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  1. Nice one - enjoy! Mine is my daily watch at the moment and still loving it
  2. It is nice, but I have put a Bond nato on today and I prefer that. The grey and black suit the face so well!
  3. Black with a thin orange stripe down the middle - https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-omega-speedmaster-speedy-tuesday-2-ultraman
  4. That does look like a nice dress watch
  5. I wish! I'm very sensible but I'm realising that life is short and needs enjoying. Also money in the bank is getting no interest and appreciating assets (or at least ones that hold their own and can be enjoyed) are the way to go.
  6. Still enjoying mine as an everyday watch though am missing wearing a Rolex occasionally. It's now on an ultraman NATO which is fun and wears much lighter than the bracelet
  7. They were fine...the least reliable car I've owned was an E46 M3. It broke down in Alnwick heading back home in Harrogate. I had to get low loadered all the way! It took hours and saved me a fortune in fuel ;)
  8. I wonder if it's the same size as my Speedy clasp. That's too small on the smallest hole and too big on the largest. Glidelock is the way to go!
  9. After reading this thread and knowing of the two other wins, I'm going to sign up to BOTB...wish me luck!
  10. Pah! I've owned 4 Lotus's! Waiting for the AA is a skill I've honed over the last 10 years...bring it on ;)
  11. I need a PO before my Jollies next summer...they look great!
  12. Withnail & I Love, love, love it!
  13. Just picked up a Bond Nato and an Ultraman Nato from Esprit Nato's - pics to follow when they arrive.
  14. I'm currently shopping for an Aston V8V what does this say about me
  15. I've fancied of for year, I'm not sure I actually "need" one for my occasional trip to the med on my jollies. But on that principal I don't actually "need" any watches as my phone tells the time, where's the fun in that though?!
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