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  1. Ahh, your trying to trick me - everyone knows the Saudi girl guides use a shamrock with crossed swords over a palm tree!
  2. Came across this and been trying to find a bit more about it.. Terrible photo I know, but maybe someone here can make out which country the military logo belongs to??
  3. All my hard working months of web browsing during busy times at work and ignoring my hungry kids at dinner time has paid off! I just thought I'd share this rather unselfish Christmas present to myself - I still have a couple of quid to spare for some presents, but may get a proper fitting Nato... Kids, all my watches are coming to you when I pop my clogs, but until then I know you enjoy looking at me wearing them!
  4. Seiko just have some of the best looking watches on the planet!
  5. Hey guys, just found this for sale on a legit website - does it look like an ok purchase or is there anything not right about it? Would really appreciate any input as i'm new to the Tudor subs..
  6. Thanks Simon, will send early next week. Best, Matt
  7. Hi Simon, Hope all is well.. I have a late 1960s Zodiac GMT Aerospace that has started to lose time. Would it be possible to send it to you next week to take a look at it for me? Thanks, Matt
  8. Thanks for the info, i'll have to take another photo of it wearing its new strap! Looking at the issue number A279 does that mean its likely to be an earlier model maybe?
  9. Cheers, got it from the bay! Does need a bit of work I think the cannon pinion may need looking at, apparently the hands slip from time to time
  10. Just picked this up! Luckily I was heavily dossing at work and found it before anyone else did! Note to self; work will always be there waiting, don't let it get in the way of important watch related business.
  11. I'll leave it in and see what's what in the morning! It doesn't sit on top of the battery though? More so its touching the side of it.. is that correct?
  12. @NigelpHere's a slightly closer pic of the small copper triangle, is this something that has worked it's way loose maybe?
  13. Yes it is almost, wow! Just googled it and he wore the Seiko 0674 5009...
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