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  1. Thanks Martin, lets hope it was just a paper target!
  2. Yes, one can only wonder at that! - its currently on an auction site at the minute if you fancy a bid
  3. Here's another interesting watch I just picked up, a Kirovskie saucepan, sadly not running at the moment. It has a pretty neat engraving on the case back dated 1940 - anyone read Russian!?
  4. Thanks vin, like a military messenger or despatch rider? I really like it, was tempted initially to sell it on but i've been wearing it today and it keeps great time.. may keep it
  5. I just picked this up old watch at the local boot sale. It measures around 34mm diameter so not a bad size, it looks a bit military in the leather cuff band and appears to have been on it for some time. It cleaned up quite well, the leather was pretty dry but I gave it a bit of a feed and it came up great. Anyone heard of Memphis?
  6. Crystal lifter turned up yesterday evening! Note to self; A: Learn patience, B: Attempt this kind of work before not after a glass of whisky! And C: after you watched a Youtube video on how to use it properly! It was tricky to lift it off, the tool had a kind of waxy finish to it which just wouldn't grip. Finally it did lift out but I managed to ping off the seconds hand somehow in doing it! Vanished onto the kitchen floor, crawling around trying to find it amongst my dogs moulting coat was great! Pics attached of the movement.. A Pontiac! I don't suppose there is a slim chance that this is somehow a rare 'pre issue' as Nigelp wrote.. Possibly put together using another brands movement to see what it may look like before Hamilton put into production? Would a manufacture do something like this? Or is it just me now clutching at a straw!
  7. Many thanks, that's encouraging. I guess i'll know more when I can get to the movement. Come on Amazon Prime!!
  8. I did read that these models were commonly faked. Hopefully someone here will be able to shed some more light. The crystal needs to be removed so I can take a look at the movement as there isn't a winding stem, the crown is just pushed on and loose. I ordered a watch crystal remover and will attempt that a bit later today I hope so will post some pics of the movement..
  9. I picked this up recently with a whole bunch of other watches in a bundle. Looking at it a little closer the date reads 71. I don't know a lot about Hamilton military watches but just from a quick Google search it would seem the year of first manufacture of this model was 1973. Likely to be fake? Or could there be some other reason behind it?
  10. Hi, John Senior is based in Yorkshire - he is the go to guy for old military watches. Good luck.
  11. Hey Hey, I love Only Fools and Horses! - attached is my own hand drawn poster from the 'Heroes and Villains' episode when they dressed as Batman and Robin...
  12. Thanks eezy, that is a great story about your Dad
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