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  1. My advice, and this is deadly serious is take £330 and buy one of these https://www.timefactors.com/prs25new.htm or the 36mm version if you have thinner wrists (but you may have to wait as they sell out quick). You may have to wait until the order page is open again, usually 14.00 GMT on Sunday every 2 weeks or so but it's a spectacular, classic looking, automatic. If you find it's not to your tastes then you will *probably* be able to sell it for what you paid for it (possibly more, almost unheard of for a microbrand). It's one of my favourite watches and I wear it a few times a week. You seriously cannot go wrong with one. Once you have the auto itch scratched you can look at other things such as smart watches.
  2. What we'll probably see in descending order of likelihood Coke Bezel GMT. Some new Cellini thing that no one will ever buy. Some minor new bimbling with the Datejust Possibly a Teal colourway for something - probably the Milgauss but a teal / white GMT would probably be a hit with some. What you won't see. Any true innovation. Any chance of actually being able to buy one unless you have an in with a dealer. Any reduction in the number of people scrambling to buy and flip for a profit. A tourbillon Cynical? Me?
  3. Some of my favourite things... Coffee, my Speakers, Ulysse Nardin and Friday
  4. It seems like you really like the TAG and it's a 'watchier' brand, I quite like the gmt bezel on the Garmin 'Aviator' but 5 crowns is perhaps a little much but they both do roughly the same thing, the deciding factors are going to be (or would be for me)... 1 - Feature set, are there features on one that sound cool that aren't present on the other. 2 - Ease of connectivity, how easy is it to add faces, setup apps, etc. 3 - Speed, is one significantly smoother to use than the other? Beyond that it's personal preference and that's down to you.
  5. Had an apple watch for a long time but gave up wearing it other than at the gym when I got back into 'proper' watches. I now have an honour band 5 that I wear on my right most of the time leaving my left for a 'proper' watch. It took about a week to get used to it but now i don;t even feel it any more.
  6. Bless, I interpreted that to mean that most of our first watches are / were quartz - mine was a star wars LED watch that I dearly wish I still owned but unfortunately it went to the great land fill in the sky decades ago. That first watch though is in rare cases a spark that lights the fuse to an obsession with horology, which brings a significant number to the appreciation of mechanical watches for the sheer romance of having something ticking away on your wrist that uses springs, cogs and other intricate mechanics to track your progress through time. From there it's too late and you will succumb to the disease we all share. For some it's quartz only, for some it's mechanicals only, other don;t care and then there are things like mechaquartz, springdrive and tuning fork movements to muddy the waters, all are good but some have preference and that's OK.
  7. Curve ball from me. Ulysse Nardin 2nd hand. An haute horology brand that you can pick up for less than 2k. Not even just a straight 3 hander but something with incredible mechanical engineering. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea as their designs are quite challenging but the finish and detail are incredible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If this was 'any watch' not necessarily ones I own it'd be: AP Royal Oak 15400 Boutique Blue - just because I've always wanted one. HYT H5 - Again always wanted and HYT but I'd also be interested to see what happened to the fluidics in the extreme cold. Breitling Emergency - The one I'd actually wear, useful for 'Thing' type situations.
  9. I love the 1 handed meistersingers but they are a tad too dressy for me personally but that one is lovely. I think every watch fan goes through an 'explorer want' stage in their journey. I certainly did and came very close to buying one but for me they are a tad too small and are very expensive for what they are. In the end I scratched the itch with a Smiths Everest 40mm and haven't looked back.
  10. I hate to blanket hate a brand. I rather like the classic fusion myself... IF the screw heads were aligned.
  11. There are loads of watches i *want* to like (e.g. Longines - love the history, hate the designs) but in general. Quartz analog watches - that ticking second hand just kills it for me. Quartz in general - I have a phone and fitness band for that kind of thing. I wear a watch for the engineering and romance. Bejewelled monstrosities - too much bling makes it look fake unless you are getting out of a chrome wrapped lambo. Anything too hard to read - Mr Jones watches are a prime example of this - tiny hidden numbers, not for me. Try hard fashion brands - I own an AX chrono - it was a gift - i stopped wearing it as soon as I got an auto. Anything under 40mm - looks like a kids watch on my wrist. Other than that I'm pretty easy
  12. I bought the strap that convinced me to keep my Spinnaker Hull from Ali it's good but the hardware has quite a bit of play in it. I'd not want to trust one of my more expensive pieces to it. Cracking VFM though. I do prefer deployants though which is added complexity over a simple buckle fastening.
  13. Thanks for sharing, would love to see some pictures. Any plans for a respectful restoration to get it ticking again?
  14. Last day of work until I'm furloughed for 3 weeks so this is on my wrist because it's Friday and to cheer me up a bit.
  15. I really like a lot of Timefactors watches and own a PRS-25 that gets a lot of wrist time too but he seems to be downsizing his watches to sizes I just can't get away with, 42mm is my sweet spot although I can pull off 40 - 46mm with no issue. 36mm is just too small even with longer lugs. That said the above watch isn't really my cup of tea, I just wish he'd hurry up and release the Caribbean he's been teasing for months / years or the on again / off again art deco.
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