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  1. Ah, the lovely RLT 17. Wish I'd kept mine...:0(
  2. Ive used them a few times (last time around a year ago). Always been excellent. Did get hit by customs though...
  3. Anther hot and sunny day down south... Certainly is rather nice!! :0)
  4. Makes this one of mine look beautiful!!!
  5. It would make a difference to me. Only buy the complete package :0)
  6. Snap!! Absolutely gorgeous. Not a bad price too ...
  7. left one is day/night indicator and the other (currently showing 3) is the leap year indicator, for ease of setting perpetual calendar
  8. The best colour combo for the GMT IMO. Very subtle and different from the crowd. If I was only going to own one it would have to be the original though. Such a well crafted Vintage look.
  9. Wow!! A couple of really nice looking watches there :0) Just going to hunt them down on the net...
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