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  1. Cheers! I'm going to make one using a piece of actual carpet next!
  2. Thought i'd post this as its Halloween! Here's a few hand-made straps i've made inspired by some iconic movies! I've got so many ideas!!
  3. I use Renapur leather balsam it works well for me
  4. I have the opportunity of getting hold of a Grandfather Tuna at a decent price but it doesn't have the bezel insert. The price is lower because of that - does anyone know if there is an insert from any other watch that is suitable? Cheers
  5. I think the hour hand is either too long, maybe just a small reduction in length would do it? I feel its blending in too much with the indices - or some colour to differentiate between the minute hand possibly.
  6. Thanks, no I hadn't seen them. They certainly look the part!
  7. Ok, feeling this was not one of my better ideas, i've hidden the coffee tin!
  8. Hah, yes, that well known chain of case back butchers! Good point re: warranty, hadn't thought about that, cheers, thats stopped me in my tracks!
  9. I've just got this Laco 42mm; and mostly really happy with it and intend to keep (for a good while anyway). I know this is the budget version and for the price its awesome. I didn't have the budget for an authentic vintage WW2 piece! This watch certainly scratches that itch! Maybe its because I've come from a vintage watch background and patina and wear is all part of the charm of collecting for me. This is brand new and sparkly. My very small niggle is the very even, greenish coloured lume. I personally feel with a small colour step between each of the numbers, may have resulted in a gre
  10. I had to stop looking at other peoples watches, I'm so weak willed - Show me a picture of something and if it ticked a box in my head then it went on my wrist. Browsing Youtube watch reviews used to be a costly affair for me, so was 'just looking' on eBay. Now, I've got a handle on it and I have 7 vintage watches, mainly military and old divers, but having said that, this last week saw me relapse buying a Seals Model C Field Explorer and a Laco 42m Flieger! But one of my vintage beauties is going. One in and one out..
  11. My old Longines Pilots watch c.1943 on a period Beau Brummel bracelet.
  12. I'm not one for a novelty watch but this was superb. And I just bought it.. Probably because my wife, a self confessed watch hater, actually liked it. All the decent brand watches i've tried to get her to take a shine too and she settles for this - (she's Swedish).. But so is the brand Triwa. Will she wear it, Gawd only knows. It's called the "Comb-Over". An April Fools joke that was so succesful the company ended up getting flooded with enquiries to manufacture it.
  13. Hey Dave, that is a great pairing! No worries, you are most welcome and glad you liked it!
  14. Do you like vintage divers or more of a modern?
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