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  1. It still surprises me how many people buy a new watch and then flip it within a month, but on this occasion, very glad they decided to do so
  2. I bought a stickered watch just below list from a WTB on a watch forum so no wait at all.
  3. Almost a week. It is a great, sensibly sized dive watch
  4. I have been round and round the ‘I want one, no I don’t’, tried finding one in an AD and managed to finally try one on in Tenerife on holiday. Convinced myself that I didn’t need another diver. That lasted a month and got this one last week. The size is so much better than the original black bay, bracelet is good too. Now what to do with my 2254.50
  5. Either if these, PRS-25 on the left, original PRS-29A with fixed bars and plastic crystal on the right.
  6. If case size is a consideration there can only be one winner....
  7. Some late ‘60s Smiths W10 loveliness today
  8. Omega Seamaster 2254.50 for today. Have thought about getting a sub recently, but the Seamaster is such a nice watch and the cost difference is now so large, I think I will stick with the Seamaster
  9. Smiths vintage today...
  10. Another day, another pic of the Everest More Smiths today and whilst the slightly bulky adjustable clasp was a hot topic of discussion on launch, it has earned its keep over the past couple of days...
  11. As the sun is (for now at least) still out, Smiths Everest 36mm today
  12. Another day with this Longines. Perfect.
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