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  1. Dose the rotor sound like rubbing on something or do you hear gears in the windermodule? How long dose it run after a avg day on wrist? £370 buys you a citizen echo drive.
  2. Just for bellmatic NOS chrome tension ring, no golden tension ring. Dial looks better now.
  3. Oris signed the backplates. Even movements not made by but for Oris were signed Oris so where the crowns. This looks like a mumbay special. A franken. If you need more help for thorough evaluation, appraisal ...so on, feel free please to ask. Best wishes.
  4. How long since last serviced? Any chance of moisture having got inside the case? Are complications off for regulare use? Any chance exposure to strong magnetic field? To start with, you may just have the watch demagnetized. No cost. 22sec/ day is unhealthy.
  5. Hi @simon2 , I need an escapement wheel for 11 BLACD , it,s a bulova snorkel, , the escape arbor to it is broke. Found several NOS for sale in europe, priced around €10+ , the problem is shipment to my locality by the seller. I can arrange payment for it to you though. Regards joe
  6. I know I got some for bellmatic which originally come in acrylic, only with chrome tension ring, they came in gold tone as well. Only one size as far as I know. Got Orient world time, dive as well, they came in two or more sizes, only got one size. Sternokruetz square, oval and various shapes as well., which can only go by refernce No. Regards.
  7. Cyma produced in- house movements including the beauty you got. It is a jewel. If you are set to do it yourself; Lets hope the balance off of the spare is good, just because it looks to you like turning freely is no gurantee it is okay. Check upper and loewr pivots, if not worn short, you may have a runing one. If it refused to run, pivots can be polished in jacot tool, or the staff renewed. If you get it to run, you will get good timing but unlikely to get good amplitude. Clean in Ronson lighger fluid, it is shelack friendly. Impulse and pallet jewels are shelaked in place. Make sure you grease the barrel. Do not oil fork arbor. Good luck.
  8. If you run into a rub-in jewel, the jewel will rub into your nerves. A good staking set is a far wiser investment. I have neither, I press jewels home with piece of wood.
  9. Have you checked with Dr ranfft. If sounds unfamilair, Google, bid fun Dr ranfft, visit the page movement ID, you will be shown steps to follow to identify your movement. Dr ranfft may could source the part.if not go to Julesborel,com visit the page for the calib, you are likely to find the part or what all it interchanges with. If you have advance search, you can try google image recognition software.It will bring you your own movement as well, since your pic is already on the Net, you posted it here. . In the very unlikely event of No result, let me know. Regards
  10. Is it crystal or glass? I got some NOS seiko glass, but don,t know which one fits what.
  11. I always suggest buying two or more of the same scrap or used movements, so to have spare parts and more. Also taking picture at each stage of strip down. Avoid investing money at the begining. Advantages are many a few of which are; If you forget what goes where, you have another exact one as ready reference. You got spare parts.
  12. The caliber is usually indented underneath the balance wheel, which consists of a number and a trade mark of the maker.
  13. If you post pic of the movement, give me time to dive in my bag of tricks.
  14. Ladies and Gentleman; tonight I heard not only someone has actually made a wooden watch but someone else has paid money to buy one. I best run away, before I come accorss some one who has flown a swiss cheese quartz monkey.
  15. @RoddyJB Dial paint shows imperfection, that tops the check list. Perhaps a find for someone who has mastered dial restoration, or if you happened to have an extra dial plate, a perfect one. Not to mention the movement and the costs of a good service, even if you service it your self. My vote is negative. Best wishes.
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