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  1. Isopropynol would work and is also good for rinsing, lighter fluid either Zippo or Ronson is more shellac friendly, petrolium ether contains no addative and amonia brings the shine out better. Each solution has some adv & disadv . Considering that pallet and impulse jewels are shellaced on, you would want to use lighter fluid but the rest can take a bath in above named solutions. Plus essence of Renata. There is also a zenith one dip for hairspring. And if you are going to brush, avgas works. Hope this helps.
  2. Nucejoe

    Pocket Watch

    I agree with vinn. Set radar for a used balance. This or a balance complete may be built without having to turn a staff from scratch. See diagrams of staffs on www.balancestaff.com.
  3. This is gents size, dial and hands are original. You would want to check the crown signed/ unsigned , sign of wear on the crown and case. This being the original ,you can spot fake or decal printed and aftermarkets easy. Boys or unisex size is smaller. Ladies( rare) is the smallest in pointers collection and I have seen em with older movements, kif373, kif453. There is also a jumbo or extra large gents size.( Ultra rare) Any dial other than black military is more in demand. All kifs were in-house and manual wind, produced between 30s up to 69, I think. Later Oris big crown (a date pointer) was marketed with eta movements under the hood. Non pointers such as oris doctors or chronoris are sought after as well. I am not sure I know answer to all your questions Jacob, some are tough, yet I,ll be happy to continue discussion. Happy holidays and a very merry Christmass. Best
  4. To keep my rather huge vintage Oris collection as genuine and original as possible, I vibrate the original balance wheels with hairsprings. I need about five hundered compatible hairsprings. Surely you understand cousines complete balance is hardly an option for me. I wonder if cousines has such hairsprings in stock? I get lost navigating cousines site and so far have been unable to make a purchase from them . Oris datasheet dose not mention the CGS. What other source may I find such info in ? Thank you for your response. Regards joe
  5. I presume your watch is a manual wind. I check how many turn to wind before it starts kicking. Wind full and note how long it runs. This data indicates the mainspring strength and how fine the movement is or is adjusted. Repairman would observe performance on his timegrapher and can tell a faulty hairspring, sees the amplitude, beat error, daily rate, ,in static positions. But really wouldn,t know about the strength of mainspring and how stable it would run on wrist. Disclosing the caliber and brand helps. Regards joe
  6. The CGS number is needed to place order for hairsprings . Spares for vintage pieces used to come with the CGS number printed on it's package. I need the CGS number for hairsprings compatible with Oris 671 kif. Someone may have such old package or spot picture of one that disclose CGS for the said caliber and inform me. This would be of great help to me as my other option is a Royal pain in the neck. Thanks in advance. Joe
  7. Your watch is considered rare and collectible, from the tech point of view,however, pin pallets are old, so as said not a high tech time piece. The brand name brietling is well known as high end. Runing after a twenty five year rest evidence minimal wear on pin pallet and escape teeth , so sounds like a clean and lube is all it needs. Or you can just wind to let it run for an hour or so every three months. You may could personally reattach/fix the crown with a bit of advice. Good luck.
  8. Most of what I got came in black military dial, got few of other designs. I,ll try to bribe my camera man, my son,to take some pix to post. Google turns up wider variety for sure. Check out the ones on ebay or catawiki sites. Make sure you get good genuine dials with both feet in tact, genuine oris balance complete and original or signed crowns, good case and hands.A timegrapher print of the movements performance be nice or pic of parts that went in it or at least the option to return. The culprit with used ones is the wear on pin pallets and escape teeth, causing serviced ones to stop runing in couple of month. I should sell as my collection is insanely big, yet am afraid I can,t as I have no access to ebay, paypal or common instruments of fund transfer,making me one royal untrustworthy seller. Ha ha. Be happy to give advice, should you find one to buy from a reputable seller. Best;. Joe
  9. I have a collection of vintage Oris calender pointers, mostly caliber 704 kif and 677 kif, calender pointers came in 373kif, 583kif too. 677 is based on 671 caliber and 704 based on 701. Other caliber came with date ring instead of pointer hand and few with power reserve indicators, some chrono too. Movements of this era were made in house. Pin pallet and 7 jewels subsecond and later versions center second as well. A few 17 jewel versions of above said calibers left the company. One jewel calibers are ultrarare. Visit julesborel.com to see a rather full list of calibers made by oris. Dr ranffts sites lists most calibers and their variants. Oris stopped in house production and was one of the first to use Asian made movements. Dial options were countless. Most any in house made oris is collectible. Kind regards Nucejoe
  10. I put the intermediate wheel back on, to check the side shake. Clean and check for sign of gear plate- main plate rubbing. Otherwise, Clean and rinse in ronson lighter fluid or avgas, Lube, instal and observe. Best
  11. I remove the seconds hand( only) and observe if it keeps time. A process of elimination starting at seconds hand, down to canon pinion and set gears and mech, so far the design allows, can help to avoid complete strip down.
  12. I can,t open any of the links posted on threads in this forum. Sure would have been nice if the picture itself gets posted? I got a rather big big collection of vintage Oris and am likely to have a piece similar to yours. Best
  13. Most west end watches came with black military dial, sweep or sub sec. Assembled in India Sowar means rider, fighter. Sure way of knowing if a, redial or genuine, is to remove the movement and check up close. Dial feet intact? FHF 30 and its variants up to 70, were, are true work horse. Some 70 variant with indirect min wheel which have a culprit issue with sweep pinions. Larger dials ,gent's, are more in demand. I have somehow ended up with more than a hundered pieces of manual west ends in my collection, local watch maker here have got most NOS parts for it. Best
  14. Hi, Go to balancestaffs.com, check by the makers brand, find the family of calibers using the staff and see Ronda reference No to the stem you need. Or tell the caliber I,ll do the above and inform you. Joe Oh, you can also search by caliber on the smae menu.
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