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  1. Any update on this simon? Thanks
  2. Hi Simon & all, I have a Seiko from 1974 missing a marker at 7 o'clock. Is there anywhere you can recommend for a replacement part? Or Is this a job you could do? https://i1064.photobucket.com/albums/u374/Thehappybeaver/seiko%2070067090_zpskmg1skgy.jpg Thanks in advance Jim
  3. Cheers guys good to know...I'm getting hooked into this watch business! I'm drawn to the alpinist as well. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing a watch with a green face...personally I love it.
  4. I've got my I on this rather nice Seiko. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seiko-Sport-Prospex-Turtle-Divers-Silver-Mens-SRP775J1/302800632807?epid=2254793572&hash=item468052fbe7:g:nykAAOSwgLlagpab For some reason this seller can manage to sell around 100 quid cheaper than everywhere else. Has anyone bought from this seller? Thanks in advance
  5. Ok comments taken on board...didn't have time to model a regular style bracelet. Also added some age related marks. Open to criticism + boost smy post count
  6. Wow Just googled that and it's pretty close! never even heard of that brand before.
  7. Dropping the sub dial? And do you mean modelling a bracelet style strap? with have a crack at it when the boss is off!
  8. My name and year of birth...I noticed looking at google images most watch sites such as watch shop use renders...its cheaper and easier than taken decent photographs I guess.
  9. Ha ha 2nd pusher removed...you should see the 1st version..would have embarrassed myself posting that!
  10. Yep understood...more of an exercise than an accurate model. my watch knowledge is primitive at best
  11. Hi chaps I'm new here...Simon fixed up a watch for me (top bloke) which has ignited a dormant interest in watches that been lurking. I'm a jewellery designer/model maker by trade so I thought I would have a crack a designing something. The 3d model was made in Rhino5 and rendered in keyshot...I didn't really spend an age on the looks I just plucked bits I liked from various google images and made it up as I went along.(disclaimer) W
  12. Well I wont bore anyone with this thread for too much longer but here's an image for your viewing pleasure.
  13. Arrived today...Im so chuffed! And its my birthday tomorrow what a bonus! Thanks for your work and effort Simon please confirm you paypal address.
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