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  1. I put the intermediate wheel back on, to check the side shake. Clean and check for sign of gear plate- main plate rubbing. Otherwise, Clean and rinse in ronson lighter fluid or avgas, Lube, instal and observe. Best
  2. I remove the seconds hand( only) and observe if it keeps time. A process of elimination starting at seconds hand, down to canon pinion and set gears and mech, so far the design allows, can help to avoid complete strip down.
  3. I can,t open any of the links posted on threads in this forum. Sure would have been nice if the picture itself gets posted? I got a rather big big collection of vintage Oris and am likely to have a piece similar to yours. Best
  4. Most west end watches came with black military dial, sweep or sub sec. Assembled in India Sowar means rider, fighter. Sure way of knowing if a, redial or genuine, is to remove the movement and check up close. Dial feet intact? FHF 30 and its variants up to 70, were, are true work horse. Some 70 variant with indirect min wheel which have a culprit issue with sweep pinions. Larger dials ,gent's, are more in demand. I have somehow ended up with more than a hundered pieces of manual west ends in my collection, local watch maker here have got most NOS parts for it. Best
  5. Hi, Go to balancestaffs.com, check by the makers brand, find the family of calibers using the staff and see Ronda reference No to the stem you need. Or tell the caliber I,ll do the above and inform you. Joe Oh, you can also search by caliber on the smae menu.
  6. You don,t neccessarily have to wind through winding stem, a lot of movements can be wound through the ratchet wheel.
  7. Have seen bunch similar looking watches in local watchmakers bag. Chances of finding an original, genuine used crown exist. I presume gold plated. Like simon says, pendent tube diameter, length of tube sticking out of the case and stem diameter and picture. Movement caliber?
  8. Selecting the new crown is of most importance.
  9. First the book by Donald de clark is the bible of watch repair. In General, If the watch mentions a caliber, you can visit ranfft.com. or you can follow directions to ID the movement by shape of the set mech. You can post a thread for help to identify it, Show pic of the movement. You may come to need another part, so movement identification is of paramount importance. Good luck
  10. I like your taste, beautiful watch, hopefully comes back to you in perfect shape. Best wishes. Joe
  11. What caliber movement is under the hood? Let us know or give the name of the collection. Raymond weil normally uses ETA2892-2 or its variants. Is it full wind when it slips? To find the answer, when it dose slip, leave the watch on bench, record the time and run time, before it stops, full wind should run 34+ hrs. If it runs like ten or fifteen hours, it is slipping at half power reserve. Push the crown all the way in, make sure the crown is not half way in between set position.if the crown feels easy sliding to set position, the set lever and selector may not fully get in position. Unless a movement has detached manual wind, you should not wind manual anyway, since that is a bit hard on the reversers and all of the selfwinder module. Mainspring could be slipping too, is spindled, it is suppose to slip and release excessive wind. Regards joe.
  12. Possible cause, Seconds hand rubbing on the crystal or on the min hand or seconds hands tube is binding inside min hands tube.
  13. Second hand or seconds hand? Dose it stop around 22hr? Possible fault at date change mech, normally just needs good clean. Test: when it stops, pull crown out in set position, turn hands clockwise past hr ten to like hr3 or hr 7, til date changes, then turn anticlock and set to hr10( set time). It should keep runing for the next 24 hr. Repair costs much depenď on your locality. Regards joe
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