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  1. Hi all, Where or how can I source a rotor for audemars piguet 3120, new or used.
  2. Have you tried looking for the screws with a magnet? Data sheet for the watch tells you the reference No to the screws. Do not attempt to force fit wrong screws.
  3. Observe the minute train+ set mech as you turn the crown, you should see where it is slipping. See if a gear in the min train rides over another under stress, min train bridge is secure in place. Post a video showing slippage happen
  4. If the crystal is original, best is to have it polished, otherwise a new replacement can be considred and then there is the question of how much you want to spend. NOS sternokruetz crystal is high or highest quality and if you can come up with the size I check my bag of tricks. You would need a crystal lift to remove/ replace the crystal with.
  5. Try to wiggle the stem in, turn as well as you insert. Check set lever and mech for castle and winding pinoin disalignement.
  6. The distance between center and subsecond is the only significant factor and a pain to find a movement to fit. A dial plate with only center second makes life easier.
  7. I reckon so, but thought should inform him just in case.
  8. I think customs imports and export charges added to repair cost probably totals about the same as in europe. Otherwise cheap labor here dose really make a difference. Shipping and insurance is about the same.
  9. Got used exact same caliber movements of in all sorts of conditions and aprox 860 NOS parts for eta2879. What exactly is the issue with the movement you got.
  10. Hi there, have you fixed your Oris yet. I have many Oris ladies. I,ll work with you. However some pin pallet, metal hole Oris are pain to bring back to life. Let me know.
  11. Hairspring is grabbed in adjustment arm slot. Check adjustment arm to see hairspring runing through the slot, consisting of the boot and pin. If hairspring is grabbed between the boot and the pin, use oiler or sharp point tool to move the pin inbound, thereby widening the slot for free movement of hairspring in between.
  12. Dose the rotor sound like rubbing on something or do you hear gears in the windermodule? How long dose it run after a avg day on wrist? £370 buys you a citizen echo drive.
  13. Just for bellmatic NOS chrome tension ring, no golden tension ring. Dial looks better now.
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