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  1. Close call between my PRX and Oris Aquis, but this definitely seems to be my go to watch of late so probably my favourite watch of 2021.
  2. Yep totally ridiculous price. I must say I do think its a cool and fun looking watch though.
  3. Stunning watch but not a fan of the big date on the blue version either. Weirdly it doesn't look so bad on the silver version. Perhaps it would look better if the date wasn't black? Just my two bobs worth
  4. Happy days mate! Think I need to switch straps as the bracelet isn't agreeing with my hairy wrists but thats easily fixed
  5. Mines just arrived too mate! Did you get yours for £187 too? I cannot believe I grabbed this for £187! Blown away with the quality for that price. Third Tissot in my collection now and they never disappoint me. Now to decide if I should "double-Tissot" with the PRX I purchased a couple of months back...
  6. They dispatched mine so I assume it wasn't an error on their system! Seems too good to be true but its on its way.
  7. Definitely rude not to mate It actually seems too good to be true, and I am waiting for Jura to email me saying its conveniently "out of stock" due to their error!! haha
  8. Not sure if anyone spotted this deal but £187 is an absolute bargain. Had my eye on a Le Locle for a while now and couldn't resist it any longer, especially with 64% discount! Tissot Watch Le Locle Mens T0064071105300 Watch | Jura Watches
  9. Cracking looking watch. I recently purchased my first Oris and was actually blown away with the quality. As mentioned already, don't leave it in the box or on display. Enjoy wearing it mate
  10. Definitely worth trying one on first. I had a Hydroconquest and found it quite bulky and heavy for the dimensions and I've got quite a chunky wrist As mentioned already, just order from somewhere with a returns policy and if you don't like it send it back.
  11. This arrived from @bridgeman yesterday so will be enjoying it over the weekend. Have a good one.
  12. Lovely looking watch. The Presage dials are stunning in the flesh. Pictures never do them justice!
  13. Love that Eterna. Its got a Seiko Presage cocktail like dial.
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