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  1. yes Eterna did invent the ball bearing rotor and were the genesis of ETA, yes that ETA. A very heavyweight company historically that have fallen on hard times. I love their watches.
  2. A lovely watch, I love that dial texture BUT (and this is a personal pet peeve with a lot of watches / manufacturers and not a dig at you or your Edox specifically) a 'worldtimer' is a distinct type of complication, when it is applied to a GMT watch by a manufacturer it winds me up.
  3. New, Mido Ocean Star GMT - all the GMT you'll ever need - proper traveller GMT movement, looks great, subtle for a diver and from a brand with history. 2nd hand, and my personal favorite GMT ever is the Ulysse Nardin Dual time range - again a proper travellers gmt movement and no fiddling with the crown to change local time, just 2 chrono style pushers. Big date, small seconds and a jumping hour GMT display means it's elevated above the usual 'GMT Master 2 style' fare. A multitude of dials and designs means they range from sporty to dressy but they can be challenging looking but eminently worth it... here's mine. and yes, I did buy that within budget - just.
  4. I consciously try to go against the herd in most things I do. It's the contrarian in me. some of my 'different' watches... as in watches that fulfill a function without following the normal form or have gone for form over function. Breitling Superocean Heritage - far nicer than a sub or seamaster IMO - definitely not either but the least unconventional of my 'oddballs' Ulysse Nardin +/- Dual Time - definitely not your GMT Master style GMT Something a bit cheaper that tickled my fancy - don;t wear it much as it's quite small but looks wonderfully mad An accepted dive watch (Tuna) but with an unconventional dial - This one is form over function as it's a bugger to read. No Oddball collection is complete without a California dial - this spinnaker was my choice as the additional dial texture is great. Then there's the 'ginger stepchild' of Seiko Monsters - the Gen 2 Orange 'superior' monster. With the extra oddballery of a factory black day/date wheel. If you look hard enough there are a ton of watches that deviate from the norm and that are interesting and functional (or not). It's what keeps this hobby/curse/obsession fun for me.
  5. I put my money where my mouth is with this, a Breitling Superocean Heritage B20 46mm on mesh strap. It's probably my favourite dive watch period. It's just so versatile, I've worn it on the beach with board shorts and I've worn it with a Dinner Jacket to special events and in neither instance has it looked out of place. The dial can look quite flat in some photos but it has a fantastic yet subtle starburst brushing that really makes the dial pop under certain lighting. The date at 6, the Tudor / Breitling 'manufacture' movement and the yellow gold 'B' logo all make it an amazing watch (to me anyway). My close runner up would be a Rado Captain cook,
  6. looking at the results it seems there is a split at the 11-15 point. I'm guessing this is where people decide to either consolidate into fewer 'higher end' watches or just mash the go pedal and BUY MOAR WATCHES. I could of course have come to this conclusion because this is exactly the place I am in this spectrum and this is also my thought process. I have a couple of nice 'high end', a couple of 'mid range', some fun stuff and some quartz's. All of them go into the rotation regularly, usually at random / mood so I can't say I would relish a sell off so I suspect my collection will grow slowly now.
  7. It's a 'posh' outlet village, similar to 'Clarks' in street but with 'higher end shops'. It's a very popular destination for affluent foreign tourists as they can jump on a train from central London, be there in 30 minutes, buy their Gucci, Ralph, etc. Maybe splurge on a Tag, Breitling or Ulysse Nardin and then claim all the VAT back when they go home.
  8. I smell another Tudor GMT situation with the Zeytona. Prices will be pumped for a year or so while supply tries to match the buzz, then, the arse will fall out of them and they'll be like any other zenith, worth about 50% of rrp. As for registering interest, that's what I do when I talk to a shop hand, I register my interest in a watch, if they can't supply it to me there and then, I'll go elsewhere. That said I tend not to buy overpriced middle of the range tool watches that have more spent of marketing than horology.
  9. It's ok saying 'just give your dad the money' and if at all feasible then this would be the best thing to do but it sounds like that amount would be a stretch for the OP and I'm sure his father wouldn't want him to put himself into debt. There are multiple options here 1) is this just a temporary need for money? if so pawn it and maybe the OP could work out a repayment plan with the pawn shop - that takes care of storage and stands a chance of keeping the watch. 2) if it's a longer term situation and the watch has to be sold then there are more options than just the place he bought it from. There are plenty of watch buying websites such as watchfinder, et. al. a few hours on skype with your dad could find significantly more. 3) Make sure this is absolutely necessary. I understand that talking money with a parent is tough but I chopped several hundred pounds of my mums outgoings once I sat with her and went over her monthly outgoings. Without being too ageist, old people tend to have a lot of 'rubbish' going out of their accounts without their knowledge, old insurances for things they no longer own or that are covered by more general policies are the usual thing - my mum had her water pipes and kitchen appliances covered by 2 or 3 different policies. Then do a 'go compare' on gas, electric, mobile, landline, internet, tv, etc. this alone could save over £200 a month. Easily enough to pay for a loan to cover an immediate need. Examine all the options before doing something drastic.
