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  1. I'm wondering if the some of the engravers were more experienced than others! Maybe giving the less skilled apprentices a go to get the watches done on time!? Just found this interesting snippet from an old forum: I have seen, especially amongst early designation 6b's, very clean markings. Nonetheless, the majority, especially of those further into the War, appear to be done with more 'haste'.Some of the engravings of those issued in 1940 for e.g. were extraordinarily clean and some very clearly elaborate, with stylised AM markings with an engraved crown. These were often simplified, moving to a clean engraving and then to the wobblier examples that were in greater numbers corresponding to the build-up of forces and the increases in wristwaches issued for such duties.
  2. Cheers, I have been browsing and it seems there are so many variants. Some are quite crisp and others seem not so finished looking.
  3. I've got the opportunity to pick this up. But i'm thinking it may not be what its cracked up to be.. Does this engraving look ok? I'm thinking, would it be off centre like this plus it looks a little shaky? I'd welcome your thoughts Cheers
  4. Yes I do like impressive radioactive decay!
  5. Great bit of pock-marking on the case!!
  6. Just thought i'd see if anyone cared to share their patina'd old time pieces! Heres mine to start it off - a 1936 Longines!
  7. Heuer 1553N - I love the blue dial on this
  8. Thats how I got started in the crazy world of watch collecting; wanting to have four nice watches that i'd leave to my kids! Still deciding which ones to leave them so lots of testing going on!
  9. I can see that, i'd have done the same! We are all just custodians of old things, watches included, keeping them going and then passing them on. As you rightly mention this was a happy occasion and lives on through the watch.
  10. Here's another you might like then - a gold plated 1920's cushion case, the engraving on this is super deep!
  11. Result! £200 back in my paypal! Thats a great point re: authenticity of the watch based on the engraving!
  12. Thats an attractive watch! I like the strap too
  13. I made a real simple mod for a friend who wanted a pepsi watch
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