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  1. Back to my Longines Conquest Heritage today
  2. Birthday vintage Rotary and a great addition as I have been after a tank style watch for a while.
  3. On the train and at 8:15 the sun is out....
  4. No, Even if a 114060 fell into my lap I would go for a 14060 or a 16610 as the bloated maxi cased subs are IMO much less desirable than the previous generation.
  5. Hamilton Military Issue GG-W-113 from 1981 today
  6. Smiths Everest 36mm today.
  7. Recently returned Longines. Still loving the vintage vibe
  8. And the Seiko love-in gatecrashed with a Smiths
  9. Smiths from the late 1950’s today
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