
  3. £1k is a real healthy budget. Not quite sure what I could suggest though. A longines hydroquest?
  4. Big time, still a nice turtle watch nonetheless.
  5. Must have been stored in some damp basement, for an unworn watch there seems to be a bit of grime/corrosion, on bezel and bracelet especially.
  6. Chrome is the only browser imo. install adblock app
  7. 9000, is a bit high to be fair. The red wave is a bit marmite. But it will sell out and be on the bay regardless.
  8. Cheap chinese watches, not sure what the new ones are like, as the website has been re branded and all. But the one I have is decent enough for the money.Ignore the silly rrp these can be picked up for around £100. It keeps time to around +/- 4 sec a day or so, mine has great accuracy, I may have got lucky. But the rotor noise is loud. I think they are good as a non-wis gift or entry into autos. Although for about £50 more your into seiko, orient , tissot etc. I recommend to go this route .
  9. Sadly a thread I could not participate in. All my cars have been the usual lump of black plastic with the generic clocks and lamps in the usual places. Though I remember back , when I was in a Sierra cosworth and at the time though the dash was a bit different. The Astra GTE at the time was also very cool.
  10. I like it , but I think they have priced it out too much ,and only the real purists will bite. Had it been £6/7 k it would seem more realistic.
  11. Hmm, does it start with a M and end with a X? I guess not if Karrusel guess isn't correct.
  12. Yeah I think they have come down to nearer rrp now,after the initial panic boost. I got mine mint used for less than rrp. I don't plan on flipping it at any stage. Been nice to have ar coated sapphire and a better bracelet, but it's just a joy of a watch.
  13. Looks like a good option, polished bracelets are fairly pointless , the amount of scratches they pick leaves them looking really shabby.
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