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  1. My great uncle Harry signed up for WW1 aged 14. Sadly he was killed. I am now a serving army chaplain so will be leading a Remembrance Service tomorrow at a local church and again on Monday for the 4 Regiment, Royal Logistics Corp, where I am the Padre. It's a huge privilege.
  2. Thank you. Yes I think so. And it gives me a fighting chance of actually seeing the date...
  3. Thanks @wrenny1969 . It is an elegant thing. It's 26mm as I'm a fan of smaller watches. I don't think they make the 26mm anymore with the trend for bigger sizes.
  4. So after a a few months of looking on line, thinking about it, changing my mind and changing it back again (!), a chance encounter with a preowned lady datejust at a local jeweller led to a purchase. It was a rather lovely experience all in. I'm under strict instructions to wear it as much as possible.
  5. Nice! I write with a Parker 45 I've had over 30 years but I've hankered for a 51. Do you sell them?
  6. Yes there are some decent modifications - that must be a good drive. My '69 has a servo so that stops....the '53 no so much. Pick-ups are going for quite a lot of money these days.
  7. Wow! Mine had the 803 engine but we swapped it for the 948 and equivalent gear box and it's much better. Also have a 1969 minor 1000 which I use often.
  8. She's rather special! I do love an Austin A30. Above is my 1953 Morris Minor - recently restored.
  9. TBH he probably wouldn't notice! It's wasted on him...he rarely wears a watch.
  10. I wouldn't claim to know very much about watches but I am interested. I enjoy learning about them on here and have a modest but growing little collection. Having said that, try as I might I can't get any of my female friends interested. But come to think of it, neither is my husband, even after buying him a 1958 Tudor. Oh well... (P.S. I am a woman)
  11. Gucci 9100L today. Not worn this in a while.
  12. Just looked them up - I see what you mean. They are a bit of a beast!
  13. My niece has just got a job in a jewellers that happens to sell some lovely pre-owned watches. Popped in to see her and... well it would have been rude not to try something on. I have to say I have always had mixed feelings about Rolex watches (this may be because I'm from Essex) but trying on a couple of ladies datejusts I can really see why people love them. They felt quite different from anything else I've ever worn: substantial, heavy and beautifully made. Alas even with a hefty family discount I'll have to do some saving... I did purchase a nice Tag 1500 instead though. Also with fam
  14. Good morning. My new (vintage) Bulova again today.
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