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  1. I don't own any but from what I have seen , i'd rate them around the 2/3 mark in the poll.
  2. Adjust the bracelet or buy small straps? Theres also 36mm to 40 mm watches out there.
  3. They do some lovely watches , that moon phase dial one is class. Have any of you ever see the billionaire car guy on youtube? he gets herme's to do him 1 of hypercars. Manny Khoshbin - YouTube Introducing: The Hermès Arceau L’Heure De La Lune - HODINKEE
  4. For shame a Huawei smart watch today.
  5. Haven't looked into it too much yet. Not a fan of the tag bezel that I saw. Tudor is a safe bet, I like the Breitlings, but the pricing way off. Apart from Hodinkkee where are you all getting info from?
  6. If your reaching for it more than once a week , crown in. If once a month crown out.
  7. RRP is grossly overpriced . Although at the price purchased its reasonable. Much the same as ch. ward watchs when you get one in a sale , it's the best bang for buck imo.
  8. As it's only a wish list . PP 5370P-001
  9. Daytime lume shots are back!! Love how this watch looks and wears even though it loses about 20 seconds a day.
  10. Current rotation with the mechanicals. The two that 'm having bother with bracelets. Been double wristing with the smart watch for about a month now whenever I'm out of the house.
  11. If I got the call , I want a no date sub for rrp. No buying other models, no rubbing up the dealer. I want to hand over the money its priced at and get the box handed over the counter to me.
  12. Honestly as much as it is a pain and cost, a few tweaks would ensure everything is modern, done correctly ,efficient and up to spec. Increase the boiler output, fit an upstairs /downstairs zone stat, pump size increase, pressure tank expansion. Pipework could stay , I see no reason to find fault with it, everything goes to where it needs to and in the right order. Depiding on your your system you might already have the electrical wiring and all in place. We only just finished ours a few months back with new rads and trv valves. Fitted a room stat downstairs and motorised valves for the rads and one for hot water. System is so hot and efficient. Go for the gov. grant if your eligible. No matter what route you go there will be floorboard lifting, dust and hassle. Might as well do it right and once. Can still keep the airing cupboard. I've included a few pics.
  13. Hi forum , I've just lost a few collars for a 22mm bracelet. The other few I have have been squeezed a little and I can't get them opened again. Is there anywhere I can get 22mm collars or pin and collar sets for the turtle bracelet?
  14. Currently an A6 Avant, 2011. 150bhp diesel . Drives great, solid well built car. Too long though. No intention to change for another year or two. Next car will be smaller in size with an automatic gearbox, android Bluetooth entertainment, stylish and sporty enough and possibly petrol. Possibly an A3/4 or merc A class , BM 1series etc. , Money/ age/ circumstance dependant. I despise SUV'S , look too much like a tall car to me. Electric hasn't even entered my thoughts yet, there's simply no infrastructure to support it and make it a convenient and feasible option for many years yet.
  15. Interesting, this just popped into my head the other day. I haven't looked into one bit so far, so not aware of costs or anything. For me it would be a more interesting way than just using a static bike. If cost and space needed isn't too bad I could see myself getting Zwift or peloton.
  16. 20 mm up to 40mm , 22mm for anything higher. Wouldn't entertain any other size.
  17. The oyster will sell because you need the dealer ties to get in line for the subby. The rest will sit in the boutique windows.
  18. Holy thread revival. Yeah it was a great series, that ending though....
  19. For me its case size/ how it wears or the quality for the cost. Don't have many watches but it was a sporadic year that I first started.
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