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  1. It's been a while... Trust you are all well? Back with the Speedmaster
  2. I sold one watch to someone in the US. Took 3-4 weeks to get there via the shipping programme on eBay. Personally I will never send anything overseas again. Not worth the hassle or worry of it ever reaching its destination. Also not sure what comeback you actually have if it gets lost or damaged.
  3. I owned a 556 and it was a solid watch for the money. Its probably the one watch which i really regret selling!
  4. Great choice. Enjoy it my friend
  5. Thanks buddy. The green bezel on these really are beautiful.
  6. I've got a Speedmaster but that doesn't stop me wanting the blue version...
  7. Yet another poor mans Speedmaster... (nibble nibble?)
  8. I'd want it to be dark all the time because I love the lume. Not too keen on the dial though if I'm being honest. Looks a bit too novelty for my liking.
  9. New arrival and I am absolutely besotted
  10. I have a Bradner and I think they are great watches for the money. I definitely want to add another Spinnaker to my collection soon.
  11. If you are looking at that index and thinking of a cock and balls, i don't think its the index thats your obsession bud
  12. Good morning chaps. It's been a while. I hope that you are all well. Speedy Tuesday today
  13. Changed that for you mate. You are very welcome
  14. Jokes aside I really like these watches. Tempted to pull the trigger for a while now.
  15. Who's Ray? Is that Roy's brother?
  16. Hope you are all well. Have a great day
  17. Both. Don't hesitate. Buy both!
  18. Well seeing as it is Tuesday after all...
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