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  1. I usually have a next watch 'type' - currently this is an automatic chronograph, as this is the obvious gaping hole in my current collection but there are various other backup 'wants', such as an office GMT, a teal diver or a cheap tourbillon. Then I have a 'watch fund account', once this has filled up enough to buy the main watch 'want' it gets bought, however if a backup comes along at a bargain price or one off deal that is within current budget then that get got instead. For example my last purchase was from the backup pile - a California dial Spinnaker Hull, but only because I found it at an incredibly good price.
  2. Wearing this today. Stay indoors, stay safe and have a good weekend.
  3. They need to do a 'Bond' version in a chunky case on a bracelet. Put it on a classic Professional 3 bracelet, up the WR and I'd be interested.
  4. My unique ‘superior’ OM. Movement was replaced under warranty but they put a black day / date version in not the usual white. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Blue Monday. House full of kids off school and Uni and the wife not on shift at the hospital so holed up in my office on the top floor at home listening to the prodigy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. California dreaming on a Coronavirus day...
  7. I used to start the day with my apple watch, go to the gym and then change it when I got back home. The gym went out the window a while back so it's usually one watch per day unless I'm going out in the evening or something. I think a more pressing question is why mach 0.0013137 always wears 2 watches at the same time, that said I like is eclectic collection and the attention to matching each wrist. Well played!
  8. Pic not from today but wearing this
  9. The whole deployant / deployment thing. Who cares? Both words mean the same thing in modern language - just let it go. Rolex. While I respect their marketing department immensely the whole 'cult' of Rolex baffles me, I've had a few on my wrist (not owned) and they just aren't special / unique / interesting enough to warrant the massive premium they command (both at RRP and what you have to pay to actually own one). If they had any other name on the dial they'd be half the price and there would be windows full of them. I have an Eterna with sub second tick markers and that hits each one on the dot.
  10. My personal philosophy is to never say never. So I won’t say I’ll never buy another watch even though my watch box is currently full. I do have a list of stuff I want. Auto Chrono Birth year connection Ceramic case Bronze case Moon phase World time Ultra thin Micro rotor Anadigi Grand seiko snowflake Gold dress watch ... Erm yeah maybe it’s not so much a philosophy more an uncontrollable urge to buy wrist bling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I was really excited when it was announced a few years back as I always wanted a (true) GMT watch, unfortunately funds did not permit me to purchase one at /near launch and then shortages / profiteering meant it was unavailable when I did have the funds. Then the date wheel issue came to light and my interest just dropped through the floor. No way was I going to pay over the odds / wait for ages out of pocket for a watch with an inherent design flaw. There are tales of these being returned to Tudor multiple times after being told they were fixed. It's an amazing looking watch and for the (RR)Price is a serious bargain and I still have a bit of lust for one but at present it's not even on my radar as a potential purchase. I sincerely hope you get your piece permanently fixed as it must be utterly frustrating.
  12. Very similar 'feel' to both but very different watches (chrono vs basic 3 hander - well 6 hander I guess). Put 'value retention' aside - both will loose you gobs of cash if you want to re-sell anyway, just go with the one you like and think you will wear the most. Personally neither are my cup-of-tea but again that shouldn't be a concern of yours. Technically the MB is streets ahead but the JLC is a stone cold classic. Apples and Oranges really so it's got to be a 'heart' choice and that's totally down to you. (if someone put a gun to my head and said choose it'd be the JLC but for all the wrong reasons as I'd wear neither).
  13. Still on the Ulysse Nardin Dual +/- Time. It's far too nice to be a daily wearer but that's what it's becoming.
  14. Thought I’d post a pic of my AX watch. As I said above it’s a handsome thing and has sentimental value but I hardly ever wear it. DLC is pretty solid after 9 years or whatever it’s been and it starts right up when I pop the crown in. Biggest down for me is it’s 48mm which is fine for my monster wrists but the movement is tiny. That date window. Just No. also lume is pretty poor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Back to my Ulysse Nardin today. Tried a bit of a different angle and lighting to try and show the detail and finish that makes me love this watch so much. The 'teak' stripes on the dial (but with an unusual pattern) the applied, lumed indices and numerals. Skeleton hands with big lumed ends to allow the seconds, 2nd time zone and date to be read, the flashes of orange around the dial and chrome surrounds on the DT and date displays. Even the case sculpting, GMT pushers and serial number plate on the left side are fantastic.
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