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  1. I have a Bradner and I think they are great watches for the money. I definitely want to add another Spinnaker to my collection soon.
  2. If you are looking at that index and thinking of a cock and balls, i don't think its the index thats your obsession bud
  3. Good morning chaps. It's been a while. I hope that you are all well. Speedy Tuesday today
  4. Changed that for you mate. You are very welcome
  5. Jokes aside I really like these watches. Tempted to pull the trigger for a while now.
  6. Who's Ray? Is that Roy's brother?
  7. Hope you are all well. Have a great day
  8. Both. Don't hesitate. Buy both!
  9. Well seeing as it is Tuesday after all...
  10. I've had a few strap made by a guy who trades under the name George's Straps. He is on eBay and you can also find him on Instagram. He is a really good guy and I cannot fault his work for the prices he charges.
  11. Thats lovely mate. And with 30% off, a great price too!
  12. Morning chaps. Hope you all are well?
  13. I think you should buy it, then accept my firm but generous offer of £50 cash... Shall I PM you my details mate?
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