  10. £700 for an nh35 watch with only 100m water resistance seems a tad overpriced / under specified. For something purporting to evoke firefighting and high water pressures 100m seems out of character. Also, personally, 41mm is slightly too small. I do like the design somewhat but I'll pass for the moment thanks.
  11. Buy what YOU like, wear it often and make memories with your kids that they'll associate with the watch(es). Personally that collection is screaming for either a chronograph or a GMT (or possibly a world time). You could tick both boxes with something like a Breitling Chronomat GMT (old style so 2nd hand) - Also Chronoliner and Navitimer are available in this configuration. Or the Galactic world timer if you like that (not a chrono). There's the Ulysse Nardin Maxi-Marine Diver Chrono or their Dual Time watches which are my favorite GMT's The obvious Rolex GMT master 2 if you have stellar AD relationships or are willing to pay way over the odds 2nd hand. Heuer Monaco is a solid icon. Grand Seiko also do some lovely GMT, Chronograph and GMT/Chronos - the snowflake is iconic but may be a bit close in purpose to the AT and if the nephew doesn't know about watches he may feel slighted that he 'only' gets a 'seiko' Personally if it was me I'd be all over some Ulysse Nardin loveliness a very low key brand but the history, finishing and horology is off the charts for the price. Failing that it'd be a Chronomat GMT. Both can be had preowned in mint condition for way under your budget - so much so I'd probably buy both.
  12. At the top end of your budget you could get a Breitling Superocean Heritage pre-owned (or a new superocean if you shop around and haggle hard) to my mind the best Divers watch out there in the Submariner and under category. Stunning looking (especially in blue) and the mesh bracelet is wonderful. If you didn't want to spank all your budget then things like the Squale and Yema offerings have history and are well regarded also look at Mido and Certina, or maybe the Mule Glashutte seebattilion but again that's top end of your budget. My advice would be to search for 200m+ water resistance watches on Chrono24 and see what's out there before making a decision.
  13. I'd also have a look at: Breitlings new Chronomat 36 and Premier 3 handers. Ulysse Nardin Classico. In any event You are in a very lucky situation and I'd be trying on as many as possible / allowed by your localities 'rona rules.
  14. That is correct at midnight all the hands would align at the traditional 12 position Thanks, I saw the dial and was smitten with it - I'd been saving for a Tudor GMT as soon as they were announced but the initial scarcity, date wheel issues and this UN popping up at an insanely low price had me go that way instead. I have no regrets as I've tried the Tudor and it's a bit too thick and the snowflake hands aren't my thing. Half hour timezones are the purview of insanely high horology - OR - world time watches which have a disk with 24 hours marked on it that rotates against a list of cities allowing you to read the time in any city of the world at a glance (well at my age more of a squint). Some WT watches support jumping hour hands or just rely on you adjusting the time. Some even don't drive the time disk and require you to set it manually to read the time (align the current time with the timezone you are in to read other time zones). If you regularly travel to 1/2 hour timezones then you're probably best off with something like a Breitling Aerospace, Tissot T-Touch or Seiko / Citizen / Casio Ana/digi type watch.
  15. 3 kinds of gmt (discounting world timers) 1) Those like the Vostok above and original Rolex GMT master where the normal hour and minute hands are linked to a 24 hour hand. Then a 24 hour rotating bezel allows a 2nd time zone to be set by aligning the bezel with the current time in that time zone in 24 hour time. 2) Office GMT. This is the majority of the GMT's out there. This allows the normal hour and minute hands to be adjusted as normal (movement stops / hacks while adjusting) and the 24 hour hand can be skipped forwards (sometimes backwards) to match a distant time zone without hacking the movement. i.e. it's good for tracking another time zone from the office. A fixed 24 hour scale allows tracking a single distant timezone, adding a moving 24 hour bezel allows the tracking of a third timezone. 3) Travellers GMT. This is rarer but becoming more common from the likes of the swatch group and seiko. This allows you to jump the hour hand forwards or backwards an hour at a time without hacking the movement, Normal adjustment moves both the hour and 24 hour hands while stopping the movement. This allows you to set local time on the normal hour / minute hands when you land without stopping the movement and the 24 hour hand shows you the time at 'home' similarly you can add a fixed 24 hour scale and rotating bezel to track up to 3 time zones. I have a Ulysse Nardin Dual time which is a Travellers GMT with a jumping hour home display which may clarify a travellers gmt a little better. Currently the time is 9:50 am and I am in my home location On the left are 2 buttons the top one moves the normal hour hand forward 1 hour the bottom moves it back 1 hour. If I take off from London at 9:50, the flight takes and hour so we land at 10:50 which is displayed on the watch as 10 in the little window and the normal hands reading 10:50 as expected. BUT Paris is 1 hour ahead so instead of having to wait for 0 seconds, pulling the crown adjusting the time to 11:50 and then synching with another clock or time signal, I simply press the top left button and the hour hand jumps 1 hour ahead. the 'local' time is 11:50 but if I want to know the time back in London I just look in the window and see it's 10 and whatever the minutes hand shows. Instead of buttons other TGMT's will have a crown position to do similar. Hope that clarifies things a little - as you can probably tell I'm a bit of a sucker for the GMT complication.
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