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  1. In the meantime I have restored this Ferranti Bakelite clock, initially only bought for bits, but when I realised it was one of Ferranti's first, being their Model No1 and the narrow spade hands and long second hand with the large counter balance, appears to date it to the first months of production in 1931, I decided that it needed saving. Interim stage of case repair... And the finished article.... And an advert from 1932, .... Also now completed another two early valve radio restorations, this very basic Champion Model 830, Be
  2. Vintage Seiko Grand Quartz? Something like this would fit the bill perhaps? (no it's not for sale )...... Or even one of these Citizen Solar Quartz analogue watches from the same year (1977), the worlds first solar analogue watch......
  3. Very nice, no fox cubs here, just squirrels..
  4. Sorry, 'GQ' only means one thing to me, 'Seiko Grand Quartz'....................
  5. Not seen the last couple of episodes yet (have it recording on a series link on my TV) so will look forward to that. The content and skill level is generally very good, but I was disappointed when they restored a wooden propeller hub with a Ferranti synchronous clock in it and junked the Ferranti movement and replaced it with a cheap quartz battery one.
  6. Fortunately never had to buy a CAD system, but I initially started using one 32 years ago, when the multi-national company I worked for, as a design engineer, decided to 'go CAD'. There were just three of us using it, a Linux based system (MCS Anvil 5000), on Sun workstations, I doubt that each station cost less than a Ferrari at the time! Rendering was not even an option then!
  7. The green Art Deco look is evocative of the late1930's but the Smiths Sectric ones were actually manufactured in the 1950's. My green alarm version here.... It would be quite easy to remake the setting button, if it is totally missing, any piece of rigid plastic rod, suitably drilled to fit over the existing spindle, Araldited in place, as long as it doesn't stop you getting the back off.
  8. I'm going to add another rabbit hole entrance......... Having now restored 11 of these vintage synchronous clocks I felt that I 'needed' a small Bakelite radio to complement them.... I initially bought this rather 'tatty' Ultra U 405, post-war radio (1947), and restored it, Then one thing led to another and this second slightly earlier offering, ( Ultra T401,1945), was acquired and also restored to working order, and then there were two....... I have since replaced the knobs on the upper radio with a more suitable set..... I then remembered that 30 or
  9. Somehow I missed this post. The clock in question would appear to be another example of 'shed art', based either on the movement from a broken Bakelite cased mantel clock or a 'creation' based on a new replacement movement that Ferranti sold for 30/- in the 1930's.... It does not appear as a factory made wall clock in the Ferranti 'bible'.....
  10. Had my first AZ vaccination on Friday 5th Feb. Neither I, nor my wife had any adverse reactions other than feeling very tired the next day.........roll on 30th April for the second dose . Quite surprised however, that the reported 15mins post jab observation period was not being instigated for the AZ jab. I queried this and told that was only necessary with the Pfizer one......
  11. You want something 'a bit different'? Or if your pockets are 'deeper'........
  12. I'll go along with that. This (25 years old) appears to tick all of the boxes and cost me considerably less than the $1000 limit... 7s36-5000 'Superior'
  13. Well this would have been a bird photo but this chap seems to have scared them off....
  14. A 'few'...... I could go on........
  15. On a completely different tack, I am currently restoring the Bakelite radio depicted in the 1946 advert that the Excalibur with the ostrich strap is sitting on.......
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