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  1. Yeah I really want to try one on mate. Not sure how it will sit on the old chunky wrist of mine
  2. Couldn't find a thread about the new Tudor Royal using the search bar so apologies if this has already been discussed. Has anyone managed to get their hands on one yet, and if so have you any pics to share? I really fancy the silver dialled, day/date version below. Contacted a local retailer who said Tudor have stopped production of the Royal until June due to the demand and also incoming new ranges being released this week. Looks like I am waiting for a couple of months then!
  3. Very popular. Just spoke to a retailer who says they have stopped production of the Royal until June to keep up with demand and also what with the other new releases yesterday/today. I know what you mean though as I am not sure how it would look on my chunky wrist. Will have to see one in the flesh I think but I am very tempted!
  4. Totally agree mate. What do you think about the new Tudor Royal? I really like the silver dialled version of those too actually.
  5. Crown in for me no matter how long it stays in the watch case. Worried incase moisture/ damp gets in. Easy to change a battery if needed.
  6. My G-Shocks are for work (I'm a plumber) as I know they can take an absolute battering without worrying about damaging them easily. Much rather use a £100 G-Shock than my £3k Speedmaster when I am working under someones sink!
  7. Have a great weekend all
  8. Well seeing as it's Tuesday... Have a good one chaps.
  9. Theres a 556i on the sales section actually which I just saw too ...
  10. I like to think if I didn't post this topic of discussion you may not have pulled the trigger and got another one mate... You're welcome...
  11. That Oris is/was a lovely looking watch! I'd be kicking myself to see that Speedmaster go too mate! Thats strange as I also regret selling a Sinn 556a that I had too! Cracking watches.
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