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  1. John_D

    DIY haircuts.

    No, but like him I've saved a small fortune over the last few years, which has enabled me to buy more watches
  2. John_D

    DIY haircuts.

    Not been to a barbers now for about 15 years, just let it grow and wear it in a pony tail....I cut my fringe about once a week to stop it hanging over my eyes and every few months I reduce the length of the pony tail by about 4 inches......
  3. In an attempt to transport myself back 40 odd years I have gone with this today......
  4. This is mine, dates to 1978/9...... As with most of my horological acquisitions it was a 'project'.... I love the Boeing 707 circling the globe
  5. What that doesn't say though is that in 1926 the company became bankrupt and the factory was taken over by 'Measurements Ltd' and AFAIK stopped watch and clock production there......see HERE Hirst Bros, I assume carried on in a smaller capacity till they were taken over by 'Time Products (UK)' in 1963?
  6. I have now found some conflicting information.........
  7. Cheers, that does look to be of the same family, mine being the 15 jewel variant, and 1950 fits in with my thoughts, based on the general style of the dial.... It is a rather nice little watch, it's a shame that there is very little appreciation for ladies watches of this era.....Having put a strap on it I shall probably stick it on eBay, and get very little for it, though it doesn't owe me a great deal.... The only thing that I can find out about the brand is that it is a derivation of 'Hirsch watch company'.........
  8. I got this rather nice Hirco ladies watch in a batch of watches I obtained a month or so ago.... On checking it recently I was rather surprised to see that on winding it ran, though could do with a service........ These are the sizes... And this is the movement..... And you can see it is in a Dennison case.... As for the movement the closest I can find in appearance is an AS676 and the dates of manufacture (1936 onward) fits in with the Dennison stainless steel case, 'Denisteel' being on their cases from 1934 onward... So far all I've done clean it up and put it on a new leather strap. My thoughts on the age of the watch is probably 1940's, early 1950's. Can anyone throw any more light on it, re. movement type/manufacturer and date?
  9. I remember an elderly aunt who lived in Burnham Market in Norfolk who had one of those halfway up the garden, but her's was a two seater
  10. John_D

    Two Plus

    It's an acronym, not a word........
  11. John_D

    Two Plus

    Stork. (get out of that one)
  12. Yes I have a 9158 as well and all works as it is supposed to, but unfortunately something is amiss with whatever controls the date advance on this watch....... I have found one other picture, online, of the keyless works side of the ESA 9157 movement, with the date wheel removed and while I can see the operating lever, directly opposite the stem, that engages with the teeth on the date wheel, again what actually makes that move is buried even deeper in the movement, which would suggest a total strip down of the other side of the movement is needed and I am loath to do that as the balance and electronic part of the watch is set up perfectly and all of that would have to come out...... The other possibility of course is that the lever is operation but there is a damaged tooth on the date wheel stopping it advancing. I will have to remove the hands and dial to determine that of course...
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