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  1. The watch in question has a norther hemisphere 'polar' projection map not the usual Mercator projection map seen on most world timers and indeed the older style CW world timer. This is to allow the orange sector to move and indicate the physical location of the time zone local time is in (IIRC) which would be far mode difficult and expensive on a traditional Mercator projection map. I've never been one for CW, they have too much of the homage about them when they could easily produce some cracking original designs and although this particular world timere doesn't fall foul of that pet peeve of mine it does have several flaws that prevent it from becomming part of my collection (and I'd love a world timer) 1) there are no indicators or numerals for 'local time', perhaps my biggest issue with the watch. 2) The 'time face' of the watch - i.e. the part inside the rotating 24h ring is very small in comparison to the overall watch diameter - this effects nearly every world time watch from patek to ball 3) the hands are massively oversized given IMHO the best looking WT watch is the Breitling Galactic Unitime, sadly no longer made. Utterly gorgeous watch. It's Navi-8 replacement is nowhere near as beautiful. Now if CW did an homage to THAT i'd probably buy it...
  2. Most days I’ll wear my Apple Watch to go to the gym over the morning then switch to a traditional watch after. I may do a further swap if going out for the evening so a max of 3 different, usually 2. 1 if no gym though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The heart wants, what the heart wants, my (i hesitate to call it a) collection includes Swiss, Japanese, micro-brand, fashion and even a died in the wool 100% genuine fake bought from a Thai ladyboy on market stall in Bangkok. ALL of them have a story to tell and bring back memories and when I bought them they were (and still are) exactly what I wanted even though I may no longer wear them often - that fake hasn't seen the light of day in years but I know it's there and often think of the month I spent backpacking round Thailand with it on my wrist.
  4. Damn I was going to suggest a Breitling superocean Heritage on the mesh bracelet. A total do anything watch (in my opinion ) that works with board shorts by the pool as well as it does with a suit in the board room. Tag Heuer are a decent but under appreciated marque with a great history of innovation and quality. Resale isn’t great (neither is the Breitling) but I’m of the opinion that you should buy what you like after careful consideration. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I think by that logic I'd have been able to afford an AP, VC or Patek when buying any of my (much lesser priced watches) - if you can afford £500 you can afford £1k, if you can afford £1k you can afford £"k etc. I'm off to tell the wife I can afford that Nautilus GMT I take your point though - if I was keening after an explorer as my one and only grail (i'm not I have a smiths everest which I much prefer) and had £3,5k in the pot I'd be looking at 0% interest and all the other dodges to be able to afford it and job done. This fella, however, doesn't seem to know what he wants which suggests a) he's not a WIS and b) afflicted with flipper disease but does have enough knowledge to realise that there are better watches than Michael Kors, Armani Exchange and Skagen. To me this means he wants watch with a name that people will recognise and go 'hmm nice watch, a man of taste and character' without living on beans until the loan is paid off. This means Rolex isn't in play, Omega are fast pricing themselves out of the bracket but a few still work, which leaves Tag, Breitling, maybe cartier if that floats his boat and that's about it. Sure there are a ton of other brands that a possibly better if he catches the hohology bug (tudor, sinn, Muhle, Nomos, ad infinitum) but none will fulfill the main criteria that is recognition of the brand and what that says. This watch may be his 'sunday best' watch or it may be his 'gateway drug' into our mad little world... either way (and i'm now speaking more personally here) it's unlikely he'll want to sell it on - I still have my first real horological purchase and it's unlikely I'll ever sell it.
  6. Hyakuchi - a woman with long legs... I'll get my coat....
  7. If it’s affordable I’d be all over that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Been doing diy this morning so the OM came out to play as it’s tough as nails. Off to my cousins for a party later so it’ll be the Breitling for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I currently have an Armani Exhange and a Speedster (big uboat type thing). The interesting ones are the fashion brands with actual horological chops. Hermes, Dior, Chanel, faberge all could be written off as the same as Armani or Gucci but they have some very impressive movements some even in house I believe [emoji44] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Breitling Superocean Heritage II B20 on mesh bracelet. If he's only going to have 1 'good' watch then IMHO this is it in that price range. Tough enough to take a bit of a swim and adventure, good looking enough for weddings, funerals, etc. and slap bang in the price range... One of the few divers watches that I'd happily wear to a black tie event. Another option would be a 2nd hand datejust but it's a minefield for franken and fakes. If you wanted a chrono then the obvious option is a speedy but personally I prefer the Monaco until you get to some frightening price numbers for a speedy. I had this 'dilemma' last year and bought the Breitling I've worn it in all the situations above and it performs brilliantly.
  11. I'm not a massive fan of chronographs however for me I much prefer a horizontal bicompax layout with a date at 6 (or horizontal tricompax with date at 4 or 12 - but bicompax is a firm favorite). Something like a monaco or BB chrono is ideal or something totally over the top like a Chronomat GMT just because..
  12. Personally if it's new and expensive and needs regular servicing due to a warranty then follow it as you would a car. Once out of warranty (or if the cost of the watch is low) then service as needed, i.e. when timekeeping goes out of spec. There are a lot of myths around servicing, keeping the watch running or keeping it stopped (if it's in rotation that is) and the like.
  13. They probably have to buy cases, movements, straps, handsets, dials, bezels,etc. in bulk. There'll be an MOQ in the hundreds which will mean up front costs are in the thousands most likely. It's in their interest to either do something that, for example, looks like a submariner with a few twists, such as different hands, colours, etc (see steinhart, christopher ward, et al) or to do something totally off the wall and different (xeric, etc.) the former strategy is good in that you have a larger pool of potential customers but also have more competition so have to stand out in some way (success here seems to be a matter of convincing your audience that you are able to provide outstanding quality cheaply), the latter limits your customer pool but you have less competition and the design of the watch comes into play more when prompting customer choice. Once / if sales are made you have to hope that nothing goes wrong and the internet likes your offering. If you can overcome that hurdle then you might get some good word of mouth and be on your way. There are multiple points a new brand can fail, yes some dross will slip through but the 'capitalism filter' seems to work ok in most cases - except for Daniel Wellington, they obviously made a deal with Beelzebub.
  14. I think Sinn do an oil filled watch and certain others do too (ressence?). IIRC it is used to improve legibility - something to do with the refractive index going between air, crystal material and back to air (or water if you are diving) is less if you go from (the correct type of) oil, to crystal to air / water and the RI of the oil and crystal are closer, thus improving legibility. It looks to me like the above 'bubble' mod is taking this idea and subverting it into a fashion statement which is fair enough (a bit like taking a piece of, originally, work wear, like jeans, ripping them up and wearing them as a fashion statement ) not my cup of tea but if it floats your boat then fine.
  15. this is such a convenient thing! far better than ruining your bracelet or lugs poking around trying to release things with a spring bar tool. Are they as secure as a traditional spring bar though? I'd guess they are unless you are doing something physical with your hands but don;t know.
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