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  1. Yes I do like impressive radioactive decay!
  2. Great bit of pock-marking on the case!!
  3. Just thought i'd see if anyone cared to share their patina'd old time pieces! Heres mine to start it off - a 1936 Longines!
  4. Heuer 1553N - I love the blue dial on this
  5. Thats how I got started in the crazy world of watch collecting; wanting to have four nice watches that i'd leave to my kids! Still deciding which ones to leave them so lots of testing going on!
  6. I can see that, i'd have done the same! We are all just custodians of old things, watches included, keeping them going and then passing them on. As you rightly mention this was a happy occasion and lives on through the watch.
  7. Here's another you might like then - a gold plated 1920's cushion case, the engraving on this is super deep!
  8. Result! £200 back in my paypal! Thats a great point re: authenticity of the watch based on the engraving!
  9. Thats an attractive watch! I like the strap too
  10. I made a real simple mod for a friend who wanted a pepsi watch
  11. Thanks for the advice re: Genesis though pretty much decided now to keep as is and enjoy wearing it. Thinning of the case back was the first thing I thought of and was a bit off-putting. My crap camera phone is making it look rougher than it actually is I think. I've naturally shied away from redials, over polished cases, and re-luming, personally speaking warts and all watches, dinks to cases, spotty looking dials and aging/faded lume are preferable and after making this post my earlier low tolerance on engraving has changed. Not sure if its the same for others but I can be a fickle watch collector, craving some new / old timepiece, wear it for a bit, scratch that itch and then trade it for something else. Though i've wanted one of these 6494's for some time, its likely to be a keeper and really not so much as an investment piece. If I do eventually come to sell it then i'll leave it to the next person to make that 'remove or not to remove' call. Cheers
  12. I did send the seller a message a few days back and explained that I loved the watch but was disappointed that he forgot to mention the engraving - Just got back to me, he was pretty fair about it apologised for the oversight and is going to make a small refund.
  13. Yes, when I buy a watch I actively set out to own watches with patina, following on one could look at it that applies to inscriptions/engravings too! I really hadn't thought much of them until I made my post and my rather lowish opinion on them has altered somewhat.
  14. Part of job lot of scrappers was this little cutie - looks to have been hardly worn! I put a battery in and it fired up nicely! The dial has Japan 9468 - 396232 KA - I cant find a thing on the web about them, has anyone heard of them? I'm thinking it may be a giveaway type watch as Sansui made audio equipment. Anyone else own one?
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