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  1. Seiko, is my thing - Just love the old divers watches. I just picked up a vintage H558 5000 commonly nicknamed the "Arnie' for less than £500 an absolute bargain - Just happened to be browsing at the exact moment it popped up for sale! How about vintage? They hold value well, look great and are easily sold on
  2. This big ol’ bad boy! Seiko Golden Tuna from December 1977 I don’t wear it that often as I like my arms to weigh the same!
  3. I haven’t worn this Speedmaster Reduced for a while! Just happens to be Tuesday! The watch dates to 1991 but the super comfy JB band is 1960s.
  4. The water of life! - Or rare and hard to find Whisky! I've got enough of the stuff tucked away to kill me!
  5. My 1995 CWC divers watch - After a failed attempt to sell it, I made a tough looking new strap and promptly fell in love with it all over again! Glad it fell through!
  6. An early Zodiac Seawolf with plenty of patina!
  7. My early 70s Citizen diver, rockin’ on my hand made python skin strap!
  8. Hi Craig, Its a nice thing to do to try and source the owner. And thanks for keeping the verges clear! I wouldn't have said its a valuable watch, interesting to look at maybe. Maybe the bracelet broke whilst cruising with an arm out the window
  9. Your 3/4's there with your collection. You'll never know when something will turn up I'd say keep them, keep looking and keep it going! Also keep them in a lead box!
  10. Do you mean the Monaco? - its 38mm, its really easy to wear! Its great with paisley flares!
  11. Glinting away on my wrist, my newly acquired Citizen Monaco!!! Jeez, this thing is just awesome..
  12. Cheers! I'm going to make one using a piece of actual carpet next!
  13. Thought i'd post this as its Halloween! Here's a few hand-made straps i've made inspired by some iconic movies! I've got so many ideas!!
  14. I use Renapur leather balsam it works well for me
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