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  1. Look forward to follow this thread
  2. I'd drop it into omega , get a quote for a service and original bracelet.
  3. http://www.ptsresources.com/watch_tourbillon_01.htm This is the movement or similar inside this watch. Don't think for a second its a Breguet or Vacheron tourbillon. Likely unserviceable also.
  4. Saw these that time also. I think they are good value, but the size and look is real marmite. Just to note, the timekeeping tolerances on this movement are similar to seiko 5's.
  5. https://watchbase.com/omega/constellation Some help. But as said you need to know what style/year/price your after. Google will pull up good results, have a look at chrono24. https://timeandtidewatches.com/vintage-by-derek-dier-nine-things-you-need-to-know-before-buying-an-omega-constellation/ https://monochrome-watches.com/history-of-the-omega-constellation-in-depth/ https://www.timepiecechronicle.com/features/2016/10/1/a-brief-history-of-the-omega-constellation Theres heaps online. I got them links in 10 seconds. https://bespokeunit.com/watches/omega/constellation/ The last paragraph in this article more or less says what you wrote
  6. The 38mm CW vintage, keep going back to this. cosc timekeeping, the mirror polished indices. If I could fault anything , if it was 40mm and hadn't the fauxtina, and more lume.
  7. A. lange & sohne , Their watches and finish is simply stunning. Patek , simply the best manufacturer of watches out there. MB&F , for their crazy out there engineering and designs. F.P. Journe , The hottest independent inhouse at the moment. The designs and watches are amazing. All in house small run production. I could go on there is a lot of other greats out there. These brands for me are simply like me looking at a mansion house , super sports car , catwalk model etc. I will never own one.
  8. Was it submerged in salt water for 20 years
  9. @andyclient I'll take a pogue of your wrists. Sure you hardly need two?
  10. Seiko's latest models have been given a poor reception with their new business/ marketing direction. They are getting away from the cheaper end and trying to up scale / price themselves. This is a bold move imo. j
  11. I think it's an amazing looking marvel. A client exists for such pieces that's why they exist.
  12. https://doxawatches.com/collections/all/products/sharkhunter-4 https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/doxa-sub-300-carbon-aqua-lung-us-divers-limited-edition-introducing Not sure what to think. Somehow miss a ss case and bracelet. Limited to 300 so will sell. Pricey for an eta some will say. I still wish I had bit with the orangeface black lung.
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