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  1. The oyster will sell because you need the dealer ties to get in line for the subby. The rest will sit in the boutique windows.
  2. Holy thread revival. Yeah it was a great series, that ending though....
  3. For me its case size/ how it wears or the quality for the cost. Don't have many watches but it was a sporadic year that I first started.
  4. John Mayer on the phone. Madness though for a basic watch.
  5. Knives and tools and heinne I've used no probs. The amercians get it alot better with the choice they have and prices. I've seen another which I havent used yet called https://www.lamnia.com/en, Finnish based, competitive pricing. Has anyone used them yet?
  6. r-macus

    Mafws Game

    People only live long sadder Exist
  7. £2500 watch , id be going with a trusted safe global company, signed, tracked insured.
  8. r-macus

    Mafws Game

    Jumping usually means painful spine Break
  9. Worth it for the masks alone .
  10. Post was removed, not sure why. My 3 , have been looking to get another for a while but have still held out, same as watches. You can see in my fox suru i hadn't the backspacer in correctly for the pic. Steel will piercer, D2 , G10, liner lock. Lovely light knife, great size and clip. Was fairly costly for D2 steel , but its my go to for everything. Fox suru Heinne haynes edition. M390, titanium , uk legal. A bit small , and the belly takes alot of cutting edge away. But i like the look. Paid a premium for the exotics. Cold steel code 4, sv35vn ,aluminum handles, back lock
  11. @yokel How you getting on with the watch?
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