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  1. I don't own any but from what I have seen , i'd rate them around the 2/3 mark in the poll.
  2. Adjust the bracelet or buy small straps? Theres also 36mm to 40 mm watches out there.
  3. They do some lovely watches , that moon phase dial one is class. Have any of you ever see the billionaire car guy on youtube? he gets herme's to do him 1 of hypercars. Manny Khoshbin - YouTube Introducing: The Hermès Arceau L’Heure De La Lune - HODINKEE
  4. For shame a Huawei smart watch today.
  5. Haven't looked into it too much yet. Not a fan of the tag bezel that I saw. Tudor is a safe bet, I like the Breitlings, but the pricing way off. Apart from Hodinkkee where are you all getting info from?
  6. If your reaching for it more than once a week , crown in. If once a month crown out.
  7. RRP is grossly overpriced . Although at the price purchased its reasonable. Much the same as ch. ward watchs when you get one in a sale , it's the best bang for buck imo.
  8. As it's only a wish list . PP 5370P-001
  9. Daytime lume shots are back!! Love how this watch looks and wears even though it loses about 20 seconds a day.
  10. Current rotation with the mechanicals. The two that 'm having bother with bracelets. Been double wristing with the smart watch for about a month now whenever I'm out of the house.
  11. If I got the call , I want a no date sub for rrp. No buying other models, no rubbing up the dealer. I want to hand over the money its priced at and get the box handed over the counter to me.
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