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  1. Sold a few to allow this new addition...
  2. Late to the party today... back with the Black Bay Fifty Eight
  3. I tried the 40mm Oris and whilst I loved the pics I had seen of the watch and much preferred the round hour marker dial, the case was very plain - it just didn’t feel like something I would spend a significant amount of money on. The black bay fifty eight was (for me) the opposite, I thought I might like it from the pics but wasn’t sure, even tried one briefly in Tenerife, but didn’t bite. Finally bought one and it is excellent, not feeling any signs of tiring due to its design and much better, in my opinion, than the Oris.
  4. I am getting rather predictable, still this Longines. Which leads me to ask myself, do I need more than one watch and is this it? Snap out of it, what was I thinking, a dozen or so is OK, without any shadow of doubt!....
  5. It will only appreciate if the new price is regularly hiked and supply is kept restricted as used prices will then rise to follow the list price (Rolex anyone ). I am not aware of this happening with the rest of the Tudor range, which leads me to believe that at this point they genuinely can not keep up with demand. As soon as they catch up, bye bye any price premium over list... If/when they become freely available, used prices will soften faster than ice cream in the mid-day sun. Oh, and it is a lovely watch...
  6. The Black Bay 58 is finally off my wrist after a month solid. Back to the Longines...
  7. Still wearing the 58. Gaining about half a second a day, which is by far the most accurate mechanical watch I have
  8. It still surprises me how many people buy a new watch and then flip it within a month, but on this occasion, very glad they decided to do so
  9. I bought a stickered watch just below list from a WTB on a watch forum so no wait at all.
  10. Almost a week. It is a great, sensibly sized dive watch
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