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  1. Hello again The new website is now up and fully functional at www.wessexwatches.co.uk and has the first 11 of our many new designs The showroom is now ready with quite a few watches on display, so if you want to make an appointment to come along to see watches and drink coffee etc, give us a call on 01249 705 918. Cheers Jamie
  2. Bumpers Way, no signs up yet, but it won't be long! Be nice to see you
  3. Of course I will, no problem, I'm really happy that some of you guys have an interest in what we do
  4. Here is an example of a new design pictured just now on my wrist!
  5. Unfortunately, the Islamic themed lion never got off the ground, I had the artwork sent over by the prospective purchaser who then didn't want to pay a penny until the watch was finished. When visiting the website be sure to go to the testimonials page, there are several pics on there of custom watches I have done. As an update for those interested members, although I pulled the plug on the Kickstarter project early, we still sold quite a few watches to customers who were interested on there. Since then we have outgrown the old workshop and have moved to new premises in Chippenham, Wiltshire. The new premises incorporate a customer lounge/showroom to allow customers and potential customers to visit us on an appointment basis. We are very nearly operational in the new place and will publish the address on the website in the very near future. The website will soon be undergoing an overhaul and we are also bringing in many new designs in 2019 including some limited editions.
  6. You don't state which watch apparently offends your eye's so I'll assume it's all of them. Amazing that you can tell that it's so hard to read the time from a photograph, but then I suppose you had to justify your dislike of ornate dials, with way too much going on, otherwise there'd be no point in posting. We have sold a lot of the watches with these particular dials and have yet to receive a complaint from a customer that it is hard to read the time! If and when we do get such a complaint, I'm sure we can come up with a different handset to alleviate the problem for the customer.
  7. Thank you. Well we offer engraved components and dial making services, not just to the trade but to amateurs as well. One of the main reasons I started the dial making was because of the extortionate costs of getting one made when I used to make watches on a small scale. If any one is looking for engraving or custom dials you can pm me or contact me via our website.
  8. Couldn't do the actual engraving until this evening, been too busy. But, this is pretty much what the Atribates Silver Unit would have looked like, but now in a watch dial. I used brass as I always do for a tester, and it's no where near finished.
  9. @topheronetwoo brilliant, thanks. A Celtic Iron Age Corieltauvi (Crown Boar) or very similar isn't it?
  10. In fact, if you post a HQ picture, taken straight on, of one of your favourite coin finds in this thread, I will produce a dial incorporating the design. I can't think of a better way of marketing a service other than by producing the goods, so to speak, and I love a good challenge!
  11. Thanks for that, good idea. We could certainly replicate one of your finds onto a nice silver watch dial!
  12. Thank you for your kind wishes. The bespoke/custom service is our best seller, we are currently doing 2 watches as wedding day gifts from the bride to their husband and an Islamic themed Lion head for a customer in Saudi. Some of our commissions include a cricketing/patriotic themed watch for a cricketer in St. Vincent, a Concorde themed watch for an ex-Concorde pilot and a cocktail themed (yes really) watch for the owner of a chain of cocktail bars! We also customise or personalise our 'standard' designs at no extra cost. As far as we are aware, no other watchmaker comes close to our prices for a customised, Swiss movement, watch!
  13. Thank you sir, there are 12 different Zodiac ones, one for each sign. They can also be personalised at no extra cost. Thank you for the kind wishes, appreciated.
  14. Thank you for the good wishes sir. Yes a lot of them are 'different'! We also specialise in custom and bespoke design work to suit all tastes and can reproduce customers own designs with a very fast turnaround. Thanks for the good wishes and appreciate your honest opinions. Thank you for the constructive input, oh how we've laughed! There is always a place for tactless wit, no matter how bad the spelling or grammar used to express it! Not yet!
  15. We certainly do sir, we assemble all of the watches in-house and carry spare parts and replacements for all the models we make. We also have service facilities, and in fact, if the watch is serviced by us, and only us, it carries a lifetime limited warranty. We acknowledge that this is not always feasible for purchasers from overseas to take advantage of, but it is there for any owner to take advantage of if they can or choose to.
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