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  1. Not sure how many have seen the article that this link leads to, but it does bring into perspective just how important Seiko regarded their quartz watches in the 1970's!
  2. I see your (1976?) King Quartz Scott, and raise you my 1977 Grand quartz.......(apologies for the old picture but today's thunderstorms have made it difficult to get a picture that did the dial justice....)
  3. My thoughts as well. The high number of 'personal' number plates around here is ridiculous. There is a VERY nice Maserarti that pops up occasionally with the registration number 'WH05 MRS' I haven't yet worked out 'Who's Mrs? ' is driving it and when I looked it up DVLA thought that the plate was on a Range Rover.... Just checked it again and they seem to have cottoned on and the plate appears to have been withdrawn.....(it was reported on Piston Heads as being on the Maserati about 10 years ago, I probably last saw it about 3 years ago.....)
  4. Lot of 'exotica' round here in East Herts, Ferraris, Maseratis, Bentleys, more Porsches than you can shake a stick at and even the occasional Noble and Maclaren but you rarely see them in car parks.......Prior to the Covid-19 restrictions they could be seen in the evenings parked in the local town centre near 'watering holes'..... I did see this parked up locally a few months ago near where I live,,,,
  5. Pity that they are incapable of parking in the designated space I would be pissed off if my space was 'Marina 6'..........
  6. John_D

    Birds Aren't Real

    It's the 'mercan way.........
  7. John_D

    Birds Aren't Real

    He is probably also a 'Creationist' and a 'Flat Earther'..............surprised that he wasn't wearing a tin foil hat.......
  8. John_D

    Birds Aren't Real

    One budgie short of an aviary.........
  9. Something to be definitely avoided is being seen coming out of a 'Posh' watch shop in central London with something shiny on your wrist or even in a small neat carrier bag..............
  10. Sounds like market stall/boot sale fodder to me.......
  11. Third one today... currently wearing this Seiko 0903-8007 fro January 1975..... before that it was this.......... then this............ Will probably change to something else before bedtime.......
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