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  1. Technically yesterday today I bought a phone holder for it.
  2. Personally I'd buy a 'Parnis homage' from bay or Ali for under £100 and see if you like how it wears. They are easy to sell on if you decide it's not for you or if you decide on the 'real thing'. I bought a spinnaker hull 'radiomir like' and just cant get on the with the tall case / short lugs, it just sits badly on my rounded wrist top. Your price is as has been said above a little optimistic I feel, unfortunately that kind of pricing puts you right in the strike zone for scammers (expensive enough to seem real, cheap enough for you to not to want to miss a bargain) so either buy from a
  3. Bisto Village is a dangerous place...
  4. Sally James from Tiswas
  5. I have a small, eclectic collection ranging from Ulysse Nardin and Breitling to Smiths and Spinnaker. There is a definite jump in quality between say the Smiths and the UN. Not to say the Smiths is bad (it's really very good) but the finishing and feel of the more expensive watch is on another level. I wear the Smiths regularly and use it to tell the time, when I wear the UN I can spend minutes looking at the dial detail. I'd say follow the advice above regards 2nd hand, you get a lot more bang for your buck on the pre-owned market and while buying new is great experience and discounts
  6. I'd definitely look at the Superocean Heritage on mesh if I was in the market for this type of watch - disclosure (i was and that's what i bought) Of those two it's tough, the Omega is a classic and has the 'Bond' connection however the Superocean is a little different to the norm and looks fantastic with the blue dial. I'd probably go with the Omega as I already have the SOH but if I didn't I'd have to try both on and make my decision based on comfort and 'feel'
  7. I'm old and fat so anything under 40mm a) looks ridiculous on my leg sized arm and b) I have to squint at to tell the time and 42 - 46 is my sweet zone. It's not all about diameter aesthetically though. Lug length and shape have a massive impact on how it wears as does dial colour, bezel design, etc. I like that manufacturers do a range of sizes long may it stay that way.
  8. How could I forget Eterna, fantastic watches for the money and available for insane discounts from places like TKMax and Drop. Proper history too as they started that little movement manufacturer ETA. How could I forget Eterna, fantastic watches for the money and available for insane discounts from places like TKMax and Drop. Proper history too as they started that little movement manufacturer ETA.
  9. The correct answer to this is buy an Orient Bambino for £100 and save for something you actually want. Omega do some nice dressy watches - I particularly like the Omega DeVille gmt with grey face on armadillo bracelet, there are the Tudor 'Style' and 'Glamour' ranges and the obvious Rolex DJ's
  10. Yeah I love a big date. The spinnaker hull cali should have been a shoe in for me, it ticks a hell of a lot of boxes I always wanted California numerals and I absolutely love the dial texture, however it sits on my wrist like a blister as I have a large rounded wrist and the lugs are too short. I've tried a couple of different straps but none seem to let the thing sit well on my wrist. Will probably sell it soon ans see if I can find something else.
  11. Anything with massive appreciation will probably be flipped if the owner hits stormy financial seas or if the profit is just too great to resist. I'd also say that the 1k-2k mid range is flipped quite often things like certina, mido, ML, hamilton, oris seem to be in good 2nd hand supply as people either consolidate into a few 'bigger name' watches or decide that wearing the cost of a decent weeks holiday on your wrist is just ridiculous and a citizen, seiko or casio will do the job. Microbrands seem to be another category in good 2nd hand supply, probably because they are designed wi
  12. OK, we had pet hates, what about guilty pleasures? Brands, Watches or things horological that most seem to hate but you love. For me it's Ulysse Nardin. Catastrophic depreciation, Looks that can be described as in the 'Challenging to hideous' range and a reputation for being the watches of choice for Bratva members. I still love them. Tag Heuer. Ruined their reputation in the 80's by squating out endless low budget quartz tat, sold anywhere that would stock them. The Monaco seems to have been the only one that skated by untarnished thanks to the bulletproof association with Stev
  13. Day Date displays at 3 a la 7750 / Seiko. Quartz watches. That 'ticking' second hand just irritates me, I also tried a bulova but I still know it's quartz and therefore the irritation returns. A shame as I love the idea of a HAQ GS or Breitling. Fashion watches, an AX, MK or Gucci that costs more than something interesting from Orient, Seiko or Hamilton. Yes there are some fashion brands that are exempt, Hermes, Cartier, Bulgari etc. do some incredible watches and if Armani brought something out that rivaled an Octo Finissimo or Cartier Santos, then they'd be off the list but no the
  14. While I can understand the drive to accuracy I never really understood it in the context of mechanical movements. If I want or need ultimate accuracy I'll wear an apple or GPS watch (https://www.lifewire.com/apple-watch-the-most-accurate-timepiece-156700) or just use my phone. My left wrist is reserved for small mechanical pieces of art that have the bonus of being able to vaguely tell the time to within a few seconds accuracy. I rarely wear them for more than 2 or so days straight so they run down and I have to set them again anyway next time I wear one. That's just me though obviou
  15. Not having enough money to buy the watch I want but having enough to buy one i 'kinda want', this means constant self control when idly perusing c24, ebay, catawiki, drop, etc.
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