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  1. Thank you. I've tried it in several different locations - even outside! - but no movement. I thought the Scottish operation had closed down? MR
  2. My "Mega" has stopped working! I have replaced the batteries, and the hands whizz round until they stop at 11 (the clock was manually adjusted to British time), but then they resolutely stay there. I have another (also manually adjusted) Junghans r-c clock, also tuned to the German signa,l which works perfectly, so I'm assuming that the signal is not the problem, but that there is something wrong with the clock's receiver. I can't find anyone willing to repair r-c clocks (or watches), and so would be grateful for any recommendations. Also, what is the "life-expectancy" of a good quality (such as Junghans) r-c clock?
  3. Tried Cousins, but they don't have a "Buzzer Contact Spring" (Part No 902) for a Citizen Caliber T011 watch, and I couldn't speak e-mail them to ask about any alternatives. So, it's now the Waiting Game (or serendipity!). Regards, Mike
  4. Thank you, all, for your various response (no, it wasn't Timpsons!). Buying u/s watches on spec could prove rather expensive, so I will try Cousins (or wait until I have 50 posts!).
  5. Many thanks for the advice and the welcome to the forum. I meant to say that the watch was 1 hour ahead of current UK time. Unfortunately, the instructions suggested relate to R-C watches with a recessed button, which mine doesn't have. I will contact Tchibo in Germany to see if they can solve the mystery!
  6. This watch was in perfect condition, with all the functions working, until I left it with a "watch-repairer" to have the battery replaced.... Since then, the Alarm / "Buzzer" has not worked, so I asked a professional watch-repairer to have a look at the watch. I was told that the "Buzzer Control Spring" was missing - probably because the previous repairer had not replaced it (I understand that this is a fairly common problem). The numbers on the back of the case are as follows:- T011 - 312805 Y 1071572 GN-4-S JAPAN > 12 I have contacted Citizen, but they are unable to help. I therefore wondered whether there was anyone out there who could tell me where to obtain the missing part, or to have the watch repaired.
  7. I recently bought the above watch on ebay.de, so it's presumably receiving the German time-signal, although, living in London, I thought it would still be in range. The watch persists in being 1 hour ahead of GMT, and, in the absence of any instructions (I have searched the web), I cannot re-set the watch. The strange thing is that there is no recessed button, which I would have expect to find to change the time, only 3 "solid" buttons to change the mode, etc; one of the modes currently shows W 29 - 18, which is curious! The only numbers on the watch case are 18 2229. I'd be grateful for any advice on re-setting the watch to the correct time (apart from going to Germany!).
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