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  1. Love that Eterna. Its got a Seiko Presage cocktail like dial.
  2. Dan Henry have a similar watch for a few hundred quid...
  3. I don't ever pre-order anything because I am far too impatient, but this was an exception and it was well worth the 3 month wait.
  4. I sold my 1521 I pictured above, and its the one watch I regret selling! Definitely going to get another at some point.
  5. Definitely been thinking vintage again mate so will have a look! I like that Formex mate. Thanks for the idea. And yes the lock is 100% pointless! The cushions are quite firm. I have chunky wrists and if anything they are slightly too small for my wrist size. But the box won't be getting moved around much so they all sit nicely
  6. Pulled the trigger and went for the Wolf box and blown away with the quality! Well worth the money in my opinion. Got my Casio's and G-Shocks in another box but now time to fill this with another couple of watches. Any suggestions?
  7. Good morning all. Have a great week.
  8. Thanks mate thats the exact same one! Appreciate the link! Nice looking boxes those mate. I will have a look around actually, but I won't be sharing if they only have one left But yeah the Wolf stuff is definitely quality so think i am inclined to order the one I mentioned above.
  9. Good morning all. Not started a post in a while but wondered what kind of watch boxes/ storage you are all using? I have my eye on the Wolf box below which feels like a good investment to store my collection in. Fairly expensive but you get what you pay for. I have a Wolf watch role and the quality is superb! Windsor 10 Piece Watch Box with Drawer | WOLF (wolf1834.com) Also found this website which does 20% off for first first time customers so save around £50.00 : Wolf Windsor 10 Piece Watch Storage Box 4586029 (watcho.co.uk) Welcome your thoughts and love to see what you guys use. Have a good one
  10. It doesn't match the rest of my pvc outfit, lets put it that way!!
  11. They have some stunning looking dials. I had a pale blue dial which look incredible from every angle. The only downside was the leather strap it came on - Looked like something a dominatrix would wear! Easy to switch onto a decent strap though, and problem solved.
  12. Doxa Sub 200 worth a look. Under your £1k budget slightly too
  13. I only do that when I've had a few too many beers
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