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  1. I have a small collection of vintage British and German military watches. Just venturing into American. Started with an A-11 and an A-17 and an A-17A. I like the look of the A-17 best . It seems to be legitimate to me but I don't have enough experience to be sure. What concerns me is very low serial number on the case back. not the best photos I'm afraid. Would appreciate any comments
  2. A Big thank you to Gimli for pinpointing the problem I asked for help on. I took my Kriegsmarine Chrono to Robert Loomes in Stamford ( Son of famous watch man Brian Loomes) 2 weeks and £45 later they said that they could repair it but only if it was cleaned by them. Cost....£1500 !!!. I went and collected the watch , I don't think they had looked at the problem at all, as they were so vague, but that experience cost me £45. I then took it to a retired watch man who has fixed a few for me before, he wasn't sure, but kept it a while then said he could not do it and I should find a specialist. The long and short of it I decided to at least open it up and see the problem, and it was just a Gimli described plus a little more See pic no 1 Arrow 1 is the small screw released from the other side to remove the winder which I had taken too far out. Arrow 2 is the "click" that moves against a spring and determines wind or set function, and was loose as a result of above Arrow 3 is a securing screw which was very loose and had allowed the "clicker" to move completely out of place. It looked a mess ! An hour later I had it all back in place, and working correctly, I have moved the winder several times, it is always crisp and positive, winds and sets correctly. I am happy, the watch is happy. Thank you Gimli I hope the other one goes equally well
  3. Thank you very much Gimli, your explanation and picture explains the issues exactly, I feel so relieved that it is something straightforward though I doubt I will attempt to fix it myself. A very helpful "Dwarf"? to the rescue!
  4. Hi, I live in Stamford Lincolnshire. PE9 4LH, how far away are you?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I have been very careful not to force anything so I am sure there is nothing broken, the winder goes to the right position with just a little searching but the screw to hold it in place doesn't so the winder will not change from set to wind. I shall have to take them to someone who knows what they are doing!
  6. If I have got it right here is an image of my Alpina
  7. I have 2 Alpina Pocket Chronographs. Both have Minerva Cal 19/9 CH movements. One is fully marked on the case for the Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery and the other in a plain case. They worked fine until I had the bright idea of giving the cases a light polish, I removed the movements from the cases to do this. I have stripped and reassembled many standard pocket watches in the past without a problem. Put the movements back in and carefully replaced the winding stems, but neither of them will lock in place with the locking screw in the movement. The winder will just pull back out without any effort, One will wind and the other set, there is no switch over from Wind to Setting function. Has anyone had the same experience and can provide any advice please? The Minerva movement was used but a number of brands in the 1930/40's This is my first post, I have a small collection of military watches and will post information and images when I learn how to do that, I am not very internet savvy
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