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  1. You can guess just how cool it was in 1977, which is why I bought one then, futuristic or what?
  2. The first issue ones in 1976 were JDM only and had an English/Kanji day wheel. These 1976 ones had a different bracelet as well, mine is from March 1977 and is an export watch. Surprisingly 3 of the 4 watches currently listed are 1976 watches, two having the original early bracelet and one having an after market replacement. The fourth watch, the one from Romania, is a March 1977 watch the same as mine, and was about 600 watches earlier on the production line, also with the same original 1977 bracelet as mine but with one of the alternative dial colour combinations...
  3. Currently four on eBay UK, cheapest is in Romania, with a starting price of 99p. Haven't seen one go for less than about £100 though in the last couple of years....
  4. I bought one in 1977, used it as my every day watch for a few years but unfortunately smashed the crystal about 25 years ago and wrecked the watch. I spent some time from about 2010 onwards looking for a replacement, managed to find this one about 3 or 4 years ago on eBay. They do come up occasionally but are quite rare now. In 2008 ish Citizen issued a homage to this watch, JDM only.... now they are rare I've been looking for one of those for years now and never seen one up for sale...
  5. My 1977 Citizen Crystron solar watch today (the World's first solar analogue quartz watch 1976).....
  6. Been overcast all day here in East Hertfordshire but still no rain, I think that spot on my watch was all we are going to get... I bought the Limit (about £30) with the intention of swapping the movement over to this AS1903 Camy, that has loose cannon pinion so that the hands stall when the date change starts. Hadn't realised that on the AS1903 it is a monumental task to get to the cannon pinion to tighten it, beyond my skill level and a full strip down and service by a real watchmaker makes it an uneconomical proposition.. The Limit, after polishing the crystal and revealing the gorgeous linen dial,is too good to become a donor.
  7. Just changed over to mine (AS1903) i thought that I felt a spot of rain and sure enough there is proof on the crystal
  8. Thought that I'd give the Grand Quartz a bit of sun today....
  9. Just swapped over to this early Seiko JDM quartz analogue, (3862-7010 from November 1973).... Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf another famous double wrister......one watch on Washington time, the other on Bagdad time... I think the one on his right wrist was some old Rolex , but the rugged diver on his left wrist was a Seiko 7548-700F, the same as my one here...
  10. This Dennison 'Aquatite' cased Bernex from around 1953...... And the back, shame about the scratch ....... Movement is an FHF028..... Which after Richard Askham's attentions, runs 'rather well'
  11. This Welsh made Ingersoll. From the late 1950's?
  12. Today, the watch that I've owned the longest........a bit over 51 years....
  13. Keeping with the 'Swissonic' theme, this 'new old stock' Limit of Switzerland, ESA9158 electronic...
  14. A lot of square cased S Sadly your pictures are very poor and out of focus. This picture of the back of a similar watch shows the tell tale scuff marks where a case knife has been used to prize the back up....(though from the damage caused it looks like they used a steak knife!)
  15. Well my one has this style bracelet, which appears to be the original from new. I cannot find any hexagonal watches in either the 1980 or 1981 JDM catalogues, which leads me to believe that they were for the export market only...... To adjust the length you lift the top front section which allows you to slide the clasp along the bracelet, then when you have the right position you click it back down again to lock it... The underside of the movable part here:- While we are on the subject of hexagonal watches, this is my earlier 0903-5017 from 1975.....
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