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  1. My Dagaz has a couple of nasty scratches in between the 4 and the 5. Anyone know of anyone who supplies and fits new cases to this mods?
  2. It's been a while... Trust you are all well? Back with the Speedmaster
  3. I sold one watch to someone in the US. Took 3-4 weeks to get there via the shipping programme on eBay. Personally I will never send anything overseas again. Not worth the hassle or worry of it ever reaching its destination. Also not sure what comeback you actually have if it gets lost or damaged.
  4. I owned a 556 and it was a solid watch for the money. Its probably the one watch which i really regret selling!
  5. Great choice. Enjoy it my friend
  6. Fantastic prize as always Roy. Count me in!
  7. Thanks buddy. The green bezel on these really are beautiful.
  8. I've got a Speedmaster but that doesn't stop me wanting the blue version...
  9. Yet another poor mans Speedmaster... (nibble nibble?)
  10. I'd want it to be dark all the time because I love the lume. Not too keen on the dial though if I'm being honest. Looks a bit too novelty for my liking.
  11. New arrival and I am absolutely besotted
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