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  1. I can only assume you need a loupe, a very steady hand, and the finest brush you can find.
  2. just had a look on berrys, free watch winder if you spend over 2k on an auto.
  3. Wet out, so appropriate attire.
  4. Hmm, I wouldn't go that far, some of there astranomica line is impressive. But the prices are astronomical.
  5. You just can't trust anyone or anything nowadays. Its a case of being extra vigilant. This stuff has always been going on, used to be down the pub or boot of a car, just times have changed to facilitate the cyber era.
  6. I guess when they become sustainable and have a large model line up or increased production levels / sales. The second part of your statement is probably correct.
  7. Hmm I can't really advise to be fair. Other than paying extra they are both wearable. Was there any reason you wanted to sell the baltic ?
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