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  1. https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/encounterstore.us https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/encounter.store No great surprises there, eh? ;)
  2. Why's the box bigger than your chair? Did you get it from Amazon?
  3. Thanks - you might be right - I think that's (roughly) what I used to do). Age has dimmed the memory! (mine - not the watches)
  4. I've had this watch for about 45 plus years (can't remember exactly) but it's not been working for the last 35 or so. Just had it serviced/repaired and am happily wearing it again. I have researched it on the internet but not found out a great deal though of course I have seen the Marvin site and am aware of the connection with KLM. I'd be interested to know more if anyone has any information. It's on the original strap with the Marvin crown buckle.. Sorry about the rubbish photographs - taken in haste! Incidentally - there doesn't seem to be any way of setting the date - other than winding it on many times until you get it correct - is this likely to be the case?
  5. Leaked files reportedly reveal a certain Casio watch was viewed with suspicion by US officials as a possible sign of terrorist links. So how did the humble F-91W find itself in such a position? They retail for as little as £7 ($12), are water resistant and have a battery life of approximately seven years. Just three things that have helped make the Casio F-91W a global bestseller. Now this unassuming, black, plastic, digital timepiece has found itself in the news for a different reason. Leaked US documents reportedly advised interrogators at Guantanamo Bay that possession of the F-91W could be a link to bombing by al-Qaeda. The Guardian, which obtained the leaked files, reports that wearing one has been a contributing factor to the continued detention of some prisoners, with more than 50 detainee reports referring to the watch.
  6. Phew that's nasty - could have damaged your watch.
  7. Well I took my Accurist quartz watch (that I got free with a credit card application) to Australia and New Zealand for 9 weeks. Performed brilliantly and I never felt the need for another watch. Had to change the time because of time zones a few times - but never notice it gaining or losing a second!
  8. More money than sense? Although - I’m still wearing a 34 year old inexpensive Seiko quartz that keeps perfect time - and doesn’t cost a fortune to have serviced.... Made by craftspeople is fine but serviced by craftspeople is expensive. A guy on here the other day had just paid over £1500 for a service on his Audemars Piguet. I guess logical justification is quite difficult!
  9. Hopefully you don't need to keep it in that while you're up a mountain...
  10. A couple more of my less than interesting collection. Perhaps the interesting thing is the sizes - the giant Seiko is 33 mm across... ;) Can you tell I'm not keen on big watches? The Harrods watch has a Ronda movement - the Seiko a fairly crap one (it's from 1984 I think)
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