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  1. Only square watch I own is a sentimental Tag Monaco fake I bought when I was on holiday in Thailand when I didn't know any better - It truly is hideous and I never wear it. Todays watch is my 'Blue Monday'
  2. The tag is a good call but there are some cracking watches out there for the money you have to spend. Longines as already mentioned is packed with history - the watch choice of Charles Lindbergh and Iceberg Slim. Eterna - founded ETA - the #1 movement manufacturer - the Kontiki has a great adventure history behind it. Ball - Has insane Lume and different design. Hamilton - Great history and style from simple sports and dress watches to the mad Ventura. Maurice Lacroix - The Aikon is a great bit of design. Sinn, Nomos, Alpina. There are literally hundreds of brands that could be recommended. And that only the big brands, there are some fantastic microbrands too.
  3. I like my Fridays simple so I'm wearing what i consider to be my simplest watch. No subdials, no lume, no screwdown crown. Just a grey dial and lovely blue hands. We'll gloss over the white date window...
  4. A towering technical achievement and fantastic that a company of PP's calibre made this specifically to donate to charity. Personally, I think, to put it kindly, it's looks are ummm..... challenging. And by challenging I mean 'looks like something Stuhrling would sell for £200', sorry.
  5. Silicon seems to be the new wonder material, I remember reading somewhere that certain companies were looking into using the material for more than just springs and escapements. They were collaborating with some university to produce gears etc using the material.
  6. I have a collection of 9 'real' watches and a fashion watch that I keep for sentimental reasons but hardly ever wear. Bought 3 watches in December / January and that has pretty much cleaned out my watch fund. Currently surviving the January - March money drought which happens after Xmas due to the 947 days of January and almost my entire family having their birthdays during these months. Once that's done with I can start diverting funds again to .build up to the next watch, which will in all likelihood be a Chronograph of some sort as that's the obvious gaping hole in my collection so far. I'll never say never as that way madness lies but I'm not going to buy stuff for the sake of it so I usually wait until the graph lines of 'want' and 'can afford' cross before pulling the trigger.
  7. Never experienced the embarrassment of 'bus lob-on', having to make your way past the pension brigade with a trouser tent caused by the motion of the bus? Lucky man. I loathe buses, the smell, the noise, the other people. Only when I have zero choice will I board the devils charabanc.
  8. winter running saw about a 10% drop in range from just over 100 miles to just over 90 miles (we had the cheapest leaf). Heater and other ancillaries made very little difference maybe 2 or 3%. so say a variance of 15% to be on the safe side. I'd expect that to be much better on modern longer range cars with better battery heat management. To add: I think the lowest charge %age we ever got to was 2%, that gave us a warning but didn't effect any actual change in functionality.
  9. Once you drive an electric car within it's capabilities (range / charging) you never want to go back to an ICE car. If I could afford a Tesla Model 3 I'd have one tomorrow as for me it'd be perfect, I work at home so commuting is not an issue, any journeys I do are either local or under 200 miles round trip and anything longer is always family based so we'd take my wifes car or just use the supercharger network which is very well integrated into Teslas sat nav / apps etc. by all accounts. Other manufacturers really need to catch up and the wild west that is the non supercharger charging network needs to consolidate and agree payment and socket standards before anything other than Tesla really makes any sense at all. The leaf we had a few years back sadly had to go as our requirements changed. As the TM3 wasn't then available we plumped for the next best thing and got a hybrid, this was 10 years old when I bought it and is still going strong 3 years later, no sign of battery degradation beyond the single lost bar before i bought it, so I'm not really that concerned about battery life in other vehicles.
  10. pffff, it's just the honeymoon period, give it another few weeks and you'll be back on ebay and C24 looking for the next 'precious' and rotating round your wrist bling every week / day / hour, like the rest of us.
  11. The name may be a bit finbarr Saunders but it’s no different from DHgate, AliExpress or wish. A friend buys a load of electronics components from them all the time and never has a problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Lovely sunny morning so wearing something that pops in the sunlight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yes, Marketing. As for 'elitist', spending 5k on a watch is pretty 1%. What I was trying to say was that the watch you wear says something about you to other people, just like the car you drive and the house / area you live in. You may not actually BE that stereotype but wearing a rolex and driving certain types of german car will cause people to make assumptions about you. As the OP is buying this as a gift that works both ways, it reflects back and says 'this stereotype is how i think of you'. This is why I suggested he sound out his brother as to his preferences, if he buys the Rolex and inadvertently insinuates to his brother that he thinks he is an elitist old fat cat when he's more of the dynamic bond type that would prefer the Omega then that's not really a good thing. As for pointing out other brands, they were an example of similar priced watches available at that price point (as noted some would be 2nd hand like the VC) that would either say something different from a stereotypical point of view or actually say nothing at all as they'd fly under most peoples radar.
  14. Today back to the spinnaker. Love the dial, strap doesn’t really fit my wrist quite right yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'd definitely be sounding the recipient out about which he prefers and if he even wears (or would wear) a watch. Of the two mentioned, for me, it's a crapshoot, for good or ill the Rolex has more cachet amongst the hoi-poloi which may make it more preferable to your brother (or just make him a target for thieves), the Omega flies more under the radar with the masses, however a certain Mr Bond is changing that. It is probably the better watch from a technical standpoint if that makes any difference but it's not a Rolex, and to some that's all that matters. Personally for the ~5k you are looking at spending I can think of many other watches I would rather receive, however Omega and Rolex are the 'Names' that most would associate with 'nice watches' starting at this price point whereas Ulysse Nardin, Zenith, Grand Seiko, IWC, Panerai, JLC or Vacheron don't mean much to the vast majority of the population (ok I had to stretch to 2nd hand for some of those but...).
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