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  1. I only do that when I've had a few too many beers
  2. Got my eyes on a Doxa 200 Sub Searambler. Welcome anyone's thoughts on them? Seem to have great reviews but Doxa doesn't seem to be a brand my local retailers stock so cannot get the chance to handle one in the flesh Doxa Watch Sub 200 Searambler Bracelet 799.10.021.10 Watch | Jura Watches
  3. Cracking collection you have mate
  4. Glad to see you still have this mate Pictures just don't do the Presage dials justice in my opinion. In the flesh they are stunning!
  5. That's what we all say... But it never lasts... There's always another watch that turns up, and tries to draw us back in to this crazy obsession... Very nice purchase though. Enjoy
  6. If it feels good on and you like it, then who cares what anyone else thinks?
  7. I have the Speedy Pro and it wears perfectly on the chunky wrists I was gifted with! As mentioned already, best thing to do is go and try some on. Get a feel for them in the flesh before splashing the cash.
  8. Reminds me of the Panini stickers you used to get prior to the World Cup or Euros when I was a kid. Complete the album and win a prize. In this case a naff looking watch!!
  9. Weird one for me. I really like it. But... I wouldn't buy one. Tudor are really on one at the moment with new releases.
  10. I actually really like wearing this combo but I do get what you mean. The bond nato doesn't suit the majority of watches.
  11. Love this. I had a lovely pale blue dialled Presage but stupidly sold it a while back. Wouldn't hesitate at getting another. Love this colour too. Enjoy it mate
  12. Really nice collection there mate
  13. Love this mod. Was it an easy enough job switching the case and strap?
  14. Old pic but wearing this today. Have a good one
  15. Nice collection. The IWC is stunning. Very nice indeed
  16. Do you find Tissot leather straps are also really short too? Or maybe its just me with my fat wrists??
  17. My bald wrist would confirm the negative reviews...
  18. Just sold a Timex Q Reissue because the bracelet kept plucking the hairs on my wrist! When I said I like pleasure and pain, this was not what I had in mind!
  19. Hope you've all had a good week. Enjoy the weekend chaps
  20. Thanks for taking the time to review the watches mate. I really like the Ventus and was one on my list for a while. I had a Spinnaker Bradner but sold it. I liked the watch but as a brand they seem to come out with new designs every 5 minutes so not sure as much time and effort has gone into the production side of things. Hard to explain what I mean, but I know what I am saying so whatever...
  21. I love the Bulova. Personally not a fan of the first two but each to their own mate. I hope you enjoy them all
  22. Lazy Sunday looking for my next purchase! Have a good one chaps
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